Small li to Beijing to donate stem cells: would you like to do meaningful things for the society

hubei guy thousands of miles to Beijing donate hematopoietic stem cell

leukemia girl received aid donors, said to do meaningful things for social

in air force general hospital, Chen Fangjun doing preoperative examination.

Chen Fangjun is huanggang, hubei province, 37, an ordinary civil servants, many years ago he after witnessing comrade-in-arms son tortured for leukemia, voluntary blood to the Red Cross organization, joined the CDMP data bank. Chen Fangjun in 5 years, got a call from the Red Cross workers, know their own hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow and a leukemia patients successfully. In do the ideological work of our family, he accepted the donation surgery this month in Beijing. & other; Person’s life, always do some meaningful things for the family and society. Throughout the &; Recently, Chen Fangjun told the Beijing morning paper reporter to interview.

5 years ago sample hematopoietic stem cells

Chen Fangjun is a very warm-hearted person, neighbors who have difficulty, as long as can help, he will spare no effort to help. In everyone’s heart, Chen Fangjun is a real & other; Warm man & throughout; .

to donate blood for the first time from 2006 to now, over the years, as long as the body’s permission, he hasn’t. In 2012 a donation, Chen Fangjun did blood hematopoietic stem cells of the CDMP data bank acquisition and retention samples. & other; Retention samples, because many years ago my comrades have a 8-year-old children suffering from acute leukemia, I was when I went to visit the sick, saw the child lying on the bed of pain, this scene makes me lifetime. Throughout the &; He said he also parents, & other; I especially the sufferings of the comrades empathy, so decided to join the CDMP data bank, to become a donor. Throughout the &;

match readily agreed to donate

a few years later, in Chen Fangjun almost forget served as sample, in June this year, he suddenly received a phone call. On the phone, the other party claims to be the CDMP data bank in hubei province Red Cross staff, the telephone is a notification Chen Fangjun, his sample of hematopoietic stem cells, with a preliminary match samples from leukemia patients. If the re-inspection and physical examination is successful, next would need Chen Fangjun for donations. Chen Fangjun very readily agreed, tell each other: & other; Wait me busy finished the job at hand can cooperate with your donation. Throughout the &;

soon, got in touch with Chen Fangjun huanggang the local Red Cross, in the end of July to arrange the high resolution of blood sample. A month later, he, under the arrangement of the Red Cross workers in wuhan for the routine examination, the results showed all his normal, accord with standard of giving.

although Chen Fangjun one mouthful allow down, but some worry about his family. & other; Mother is afraid of giving will affect my body health, don’t agree with me to do surgery, my son is very support me to help others. Throughout the &; Chen Fangjun said, child dedicated Internet search more information to his grandmother to see, this just totally won support from her family.

on the other hand, the Red Cross workers also somewhat upset in the heart, afraid of Chen Fangjun temporary change of heart, again and again to do his ideological work. Chen Fangjun said, & other; Now that promised to do, can’t gave people hope for a start, but finally let people be excited to yet another. Want to know what you’re doing commitment, can let a person back to life, not only can save a family more. Throughout the &;

thousands of girls love a rescue

11 Chen Fangjun came to Beijing this month, preoperative adjustments. When he knew his own hematopoietic stem cells will be donated to a little girl just turned 18. According to the regulation, donors and recipients can’t know each other more detailed information, only in successful pairing a year later, according to the two sides will can be met under the arrangement of the Red Cross.

5 days later Chen Fangjun pushed to the air force general hospital, began to hematopoietic stem cell donation surgery, surgery went very well, didn’t he body resumed in a few days. Subsequently, Chen Fangjun on the back to hubei. & other; To meet or not meet with each other, I don’t care about these, as long as the little girl body recovered better than nothing. I helped her, she will love after rehabilitation can pass it on. Throughout the &;

Chen Fangjun said that his body has been recovered well. & other; To be honest, my idea is actually quite simple, just want to do something meaningful for the society. Throughout the &;

Beijing morning news hotline news reporter xiao-yu huang intern reporter Cao Yanna Chen Fangjun for figure

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