Shanghai daily average of 23 lung cancer Kind of 17.8% of all cancer

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Shanghai on November 17 (xinhua) 17 (reporter QiuYi) is the international day of lung cancer, the reporter learns interview authoritative industry experts, Shanghai about 129 people a day found suffering from malignant tumors, including lung cancer is about 23 people, accounting for 17.8%.

medical association committee, director of the thoracic surgery branch of Shanghai, Shanghai pulmonary hospital thoracic surgery ge-ning jiang, said professor lung cancer has become the world’s highest morbidity and mortality of malignant tumor, is a serious public health problem, is worthy of the name of Shanghai and even in China & other; Throughout the first cancer &; Increase, and rates are still rising, women get the disease. He called on the whole society to pay close attention to lung cancer, to stay away from outdoor haze, indoor smoke haze and psychological haze, attaches great importance to the indoor pollution and the influence of psychological pressure, and other small environment.

in the world health organization (who) proposed by tertiary prevention strategy of lung cancer, tobacco control are key measures for prevention and control of lung cancer. The experts unanimously called for strengthening tobacco control, completes the primary prevention, curb the incidence of lung cancer. In addition to primary prevention and secondary prevention of lung cancer in domestic is also strengthening year by year. The national institutes of health and family planning commission hospital management implementation & other; The national primary lung cancer diagnosis and treatment of ability to improve project & throughout; Earlier this year in Shanghai started first, the purpose is to further strengthen the support dynamics of grassroots medical institutions, promote the national lung cancer diagnosis and treatment ability. As there is no obvious clinical symptoms early lung cancer, many patients diagnosed, is partial period, lost the optimal timing of treatment, this also is the important cause of high lung cancer mortality.

expert introduction, people at risk for lung cancer, such as smoking or passive smoking for a long time, have a family history of cancer, has a history of occupational exposure and other high-risk groups, should be check lung cancer each year. Healthy people since the age of 35, shall be carried out by low-dose spiral CT lung retention samples, such as no problem, then can do it again every two years. With the popularity of screening, a lot of lung cancer was found early, significantly increased survival rate, in addition, the expert still reminds, find out the symptom such as pulmonary nodules of citizens do not need to panic, should further diagnosis or follow-up in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

affiliated zhongshan hospital of fudan university, director of the center for executive deputy director of the thoracic surgery, lung GeDi professor pointed out that besides radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery at home and abroad has become a more effective way in treating lung cancer, such as thoracoscope lung resection in new minimally invasive surgery also promotes gradually, many early lung cancer patients was eradicated.

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