She retrograde in Hualien earthquake, only 6 years old the child’s life in transplantation storehouse

SMW for figure

SMW reporter dao-bin wang correspondent easily sensitive, 6, late at night, Hualien earthquake in Taiwan, and many people. 7 in the morning, the guangzhou women and children health care center onset nurse Li Zhuoyan resolutely decided to direct flights to Taiwan, be a NiHangZhe of earthquake disaster, it is because in the quake’s epicentre Hualien, Taiwan, a zealous Taiwan residents decided to donate hematopoietic stem cells. At this point, the guangzhou severe to poor children, a 6 year old has pretreatment before transplant, immunity is falling fast, and Li Zhuoyan is among the recipients of angel.

just over 1/10 of probability to find the right match

this boy of six small wei (a pseudonym) is a major & beta; The poor children, after self-checking diagnosed with the disease, blood transfusion, in addition to iron and let the child’s body is weak. This genetic disease, radical solutions can only be treated with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

according to medical statistics, in the boundless hugecrowd looking for 10 genes point fit like a glove of hematopoietic stem cells, only the probability of 1/10. In order to cure the child’s illness, hospital information input to the asia-pacific region’s largest the CDMP data bank of Taiwan, tzu chi the CDMP data bank, this time really have.

through preparation, cohesion, children of hematopoietic stem cells to lose is determined on February 8. This means that guangzhou side need to travel to Taiwan, in 7 to receive, transport stem cells to return to guangzhou again. Coordinator Li Zhuoyan exactly the role of stem cells.

& other; Hualien began to 4 in the earthquake, but the night in the 6.5 -magnitude earthquake in 6 & throughout; . But surgery can’t delay, of the child Li Zhuoyan on 7th morning boarded the plane from guangzhou direct flights to Taipei.

all the continuous aftershocks the train stops

Taiwan’s tzu chi hospital the CDMP data bank hematopoietic stem cells, the overall service point, set up only in chiayi chose two locations and Hualien. Li Zhuoyan this time the location of the need to extract stem cells, located in Hualien.

may be affected by the earthquake, from guangzhou to Taipei taoyuan airport plane before landing circle for a long time before landing. Rushing through relevant formalities after Li Zhuoyan went on to the epicenter, take a train to Hualien. Along the way, big and small aftershocks, aftershocks, subway, trains, you need to stop waiting, usually half an hour of the subway, finally walk for more than an hour.

after two or three hours, up Li Zhuoyan is close to feel the power of the earthquake this natural disaster. Although I can’t remember how many times to Taiwan from dried, but this is the most thrilling Li Zhuoyan. She also fears, so 7 late one night didn’t sleep well. But the mission has been strongly support her!

the next day, the aftershocks continue. With the help of the Hualien tzu chi “, ZhuoYan back, stem cells were collected with the sisters of the department to encourage and blessing to drive to guangzhou. More than 8 p.m., Li Zhuoyan transport stem cells lose smoothly into the child’s body, smooth the signs.

typhoon race and life in the earthquake

in Li Zhuoyan ten times went to Taiwan in the bone marrow, although this time thriller, when it is not always the most nervous again. Because the journey is not a delay, smoothly back to guangzhou, ensure the stem cells to lose.

but in 2015, during the National Day, Li Zhuoyan forward the chiayi, Taiwan bumped into a super typhoon & other; The cuckoo & throughout; Return to guangzhou, plane large delay. & other; Already two o ‘clock flight to Hong Kong’s plane, delayed by six o ‘clock in the afternoon at the beginning, and then inform to delay until eight. Throughout the &; This allows Li Zhuoyan anxiousness, & other; Generally the activity of hematopoietic stem cells, also can maintain 24 hours, at most once delay too long, failure will directly affect the cell activity transplantation treatment effect. Throughout the &;

to the airline’s staff explained the situation, will Li Zhuoyan change became the fastest the departure flight departure flight. But even so, when Li Zhuoyan arrive to Hong Kong, also have been many clock at eight o ‘clock in the evening. & other; Was really worried, hurriedly ask for bought ticket to guangzhou from Hong Kong. Throughout the &;

slow drive all the way, carrying refrigerated box of stem cells, & other; The stem cells also successfully enter to transplant patients, disease treatment. Throughout the &;

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