Solar term 丨 “through a year to fill, fill frost!” How to fill?

leaf frost, a sense of autumn rain. Gregorian calendar on October 23, a year, the sun arrived at longitude 210 degrees, the frost time arrival, is also the fall of the last solar term, also means that winter is about to begin. When the weather gets colder, the first frost, means that the autumn is coming to an end, in the winter. The cold weather let people resistance and easy to breed all kinds of diseases. Folk often say, & other; Through a year to fill, fill as frost & throughout; . So frost throttle how to preserve one’s health?

frost (for figure/visual China)

appropriate diet nourishing

choose to have can nourish dry ingredients, yiqi solid table. On the one hand, enhance immunity, improve the body to fight the cold climate change; On the other hand, to keep up with the seasonal demands of autumn fill lung to relieve because of phlegm-heat type. A variety of diseases.

daily life keep Yin qi

the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine have & other Yang spring and summer, autumn and winter Yin & throughout; The claim. Frost is qiu dong season alternation, more attention should be paid to maintain Yin qi in the body. When cooling, it is human body sun be the spirit of convergence, Yin essence hidden within, all living, modern, sports, should comply with & other; Throughout the autumn harvest &; The principle of. The best way to tone is to get plenty of sleep, early to bed and early to rise. At the same time, this time recommend abstemious sex, morality of Yin essence. In old people, should not be angry, so as not to cause the disease such as hypertension, stroke.

remind everybody, after the frost temperature changeable, should prepare a few autumn outfit more, women should pay attention to your feet to keep warm and to cover his foot shoes or boots.

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