Solar term said 丨 light snow solar term should be chronological health warm tonic kidney appropriate eat more black

today, we will usher in the lunar 24 solar terms in the 20th solar term & ndash; & ndash; Light snow. Enter the solar terms, means that the temperature falling, the cold weather, although began to snow, but snow is not big, therefore calls light snow. So, light snow solar term how to preserve one’s health? Expert proposal, doors and Windows closed, of avoid by all means to prevent respiratory disease, according to the weather changes timely increase or decrease in the peripheral; Pay attention to the indoor air circulation, the day to open a window ventilated, but be careful not to stand in the draught. suitable the keeping in good health, mind and body warmth. Specific see :

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

daily life: ready to keep out the cold warm, after a sunscreen

bed sun be the spirit. goes to bed before ten o ‘clock in the evening, at the same time with hot bubble foot, massage and plantar yongquan cave, eli sun be the spirit hidden, Yin essence of savings, early appropriate 6:40 in the morning get up later.

scarf hat to protect sun be the spirit. & other; Will head for ZhuYang & throughout; , the head is for all the sun be the spirit, the most not cold, go out to wear a hat, a scarf, pay attention to protect the sun be the spirit.

snow defence ultraviolet light. snow uv seems not to be strong, but light rays reflected in through the snow harm the skin.

indoor don’t forget to keep wet. available that could be played indoors during the winter humidifier moisturizing, but humidifier regularly to clean, prevent the breeding ground for bacteria.

refresh applauded do less. kidney is the foundation of the birth, the kidney the hidden essence is to sustain life and health of the raw material, the winter most conducive to complement and recovery, should reduce consumption, abstinence essence.

diet: warm tonic kidney is given priority to, eat black

light snow, the diet should keep light, eat the proper choose warm, kidney food: such as lamb, hot pot, etc. Benefiting kidney food: cashew, Chinese yam, Gordon euryale seed, purple rice porridge, gingko nuts, walnut, etc. Black food into the kidney, such as black rice, black beans, black sesame, black fungus, black and so on, can not only nourished kidney, oneself also can resist cold, runfei, have good health care function.

meteorological experts suggest that the cold weather and easy to cause stomach bleeding peptic ulcer, gastric patients should pay attention to the stomach to keep warm and diet nursing, diet should be advisable to tender light element, digestible, avoiding cold, to give up smoking and drinking.

movement: moderate intensity, sunshine

to exercise in winter, sunshine, especially the sun back, can strong sun be the spirit, WenTong meridians.

spirit: eat more food containing folic acid

spinach, asparagus, kiwi, oysters, orange, peas, beans and green vegetables contain dark green vegetables contain folic acid (a B vitamin), can help us to fight depression. In addition, a banana or happy food, whole wheat bread is an antidepressant.

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