Shenzhen flu epidemic levels declined but is still in the life!

national academician zhong nanshan, director of the center for the respiratory system disease clinical research in guangzhou in January this year a public health pulpit unscramble flu this year features, pointed out that the current epidemic of influenza b virus had some variations, called for production tetravalent vaccine will be included as soon as possible. Zhong academician also reminded, in March this year may be a new wave of flu, flu vaccine immunization should be strengthened, we hope that relevant departments to improve immune injection prevention funding to target groups.

the coming march, SMW reporter learned from shenzhen center for disease control and prevention, according to a recent influenza surveillance results of shenzhen, shenzhen influenza surveillance sentinel hospital percent of outpatient cases of influenza-like cases in a downward trend, collective units decreased risk for influenza outbreak of clustering, but people cannot relax vigilance, should actively prevent.

shenzhen main are b ( Yamagata system ) and a ( (H1N1) virus common popular

nearly two weeks of shenzhen influenza surveillance sentinel hospital percent of outpatient cases of influenza-like cases were 4.30% and 3.88% respectively, the flu virus detection positive rate was 34.9% and 28.2%, proportion of influenza-like cases clinic and influenza virus detection positive rate were decreased. This week (27 February 21-2018) flu index of Ⅲ level (easier).

etiology, according to the monitoring of shenzhen influenza surveillance in February 1, 2018 cases of hepatitis b (84.3%), influenza a (H1N1) (13.9%), influenza a (H3 (1.9%), according to shenzhen mainly for hepatitis b (Yamagata department) and common epidemic of influenza a (H1N1) virus. So far, shenzhen did not report the flu deaths. Shenzhen popular influenza viruses mutate antigenicity was not found.

in the south China flu season is from may to July, affected by active situation of influenza virus epidemic peak may forward or lag. At present, the school and kindergarten school, collective units significantly increased risk for influenza outbreak of clustering.

therefore, shenzhen of institution of disease prevention and control to strengthen the flu epidemic monitoring, screening and report on its work, strengthen the analysis and use of monitoring data, the trace of the influenza virus activity levels, mutation and resistance change, in a timely manner to carry out the flu outbreak investigation and disposal work, guide the collective unit to carry out the prevention and control measures.

at the same time, strengthen the defense mechanism of spreading, in close coordination with the entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments, strengthen the flu cases monitoring of Hong Kong entry passengers, and Hong Kong authorities to strengthen communication, reporting information.

medical institutions also strengthen flu cases clinical treatment work, timely in patients with influenza high-risk groups and intensive use of anti influenza virus drugs (neuraminidase inhibitors), reduce the risk of serious complications and death occurred.

influenza is can the treatable infectious disease

vaccination is the most effective measures to prevent the flu. Flu virus belongs to the periodic variation of the virus, the world health organization (who) each year, according to the results of the global influenza surveillance to determine next year’s flu vaccine strains, enterprises on the basis of next year’s flu vaccine production, so as to adapt to the change of the pandemic strain. Guangdong determine every year in October to April the following year for influenza vaccine inoculation.

special warns a citizen, later generations to produce antibody levels in the body due to vaccination will fall with a continuation of the time, and every year the vaccine strain components contained with different popular superiority strains, so need to into the flu vaccine every year.

in addition, since 2016 for the city of shenzhen hukou and basic medical insurance of people aged 60 and above free flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine project, reduce the risk of flu infection and pneumonia in the elderly. Qualified citizens, can carry related proof to social health center.

during the pandemic, citizens should be reduced to more people crowded, poorly ventilated public places. Citizens should be reasonable nutrition, daily exercise, assure enough sleep, avoid smoking and help to improve their resistance. Home, study, office space to keep the health clean, often ventilated take a breath, keep the air fresh; Go back or after contact with public goods, want to immediately with water and liquid soap clean hands; Advocate when sneezing or coughing to avoid others, block nose and mouth with a tissue or elbows, etc., and paper towels timely discarded in the trash can with a cover on it.

in attention flu index, early do a good job in self protection

flu index is divided into four grades, and are easily happened (Ⅰ), easy to happen (Ⅱ), (Ⅲ) and less happen more easily (Ⅳ level). Shenzhen every Wednesday by the centers for disease control and prevention, public health and family planning commission, shenzhen health development planning commission micro letter number, city CDC web portal and public micro signal online for disease control, as well as the municipal meteorological service center platform released in the coming week’s flu index, citizens to the related website. Make self protection according to different levels of prompt and reduce suffering from influenza.

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