Shaanxi to ban the Internet addiction treatment institutions: illegal school-running great potential safety hazard

Beijing news dispatch (reporter Wang Yu) psychological consulting company transformation & other; Internet addiction treatment institutions & throughout; Recruit students, facing the whole country, has repeatedly beaten by complaints, abusive students. Today (Nov. 1) afternoon, the Beijing news reporter from shaanxi baoji this education sports bureau learned that, for the illegal, the local has recently will a called & other; YangHu education & throughout; Training institutions.

more than shaanxi local netizens after reflection, in this education institutions & other; YangHu education & throughout; , the existence of the students practice the abuse, intimidation, cigarette burns and other irregularities, and cause some students to run and jump off a building.

Beijing news reporter query found that & other; YangHu education & throughout; The sponsorship for xi ‘an YangHu psychological consulting co., LTD., the business scope including psychological counseling (with the exception of medical diagnosis, treatment and counseling), does not contain education training, etc.

website information display, & other; YangHu education & throughout; Is a key to recruit a nationwide recruit students, truancy, dropping out of school, obsessed with Internet cafes game hall, improper family education methods or family education and the lack of early, high school students, specifically for juvenile psychological education, behavior training as one of the institutions. Students currently 41 (middle school 21, school 20), faculty 22 people.

today, the Beijing news reporter from this education sports bureau learned that, after verification, & other; YangHu education & throughout; Illegal violation of running a school, without education, market regulation, price, health, food testing and other departments for the record approval to carry out education and training activities, is an illegal cooperatively-run school, there is great potential safety hazard. In addition, the recruit students object and teaching content in violation of the law of the People’s Republic of China education law “the regulation of compulsory education law of the People’s Republic of China. At present, this combination of bureau has set on the investigate suppress YangHu illegal rectification work plan of running education, and its close down in accordance with the law.

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