Shandong TV “big medical this thatched cottage” expert seminar held in Beijing

on January 17, shandong TV “big medical this thatched cottage” exchanges of Chinese and western medicine development promotion association held in Beijing. Chinese academy of sciences, China press of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Beijing more than 20 well-known 3 armour hospital leaders, institutions and several mainstream media together. Delegates to the guest speak freely, to discuss & other; Health & throughout; In the context of media convergence in the propagation path.

gathered, Chinese and western medicine & other; Media + health & throughout; Open new mode health science communication

the guests

the guests to shandong TV” big medical this thatched cottage “in popularization of health concept, health science communication efforts have praised both and provides the valuable advice, highly affirmed the & other; Media + health & throughout; Model, as well as on China at the present stage function and value of universal basic health knowledge.

everybody agreed, in the new media environment, should through the column shows, a short video, audio, graphic form content transmission, the most widely and effectively in the science of public health knowledge.

“big medical this thatched cottage 2018 reshipment authority health knowledge platform upgrade

in 2017, shandong TV” big medical this thatched cottage “79 3 armour hospital authority experts, the scene for the TV audience, unriddling for inside and outside, address concerns about health problems. The guests to watch the “big medical this thatched cottage” choreography video clips, witness program in 2017, the growth and harvest. DetailPic

Liu Zhongguo, associate director of the shandong TV address

Liu Zhongguo says, associate director of the shandong satellite TV, for the spread of TV platform at the same time, to enhance program influence, in 2018 for” big medical this thatched cottage “, multimedia transmission innovation, actively expand window integration of all media, form the content of the traditional media and new media transmission matrix, across the screen, cross-regional, across the ages multistage coverage, bring brand-new interactive experience for people. DetailPic

China press of traditional Chinese medicine President ji-ping fan address

China press of traditional Chinese medicine President ji-ping fan said, the people on health knowledge more and more desire, through the television media and new media combination way passed authoritative, scientific, accurate health knowledge is a good thing to conform to the trend, pratt &whitney social, at the same time need more famous experts in Chinese and western medicine, projects, with practical action to boost the development of national big health.

in 2018, the “big medical this thatched cottage” will work well in Chinese medicine health science at the same time, invite more famous western medicine to show, new version upgrades, continue to adhere to the mainstream TV media as the leading factor, to expand the mobile end multiple transmission channels, and make a short video, audio, graphic, and other forms of rich and colorful spread, popular science national audience to provide a full range of health services. DetailPic


at the scene of the expert seminar,” big medical this thatched cottage “is special for some for a program to help the doctor experts, as well as to the culture of Chinese medicine science communication for the organizations and individuals have made outstanding contributions.

shandong TV “big medical this thatched cottage” on March 13, 2017, 10:00 a.m. broadcast every day, 30 minutes long. Show hosted by shandong TV host Wu Sijia to & other A healthy life, science and health & throughout; For the purpose, invite the senior medical experts on-site disambiguation for the people who answer, since the broadcast was warmly welcomed by the people, has become the authoritative health knowledge dissemination platform in China.

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