Some social security fund is planted in 2016 revenue growth is slowing pressure pension payments

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in 2016, the five social insurance fund revenue growth of 14.1% over the previous year, an increase of 20.3% over the previous year, total income gap widened further.

on November 26, the reporter learns from people club department website, a few days ago, to the community people club department “the development of Chinese social insurance annual report 2016” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), by the end of 2016 in China was systematically described the orgnaization of social insurance system construction, management, operation and service.

the report pointed out that surrender rate policy influence, such as partial coverage fund income growth or fell; Some is planted spending growth higher than revenue growth.

to solve these problems, the report stressed that the measures taken are proposed: to strengthen the collection management, strive to be stipulated; Strengthening the management of expenditures and blocking PaoMaoDiLou, strictly control the unreasonable, substandard funds expenditure; To closely track the funds operation, timely warning and resolving local funds operating risks that may occur.

balance of the social security fund is 6.6 trillion yuan RMB

the report shows that overall smooth operation of social insurance system in China in 2016, five social insurance number increase over the previous year, the fund balance of payments has expanded further, the treatment of each society insurance level is generally improved, constantly enhance its capability of orgnaization of social insurance management services.

in 2016, continue to promote the implementation of universal coverage across the country to register plan, on the basis of understanding base achieve precise management, precision surface, and the five insurance Numbers have increased over the previous year. Among them, to 888 million the number of endowment insurance, basic medical insurance number for 744 million people (including people club department is responsible for the management of the urban and rural residents basic medical insurance as a whole number of ginseng), to 219 million the number of inductrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance for 181 million, the number of birth insurance for 185 million people.

in terms of fund balance of payments, the report showed that the overall smooth operation fund balance. In 2016, five Chinese social insurance fund income is 5.36 trillion yuan, an increase of 14.1% over the previous year. Total 4.69 trillion yuan, an increase of 20.3% over the previous year; Funds accumulated balance is 6.64 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.5% over the previous year.

in addition, the report also pointed out that a further important role supplementary insurance. By the end of 2016, at a national enterprise annuity units 76000 units, to participate in the staff 23.25 million people, the accumulation fund of 1.1 trillion yuan, employee participating in the supplementary medical insurance for 290 million people. The next step will further establish the multi-level system of insurance system, promoting the development of supplementary insurance better faster.

look from people club department released data in recent years, while social security funds accumulated balance scale increasing, but total revenue rose significantly slower than the speed of the expenditure growth rate.

the report that are the main problems existing in the management of fund payments: surrender rate policy influence, such as partial coverage fund income growth or fell; Some is planted spending growth higher than revenue growth.

related departments in addition to the proposed on the basis of the social insurance law “regulation to strengthen tax and expenditure management, and to closely track the funds operation, timely warning and resolving where possible risk fund running, will also be in accordance with the out line, weaving net, building mechanism, perfect the system of social insurance, endowment insurance fund is the central dispensing system is established. As a first step to realize national endowment insurance plan as a whole, further consolidate the basis of the sustainable development of social security system.

individual provinces pension balance has spent

in 2016, the general improvement in social insurance treatment level. Among them: month per capita pension for retirees from enterprises were also is 2373 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 122 yuan, an increase of 5.4%.

in recent years, with the intensification of aging society, the sustainability of the town worker is basic endowment insurance has been the focus of social concern.

according to media reports, the nation’s overall enterprise the cumulative balance of endowment insurance fund in 2016 to nearly 3.7 trillion yuan, from 2015, continue to grow, enterprise annuities pay months at an average of more than 17 months.

however, ginseng protect a worker to the number and get the ratio of the number of endowment insurance pay that the dependency ratio in fall further, from 2.97 2014:1 fell to 2.87 in 2015, 1201, 6 years is 2.75:1. Nine provinces of the enterprise pension insurance dependency ratio below the 2-1.

at the same time, the pressure pension payments, pensions do not cover the current charge of provinces from 6 to 7, 2015 respectively, heilongjiang, liaoning, jilin, Inner Mongolia, hebei, hubei, qinghai. Including heilongjiang not only do not cover the current charge, and the cumulative balance has wear bottom, debt of 23.2 billion yuan.

in 2016, according to a report of social security in heilongjiang province in 2016 the company worker endowment insurance fund income is 89 billion yuan, but spending in 2016 reached 121 billion yuan, do not cover the current revenue of 32 billion yuan. In 2015, the cumulative balance of old-age insurance for enterprise employees in heilongjiang province with only 8.8 billion yuan, in 2016 the cumulative balance at once & other; Liabilities & throughout; 23.2 billion yuan.

it is important to note that in heilongjiang province has become the first national pension balance was spend provinces.

Yang, director of the employment and social security research center of tsinghua university was the “daily economic news” reporter said, after according to the requirements of the burden for the enterprise under the state council, many provinces will enterprise endowment insurance rate by one percent, however, after the cut, some provinces immediately felt the pressure balance.

the world social security research center at the Chinese academy of social sciences, secretary general of the room even spring told the “daily economic news” reporter, pressure of worker endowment insurance payments, if deduct the government subsidies, the country more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the current do not cover the charge.

in November this year, the state council issued by the transfer part of state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund implementation plan “, experts predict the future there will be billions yuan scale of state-owned capital to fill into the pension.

in addition, the report points out, must be clearly aware that in the current social insurance development in our country there is unbalanced between regions, fund running structural problems, some is planted coverage rate is not high. People club department stressed that the next step is to fully implement universal coverage plan, advance should defend and defend As soon as possible the national endowment insurance plan as a whole, steadily improve other risk as a whole level, relieve the contradictions of fund balance between regions; To strengthen the fund collection, cooperate with related departments to implement the state council about transfer part of state-owned capital enrich the relevant social security fund, to further expand the scale of fund; Push to establish a unified national social insurance public service platform, to join the masses to provide more efficient and quality services.

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