Sky-high bills that medicare “black hole” : 80 days gave the patient an ice compress 1100 times? | depth dialogue

reporter/wang xiaofang tain CCB

edit/hsien-feng lee jian-hua song

delta and hospitals & other; Sky-high bills & throughout; Screwing the cca xiang

51, cca xiang up and xiangtan city center hospital. This bar, it is two years.

last January, cca xiang sent his father suffered a cerebral hemorrhage attack to the local 3 armour hospital, then in the intensive care unit for 10 months of treatment, people & other; Go & throughout; . Cca xiang almost every day to take care of his father, feel & other; The hospital also tried & throughout; . Can be more than 60, ten thousand yuan of medical expenses, before and after listing in the many projects he has doubt: & other; One day took the 84 bales cotton gauze, little treatment to change the 50 times a day, 80 days made 1100 ice compress? Throughout the &; He began to report hospital collects fees in disorder.

cca xiang deeper, despite all the relatives, he was afraid of his offence. In fact, he said, because my father is a retired cadres, more than 60 individual simply out of more than 20000 in medical bills. Can & other; Health care is not money? Throughout the &; Cca xiang feel this is in the insurance fraud, cheat, cheat people’s hard-earned money?

& other; My father is a national cadre, can submit an expense account, others? Without health insurance? Can afford to disease? Is health care, because the flowers chaos can be allowed? Throughout the &; Cca xiang asked.

in xiangtan city planning commission, under the hospital authority intervention, verify find xiangtan city central hospital exists many medical consumable fee charge fees, wait for a phenomenon, and is working on processing.

delta ice 1100 times in 80 days is 5500 yuan


this is not a few cents, this is the business of each patient

deep once: when did your father in the hospital?

cca xiang: my father is a last January 22 and from other hospitals to xiangtan city central hospital. He was a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, almost became a vegetable. Central hospital is we the best hospital, he after the transfer in the intensive care unit (SICU) lived for more than 10 months, until last year, died on November 20th. During the medical treatment of spent more than 60, after the last reimbursement at his own expense spent 20000 multivariate.

deep once: how did you find the hospital collects fees in disorder, many charge?

cca xiang: in February last year, probably spent more than a month of time. I found a small problem. Cotton swabs and cotton gauze on day bill down a pack of every day. Our hospital before someone, cotton swabs and cotton gauze is no charge. I very strange, why charge center hospital for this? Later I and reflects the department, they asked did you father use? For, you’ll have to charge. And I said, that it is impossible to every day with a pack of? You have the nurse said I this person is so stingy? Few cents!

deep once: do you think this is a few cents?

cca xiang: talk about not when, for example, central hospital intensive care unit has dozens of beds, each project every day more than a few cents, how much do you charge for that much? In the end, this is not the only one for me, the impact of each patient. This is not a few cents, this is to collect fees in disorder.

deep once, then you also found what problem?

cca xiang: a lot, and it is in the hospital list clearly written out, black and white. On March 13th, for example, cotton swabs and cotton gauze day took 84 packages, spent 193 yuan. & other; Small change medicine & throughout; In the 50 times a day, 8 yuan, this one alone is 400 yuan. Dressing impossible in 50 times a day? Cotton gauze with 84 packages a day is what concept? Also, my father shown on the medical records, there were 1100 times 80 day ice records, received 5500 yuan, but actually I counted, ice only 18 times.

deep once: why do you all remember the number of ice?

cca xiang: can’t guarantee completely accurate, but my father was in the hospital, because I live near the hospital, almost every day, as the patients’ families, my in the mind is, of course, want to believe that hospitals and doctors, but trust does not represent can be fool, I found the problem and after reaction with them, found that there are times when they are not the rectification, so I consciously to observe, to ask.

deep once: what problems do you think they are not correct?

cca xiang: such as the first time I found that when we settle bills have sanitary pads. But these pads are our courtyard with the past, he has 2-3 per day to receive our money, collected more than 700 dollars a month. Then reflects the department, and I don’t have the record in April, but on April 20, bill began to write again. I went to reflect, and finally the nurse found the accounting said to stop. In case, I found they were continuing to collect fees, I will report to department, but they don’t admit it. Just say we are the best hospital, xiangtan in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules could not collect fees in disorder.

deep once: so then you will pay more attention to observe?

cca xiang: yes, I specially marked later, feel your life every day in this kind of not be at ease. In a project, called & ndash; & ndash; Is the middle of the cushion and mattress in the bottom of the two pieces of paper, it with me every day, every day two, two much money. I’m curious in changing every day? The nurse insisted that changed every day. One day, I advance to an oxygen tank and made a note of single. Visit mark is still in the next day, I have to changed didn’t they ask, they said in a. I was angry, said mark are still here, where is changed? They say: & other; Don’t change, but no money is not closed? Throughout the &;

delta small dressing 50 times a day is 400 yuan

my father is a cadre, ordinary people also is not your own?

deep once: when did you start to report?

cca xiang: probably since last June, I’m just reflected in the reporting center of hospital. Didn’t respond to the case, I again find care, YiZhengKe. I talk to the director of the nursing department of more than 3 times, he said to me, every time the hospital does not exist to collect fees in disorder, what legal avenues. When my father was lying in the intensive care unit, as a family, I usually don’t want to difficult to hospital. I reflected a lot of problem, they said will be solved, but never solved, things have been dragged.

deep once: with no results were reflected by the department, after you have done?

cca xiang: in September last year, and I put the incident reflected in the xiangtan city health bureau old dry. They also attaches great importance to, and then found out a few items. Specific how much more, nobody told me.

deep once: your father has been in the hospital during this?

cca xiang: yes, until his death in November. Due to the it department the doctor also advised me to transfer to my father. And he said, I don’t trust them. Actually I am xiangtan people, I believe that the doctors’ medical skill, but the charge problem, whose money is really not the water drips.

deep: once you reflect to the health bureau has what effect?

cca xiang: October health bureau on the basis of find out these problems, to the hospital for three times the punishment, which is 3 times thousands of dollars, the health bureau of refuse to pay the hospital’s eighteen thousand pieces of money. Health bureau staff told me that they didn’t also way, can only do this. My individual pay part, they make the hospital give me a range, but the hospital didn’t give me a reply.

deep once: I heard that you also to other families to evidence?

cca xiang: yes, if I want to report, there must be evidence, this truth I understand. I just like other families say that you look at their listing fees, they either don’t want to mess around, or listing didn’t save, but they all support me to do these things.

deep once: what did you do then?

cca xiang: I was going to go legal way, also to find a lawyer, but no one will meet. They told me that their families are in xiangtan, may also have to center hospital, is not convenient to pick up. Can’t, and I went to the xiangtan petition offices and they asked me to write material, and then hand in xiangtan city planning commission. February 18 this year, I was in the planning commission.

deep once: who planning commission is how reply to you?

cca xiang: who attaches great importance to the planning committee, organized experts to check prices. Check the time is long, they don’t give reply, among a few months I will often go who planning commission asked. Who later planning commission suggested I consultation with the hospital, they led the group a few times, but the hospital has been not collect fees in disorder, also didn’t negotiate well.

until October this year, who planning commission notice I said, downtown hospital exists much charge fees, the phenomenon of medical consumables cost, finally, the accounting and transferred from the head nurse. As for health, because health bureau handled last year, they have no right to be dealt with.

delta swabs, gauze used 84 package is 193.2 yuan a day

insurance money, you can use?

deep: once your family support you to do this?

cca xiang: almost all the people around is not supported, my mother and my brother all say forget, but the somebody else and they are afraid of I will be retaliation. Mother often because the said I, we also make once. Now I seldom go home, afraid of her sad. I this person character is such that makes sense, look for the meaningful things, must to do.

deep once: do the things cost you a lot of heart?

cca xiang: yes, to be honest, I don’t have much culture, from the evidence, to look for a person to ask, check rules, written materials, each item I wasn’t able to independently, all want to find friends all kinds of advice. My report material and dictating the condition to my friends and asked him to help me to print.

deep once: why insist to report?

cca xiang: my father is a retired veteran cadres, since the childhood home education be upright. My personality is more serious that, besides I’m not simple for the individual, is on behalf of all the family. Xiangtan this place is not rich, many laid-off workers. Father in the hospital when I met the family, the old man is also a cerebral hemorrhage, not awake, just a daughter in the home, simply can’t afford to cure ah, finally can’t give up, less than 24 hours, the people went away. It touches a lot to me, from the family circumstances, said we three brothers are laid-off workers, if my father not retire the cadre, so many medical bills we absolutely can’t afford to. So, I just want to be sure to let them improvement.

deep: once your family think only out of the 20000 pieces, not too much, I feel there is no need to report, is it?

cca xiang: yes, 600000 medical bills, we only out of the 20000, but have no health insurance? Even health care money, is in the national money, is also the money of the common people, can be squandered?

deep once: do you have insurance fraud behavior exists question?

cca xiang: yes, a few days ago I went to the hospital, xiangtan city center price department said, even if hospital collects fees in disorder, lying to health care, also can only tube by the health bureau. Most is a mistake on my work. null

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