Shaanxi reporters were playing event tracking: dead fee standards for remains in place

xi ‘an on December 7 (xinhua) (reporter Yao Youming surianoka guo-dong feng) on December 4, shaanxi broadcast television a reporter in an interview xian zhouzhi county people’s hospital was more than the hospital staff beaten. At present, the local public security department in the process of probing the case investigation, has been one of those involved in the administrative detention, 12 of those involved in the criminal detention. However, told the press reports on the network of zhouzhi county people’s hospital & other; Dead for fee & throughout; Is still controversial. & have spent

7, the shaanxi provincial price bureau exclusive response to the xinhua news agency and other relevant principals; The Chinese net matter & throughout; Reporters, zhouzhi county people’s hospital of the so-called & other; Bodies of 150 yuan/day freezer storage charge standard & throughout; Alleged violations. & have spent

reporters were stopped beating and thrown in the morgue

on November 19, 2015, maternal YuNaNa in zhouzhi county people’s hospital (hereinafter referred to as “zhouzhi county hospital) died after giving birth to a baby boy. Family members believe that the hospital in the maternal death of fault, and its appeal to the court. In July, xi ‘an intermediate people’s court verdict, decide to compensate the families 49 zhouzhi county hospital. 380000 yuan. Then by the court for compulsory execution, families got the reparations. However, when the family went to the hospital to intend to remove the burial maternal, was told by the hospital, to pay 150 yuan, a total of 10 per day. 20000 yuan for fee. & have spent

beginning from this year on November 27, shaanxi radio and television “urban hotline” begin to pay close attention to zhouzi county hospital & other; Dead for fee & throughout; . Zhouzhi county Mao Yawei, vice President of the hospital, said the zhouzhi county health bureau coordination, considering the actual situation of the families of the dead, November 30, the dead husband Wang Xianlv (a pseudonym) pay the 1 to the hospital. A fee of 50000 yuan, the YuNaNa remains removed from the morgue. & have spent

30 November 8, zhouzhi county hospital through its official WeChat public published “on & other YuNaNa dead cost & throughout; the declaration of the, according to media reports say the secondary hospital 20 dollars per day charge standard, should be dead dead costs, & other; For hospital told family members back to the body for many times, after repeated refused to families, hospital in line with the humanitarian spirit, not for special freezer to save on the body. So save the cost of greatly increased. Throughout the &; At the same time, the statement said, & other; We think individual media reporters in the process of reporting, lost a media people work the most basic moral principles. Without an interview to go to the hospital leadership, partial to listen to the patient’s appeal, reports out of the strong have reported serious personal feelings color. Throughout the &; & have spent

shaanxi broadcasting television reporter has been tracking report this matter LanZhiTao (a pseudonym) said that his interview on December 4th to zhouzi county hospital, after the show I press CARDS and unit of introduction, said the need to prove, only to zhouzi county hospital leaders when directed by the dozen young man beaten. These people were then forcibly dragged him to the security guard room, and called to the morgue staff zinn a common kicks and blows on it. LanZhiTao said, after being beaten, he was forcibly detained in about 20 minutes, the morgue is let out, the other called several people with camera phones to him and others to give him for 2000 yuan, let him & other; Smile & throughout; . & have spent

involved hospital is still in the same charge standard

on the evening of December 5, zhouzhi county public security bureau, health bureau and other departments issued an announcement, shaanxi radio and television reporters beaten by blocking the happens, weeks to the county, the county government immediately called police, who plan and related department set up a special investigation team, an investigation on the issue, the relevant personnel in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules for serious processing. & have spent

on the basis of the preliminary investigation, 5 to 6 weeks to the public security department involved in administrative detention, Saturday night, zhouzhi county public security bureau released through official weibo & other; 12 zhouzhi county people’s hospital. 4 cases & throughout; Progress report, said & other; Apart from yesterday to the six parties involved in administrative detention, with the project reconnaissance work constantly, is a major breakthrough. On December 6, the parties involved pang a (county people’s hospital safeguard section chief, male, 49), wang mou (security, male, 50 years old) and sun (darmstadt county people’s hospital administrator, male, 28) on suspicion of illegal detention has been criminal detention. Throughout the &; & have spent

7 night, zhouzhi county public security bureau released case again, said zhouzhi county people’s hospital, li mou one, the original Liu Moumou and hospital, vice President of the security area, zhang x, and four people suspected of illegal detention in today (7) was criminal detention according to law; At the same time, according to the latest investigation, 5 out of 5 6 of administrative detention on suspicion of illegal detention has criminal detention according to law. So far, a total of 12 suspects detained by criminal that one suspects detained by administration. & have spent

at present, LanZhiTao is xi ‘an jiaotong university the second affiliated hospital emergency department in hospital treatment. & other; The Chinese net matter & throughout; The reporter understands, in addition to several injuries, he was also a preliminary diagnosis of (crack. & have spent

6 in the afternoon, Mao Yawei hospital told reporters in zhouzhi county, county hospital 20 yuan/day of dead dead fee, 150 yuan/day of freezer dead cost & other; There are rules in & throughout; And showed reporters there price bureau issued relevant documents in August. He said that at present the hospital is also the standard of execution. Reporters noted that the hospital morgue posted at the gate of this standard. & have spent

however, YuNaNa death has been more than two years, with the standard documents are introduced in August after fees are appropriate? To this, Mao Yawei replied: & other; Before this year, there is such a file, is executed by the standard. Throughout the &; & have spent

in zhouzhi county town god temple village, Wang Xianlv door with wreaths, is for his deceased wife YuNaNa preparations for the funeral. Wang Xianlv said, this two days is a mess in my mind, don’t want to say much. But he has to be sure, since his wife’s body to the morgue, until this year before the second trial is won, hospitals are no corpse cost problem to discuss with him, never remind the cost of the frozen corpse is 150 yuan/day. & have spent

& other; These two years I didn’t take back from the hospital the body of his wife, mainly because the case didn’t end, afraid to bring back the hospital does not acknowledge their responsibility, couldn’t say for sure. Throughout the &; Wang Xianlv said. & have spent

shaanxi provincial price bureau response: hospital practice inappropriate

zhouzhi county hospital for level 2 grade a hospital. According to the shaanxi provincial price bureau, shaanxi provincial health department issued by the shaanxi province medical service price (2011 edition), the secondary corpse of a hospital in charge standard for maximum price 20 yuan a day. & have spent

the relevant person in charge of shaanxi provincial price bureau 7, an interview with xinhua news agency, in accordance with the relevant provisions, hospital morgue points of autonomous management and civil affairs departments of the two classes, with reference to different charging standard. If involved the hospital morgue, has not been taken over civil affairs department, the charging standard shall be in strict accordance with the latest revision of the shaanxi province city public hospital medical services price (2017 edition) “the relevant provisions of, namely the corpse of a secondary hospitals in maximum 24 dollars per day. & have spent

the director stressed that both adopt what kind of method to save resin, there’s only one standard should be, should not be to local & other; Special freezer to save & throughout; On the grounds that a another dead fee standards. & have spent

the controller introduces, even civil affairs departments have taken over the involved hospital morgue, then in accordance with the relevant provisions of xi “an, abnormal death of the deceased body storage fee, also should with the standard of 4 yuan/hour. & other; This is only 96 yuan/day, 150 yuan/day standard was inappropriate. Throughout the &; & have spent

Mao Yawei introduction, 2011 hospitals in terms of logistics socialization reform. The morgue concrete by hospital general affairs section and responsible work, hiring people in the society in daily management. He has been detained by criminal of the mortuary administrator sheen so-and-so payroll in May, says the mortuary management worker was hired by the hospital, also did not exist before the so-called morgue contracted to private. & have spent DetailPic

zhouzhi county people’s government website screenshot

related news:

suspected of illegal detention zhouzhi county people’s hospital, was removed from the

western net news (reporter liu hope) today (Dec. 7), zhouzhi county government website published the zhouzhi county health and family planning bureau committee, by the communist party of China (zhouzhi county health and family planning bureau party committee, the CPC weeks to the county party committee organization department for approval, comrade zhang li xin room zhouzhi county people’s hospital.

earlier today, weeks to the police report, li xin room and other 11 suspects on suspicion of illegal detention of shaanxi broadcasting television reporter was criminal detention.

shan station reporter imprisoned the morgue insult and beaten by audience, because survey & other zhouzhi county people’s hospital; Dead for fee & throughout; !

& other; Shanxi city express & throughout; Micro letter number public news on December 5, starting on November 27, “urban hotline” shaanxi TV and radio stations have been in continuous attention zhouzhi county people’s hospital & other; Dead for fee & throughout; . And (4) yesterday, reporters in zhouzhi county lok sabha for interview again, but was beaten, also be put in the morgue during tens of minutes.

this pictures are from & other; Shanxi city express & throughout; WeChat public number

event review: on November 19, 2015 weeks to maternal YuNaNa after giving birth to a baby boy in zhouzhi county people’s hospital, emergency, and eventually died unfortunately. Families that maternal deaths, zhouzhi county people’s hospital of wrongdoing, and its appeal to the court. In July 2017, xi ‘an intermediate people’s court issued a decision, decided that zhouzhi county people’s hospital to compensate the families of the dead more than 50 ten thousand yuan, then through the court for compulsory execution, families received the payment, however, when the family went to the hospital to intend to remove the burial maternal, was told to pay the daily zhouzhi county people’s hospital of 150 yuan, a total of more than 10, ten thousand yuan of & other; Dead fee & throughout; . DetailPic


the parties will then reflect the situation to the” urban hotline “, “urban hotline” entire media reporter has four times for & other; Zhouzhi county people’s hospital of dead for charge & throughout; The incident investigation interview. According to the survey of the reporter, according to xi wei planning commission website content, reference to shaanxi province medical services price 2011 edition, the secondary hospital morgue dead fee is 20 yuan a day. Even referring to the 2017 version of April to renew, 2 class hospital morgue dead fee is only 24 yuan a day, dead for level 2 grade a of zhouzhi county people’s hospital fee charging basis in where?

on December 1, 2017, reporters informed party telephone said hospital made to take the body away, no charge. Things in order to further investigate clearly, before the interview several suspects in further implement, on Monday, that is, on December 4th reporter to weeks to interview again, in the understanding of the parties to be buried, 16 o ‘clock, and there after the county party committee propaganda department of communication and journalist in zhouzhi county people’s hospital office. null

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