Since the recommendations Do the gatekeeper residents health

NuoMin said, only he was a general practitioner, a line is now a CPPCC member, has a new political identity, in the work to be more discipline. As a representative of the industry to establish a professional image.

yesterday, the CPPCC national committee, the shijingshan district of Beijing star community health service center of the golden world community health service station stationmaster NuoMin (left) is still to improve their own proposals. Although in the medical post work for years, but as a CPPCC member to participate in the national annual is the first time. NuoMin said himself to the cause of the proposals related to the residents’ health education. Children is the future of our motherland, the backbone of the society are young adults, and the two groups just easy to ignore their health situation, hopes to push through the proposal for young adults and children health literacy of ascension, form a correct concept of health, prevent the happening of the disease.


responsible for area residents health

the grassroots medical work let NuoMin experience for many years, as a general practitioner not only to master medical knowledge, still must master appropriate technology, such as household different relations skills, communication skills, health education skills, slow disease data collection and follow-up skills, prevention of clinical medicine technology, information processing technology such as skills and scientific research and design ability, such ability will slow disease prevention and control work to do better. & other; Is even more important as a general practitioner, community health service should have the courage to bear the responsibility, responsible for the health service for residents, do their healthy throughout the gatekeeper &; .

NuoMin remember, a few years ago one day, she as usual in the station accepts, district residents, the big ye came to the station, taking blood pressure drugs. See the old man hung pale forehead also sweat, she immediately asked the big ye have chest tightness, chest pain and discomfort, big ye are denied and denied her proposal of ecg. After several inquiries, NuoMin learned that the patient has a history of diabetes for many years, with many years of work experience, her judgment is in critical condition the old man if not handled in time may appear more serious consequences. Then immediately on the electrocardiogram inspection, and sure enough she expected, patients are & other; Acute anterior wall myocardial infarction (ami) & throughout; . She immediately told the old man in bed, oxygen, open venous pathway, also called 120, transferred to the nearest hospital. Later, the big ye turned the corner and NuoMin very delighted, feel fulfilling the duty of doctors in a community.

the most easily neglected in young adults less healthy

NuoMin said, done for so many years gp at the grass-roots level, public health education has been the work of an important content. She found in the work, in the community organization health lecture, health promotion activities, people at high risk of chronic diseases and even healthy people to participate in also very few. You may think there is no time, also have a lot of young people have no sense of this. She also found that the civic behavior is relatively backward, the medical institutions and other Does not recognise, not identity & throughout; The concept of still exist.

NuoMin said, chronic noncommunicable diseases has become a major health problem in our country, and the formation of chronic diseases is a long-term process, lifestyle intervention is the main pathogenic factor, so reduce the incidence of a disease must start with prevention. Is the so-called & other; On cure not ill & throughout; To nip in the bud. Aiming at this problem, NuoMin found that now the department of education can be for a variety of health education for children, but for some medical knowledge was hard to grasp the deviation.

she suggested, let education department and public medical institutions, to systematic health education of primary and middle school students, and put health education into quality education, as well as by children as a breakthrough point, focus on family health problem, make the child and family to learn more knowledge of health and medical knowledge, understand the working process of the medical institutions and doctors work methods, make the child from an early age has a positive impression to the medical institutions, to reduce the doctor-patient conflicts have a positive effect.

learning since the recommendations

NuoMin said, before his just a line of gp, is now a CPPCC member, has a new political identity, in the work to be more discipline. As a representative of the industry to establish a professional image.

she also said that after completes the labor of duty, but also can & other; Jump out & throughout; Cultivate their ability to participate in. Should not only care about their problems within the industry, but also care about the people concerned in the process of social development hot spot problem, have a keen sense of smell, can find problems, understand the calls of the masses, through the platform reflects Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC). NuoMin think, if you want to do this, we must enrich their knowledge, broaden horizons, to better grasp the essence of the problem, put forward insights.

Beijing morning paper reporter Wang Qi feng wen respondents/credit

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