Some additional restaurant alexipharmic ark into decoration tableware not restart after disinfection


nation temple near the alexipharmic ark for the gruel store is closed, the tableware of pulling out, there are water droplets

a few days ago, state drug administration issued the most complete the most severe of the catering industry regulatory documents, including & other; Disinfection & throughout; The word appeared 16 times. Put disinfection cabinet in the lobby of the restaurant, exposed to consumers & other; Tableware disinfection & throughout; Link, by the consumers themselves from disinfection cabinet take tableware, such practices are common in the catering market. However, Beijing youth daily reporter for nearly a month visited many times more than ten place have alexipharmic ark resturant, found that some restaurant disinfection cabinet has not really & other; Disinfection & throughout; Cheng fang, but closed, became & other tableware; Throughout the decoration &; .

to visit north green news reporter noted that the current use of disinfection cabinet. The good and bad are intermingled, the main three problems: one is the supplement did not start again after disinfection tableware, had just finished washing the dishes in less than two minutes after disinfection cabinet to customers to use, no open disinfection button, so that customers get the tableware or wet; Second, spoon and chopsticks have different disinfection situation; Three is some restaurants alexipharmic ark with power, although but disinfection procedure has not enabled, and the usage of disinfection cabinet do not express, consumer is difficult to distinguish. Professional personage points out, the tableware disinfection can be turned off after the completion of disinfection cabinet power supply, but after disinfection tableware should not & other; Wet & throughout; , add the tableware disinfection cabinet should start again after disinfection, sterilization operation still need restaurant improve self-discipline.

alexipharmic ark transplanting with a

tableware of out, there are water droplets

s time: October 1 at noon, at noon on October 27,

s location: protecting temple near a porridge shop

National Day holiday on the first day at noon, the nation temple snack street ushered in a large number of tourists. 12 noon peak during the meal, north green news reporter walked into a gruel store, store basic at full strength. Near the checkout counter, there is a floor four disinfection cabinet drawer, put inside have chopsticks, spoon, plate, cup and tableware. Disinfection cabinet has three lights at the upper right, respectively & other; Already disinfection instructions & throughout; , & other Sterilization instructions & throughout; And & other Throughout the supply &; , but the light is not light up. North green press tableware disinfection problem, ask the store staff.

& other; The disinfection cabinet? But with it again. Throughout the &; The clerk replied a wearing yellow clothes. Then, a clerk to complement to disinfect ark a batch of tableware, cupboard door does not shut and left. Less than two minutes, have put forward the customer needs to tableware, the shop assistant from the tableware disinfection cabinet took out just put in to the customer. North green newspaper reporter immediately from the disinfection cabinet in a spoon and bowl, there are water droplets.

on October 27, north green news reporter walked into the store again. After lunch, a clerk from time to time from the kitchen out of the bowl chopsticks, cups and other utensils in the disinfection cabinet, customers can directly open cupboard door access. North green news reporter noticed that there were two with luggage to dinner after the guest takes a seat, a guest to disinfect ark after take out the glass dumped a few times, before the water also took the paper towel to wipe glass from the table. After the waiter added new glass into the disinfection cabinet, north green newspaper reporter took a, found new into the glass of water does not dry. & other; Too many people now, all take tableware, cannot open the disinfection. Throughout the &; The waiter said.

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a sycee bridge in yunnan rice noodle shop, the shop assistant is added in plastic box spoon

spoon and chopsticks disinfection conditions differ

restaurants offer disposable spoon

s time: October 2 at noon, on October 26, afternoon

s location: sycee bridge rice noodle shop

October 2 at noon, north green news reporter arrived at the sycee bridge a yunnan rice noodle shop, this characteristic restaurant by the wall ark also have chopsticks sterilizer, disinfection machine next to a white plastic box, stacked wooden spoon, a pack of paper towel thrown into the uppermost layer of the soup spoon.

north green news reporter saw, chopsticks sterilizer in a normally open state, the chopsticks in the disinfection machine is also very clean, but unable to distinguish whether the spoon for disinfection. At this time, a store staff crouched down, open the cupboard door below the counter, from the inside out some spoon add into the plastic box.

& other; These spoons tried poison? Throughout the &; In the face of north green newspaper reporters doubts, the clerk said the spoon away a poison, no problem. Then said: & other; I’ll get you a one-time spoons. Throughout the &;

in 15 minutes, north green press statistics for customers’ choice of tableware, four of whom use disinfection chopsticks and spoon in the box, 2 people asked the clerk for packaging of disposable chopsticks and spoons. Visitors from shanxi Martin lee told north green newspaper reporter, he is worry spoon is not the use of disposable tableware disinfection. & other; I can see the chopsticks in the sterilization machine, but can’t see where is the spoon disinfection. Throughout the &; Martin lee said.

DongSiShiTiao southwest a beef noodle shop and television on the northern side of a meat pie shop near the subway station, also in a similar situation. North green newspaper reporter sees chopsticks sterilizer normally open, but the sideboard spoon beside cannot confirm whether a poison. On October 26th afternoon, north green newspaper reporters once again came to the restaurant, disinfection cabinet without any change.

disinfection cabinet power supply closed

only open in the morning a

s time: on September 30 in the evening, on October 27th afternoon

s location: near chongwenmen malatang shop

6 PM on September 30, dinner time, north green news reporter walked into a malatang shop near chongwenmen, have met a clerk to disinfect ark added tableware. Disinfection cabinet has more than a metre high, is divided into two parts. The upper side of the door there is a lamp, and three action button. Light is in a state of out.

at this point, a more than 30 years old like female customers come for tableware, looked out from under the upper chopsticks said: & other; How to still wet? Throughout the &; North green newspaper reporters also asked whether the store clerk disinfection cabinet open, are collecting the waiter replied of tableware & other; Don’t open & throughout; , after they left. Women gave up the tableware disinfection cabinet, but for the disposable chopsticks.

then, north green news reporter asked the clerk why not open the alexipharmic ark, were not answered. After about ten minutes, before leaving the store, north green newspaper reporter discovery of disinfection cabinet lights up, and again asked a clerk, the clerk said, disinfection cabinet during the day does not open, & other; Sometimes in the morning will open for a while, but socket and other purposes during the day, can’t for disinfection cabinet & throughout; .

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