Shocking the knocking at the door test: and children will easily open the door to strangers

appalling & other; Knocking at the door test & throughout; : 6 group to test children, 100% are easily opened the door to strangers! Open the door what is the reason? & have spent

6 group of children to participate in the test

all opened the door to strangers

in order to test whether now the children have awareness and safety awareness, news night specially invited 6 groups of families, the children entirely unwittingly, fight for the parents agree, hidden camera was installed in the home, do a safety test. Parents in advance leave the child alone at home, our staff fake identity to knock at the door, what will the children’s performance?

& middot; 1 & middot;

1 baby named Liu Heji, 6 years old this year. When the reporter posing as check meter, Liu Heji beginning is rejected. But when the reporter to leave, suddenly opened the door.

video capture

defence failed!

& middot; 2 & middot;

no. 2 test two babies at the same time, many and TengFei, also is 6 years old this year. & have spent

more: someone knocked at the door and knocked at the door, knocking at the door open (moment)

reporter ling-xi meng: she (mom) let me give her something, and then I go, I’m her colleagues, I put this thing!

more: you give us, we will tell her!

reporter ling-xi meng: you need not fear, because I’m your mother friends, to go to the toilet I want to do, I went on a toilet can go!

more: (nodding)

(more forward tug ling-xi meng)

more: you come in, come in on a toilet!

defence failed!

video capture

reporter ling-xi meng: : is this Zhao Jie home? She called me just now, she tell me she’s at home, let me put the things sent!

TengFei: but I’m still a little afraid of!

reporter ling-xi meng: you need not fear, because I’m your mother friends, to go to the toilet I want to do, I went on a toilet can go!

TengFei: next door!

reporter ling-xi meng: I don’t know next door, I am your mom, my friend, I’m leaving on a toilet!

TengFei: ok!

defence failed!

& middot; 3 & middot;

3 baby, jiao yuan 喆 is 6 years old this year.

reporter ling-xi meng: hello, someone at home? LuanLi li at home?

jiao yuan 喆 : LuanLi li is not at home, just go on

reporter ling-xi meng: did you open the door bai, I give your mother a Courier, she is your mother?

jiao yuan 喆 : LuanLi li is my mother! You wait for a moment, I’ll get something moving (stool) let’s take a look at the door, you let me have a look at express up bai!

reporter ling-xi meng: (for Courier)

jiao yuan 喆 : ok, I give you open the door!

reporter ling-xi meng: I want to go to a toilet can, on a toilet to walk again?

jiao yuan 喆 : ok!

defence failed!

& middot; 4 & middot;

4 baby WenBo.

WenBo: she (mom) down, that you sent to me!

reporter ling-xi meng: can you open the door, the door opened it was her express!

WenBo: what ah

reporter ling-xi meng: it should be mailed a thing!

defence failed!

video capture

& middot; 5 & middot;

5 baby Fan Yu, eight years old this year. Directly to the reporter she opened the door, but also warmly invited reporters came into the room.

defence failed!

& middot; 6 & middot;

6 baby chang gao, 6 years old this year.

reporter ling-xi meng: I check the water meter, a little emergency, says this table have some problem, if the water is leaking, you open the door, I check the bai!

high: no, no!

reporter ling-xi meng: your home downstairs just said a little slack, I take a look at!

high: no way! My mom told me that someone comes by my mom agree!

reporter ling-xi meng: the key is somebody else’s waiting downstairs now, I find ideas and see water meter (the door)

video capture

defence failed!

Liu Heji wilmop: mother is terrible, one thousand was a bad guy, this period will have to collect.

chang gao parents xiao-dan huang: collapse, because when I go out, I also told her that I said the girl, who also can’t open the door, as a result, she also open the door.

WenBo mother peritectic: I thought he would ask a few more, or can’t open the door.

TengFei mother Zhao Wei male: may be you told him ten thousand times, ten thousand times, may, in the middle of the actual child may also, will also change.

some of the children will have some preparedness

but ultimately failed defense

night reporters played several common identity, in the life of defense failed six groups of children, if is really bad, consequence is unimaginable.

because parents shopping at ordinary times will use their real names, this increases the risk. Night reporter discovery, they were playing the express, the children heard the name of the parents, immediately off guard. So, parents should pay more attention to some.

video capture

in fact, the test of some of the children practice or desirable, such as asking the identity of the stranger, lie prone to see door mirror outside, request to call the parents and so on. At the same time, if parents teach children to lock the door when you leave, met the first reflect things is locked the door, this can reduce the risk. Also can tell children, run into people who didn’t know knocked at the door, the first time to call mom and dad, or not to identify himself at home, it should also be safer.

expert introduction

12 is vigilance in watershed

parents to conscious training young children

but for children, some things is hard to grasp, in fact, parents will tell children to beware of strangers at ordinary times, but when things really happen, all told it would be forgotten, is worrying. Test, most of the children don’t agree to open the door, just stick to time is not long, this is because what?

video capture

a psychology professor at the education scientific research institute of heilongjiang university Hao Chundong: they (children) the cognition of the world

related to age, vigilance is significant growth over 12 years of age, he thinks the world is not so safe. Children under the age of 12 that the world is very safe, the world’s people are very friendly, so in terms of evolutionary psychology, it is inevitable phenomenon in the individual growth.

parents can do two things at home, every day is a second grade of primary school children to tip him, don’t talk to strangers, don’t walk with strangers, do not accept any stranger. The second can do some simulation, and the children imitate, imitate charge electricity delivery, and children practice better. Always remind children not to open the door to strangers, irregular test exercise, coupled with the already so vivid image, and let the child have the experience, is a good method.

if you want to completely avoid the happening of the risk, or don’t good to keep kids at home, especially children under the age of 12. So, no special circumstances or don’t put the children to stay at home alone. In addition, in the usual life, in addition to children’s oral education, parents should pay attention to in practice more subtly to guide them, and let the babies in the process of learning, shopping, eating, playing, learn how to protect themselves.

easily open the door to strangers

really dangerous

on February 4, 2010, the case of a 12-year-old girl a person at home, yield to the rhetoric of traffickers opened the door and was cheated to hefei.

in 2011, hunan eight-year-old girl alone at home, to the thief opened the door, the hammer badly wounded him in the head.

in 2016, zhejiang 10 year-old girl, initially refused to open the door to strangers, but time is not long, finally home was robbed of money, the girl was wounded.

only parents and children to strengthen the safety consciousness,

is the best protection to the child.

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