Sprained my ankle after 12 days passed away! Young female reporter finally hair circle of friends, watching too

the original title: sprained my ankle after 12 days passed away! Young female reporter finally hair circle of friends, watching too sad

at everybody in the New Year’s time, recently, in a sad news media & other; Fried & throughout; , a young woman, the China Daily reporter xiao wu died suddenly, the fat and lively girl, eyes special pure, like growing flowers, is the economics, so young fellow suddenly quit crying.

so why does a healthy person say go away? Limped off reason was because, within a few days in a coma, 12 days left on earth! But the end result is died of pulmonary embolism.

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friends point opened xiao wu WeChat ring

on January 10: calcium, as a result of foot cramps limped off walking disadvantageous suo. Middle-aged girl is really sad.

January 11: soft tissue swelling see cock of cortex, should not be broken… The doctor also said there should be no problem to open the two plasters, but this hurts the heart.

a friend expressed concern about in the message, she replies: have to make an appointment tomorrow morning to review, so opened the annual leave.

January 12: universal circle of friends for help, an ankle sprain after painful cry, take X-ray no fracture yesterday, just soft tissue contusion seems to see cock of cortex, the doctor prescribed pain killer huoxue cream though seems to be visible to the naked eye to help reduce the swelling, but not the pain, the intense pain from a sprained ankle has been extended to calf, toe paralysis feeling, now can only ease to lay his leg pad high don’t cry, whether to make a film again see ligament, thrombosis is would it be possible? More content on sounet more afraid…

this is finally a micro letter in her life.

friends are crying: did not care about, because sprained my ankle is a very common thing, who hasn’t sprained my ankle experience? Is really a terrible pain!

affiliated zhongshan hospital of fudan university echocardiographic diagnostics division doctor Chen (swallows a doctor), points out that, in fact, after lower limb fractures requires long time limit activities, combined with local inflammatory edema, pulmonary embolism are not uncommon.

and in terms of pulmonary embolism, and maternal, long-distance travelers are at higher risk, it is important to pay special attention to. In addition, women taking birth control pills, and patients with abnormal renal function as blood is relatively easy to agglomerate, so be especially careful.

at year end, go home, many people will travel by coach or by plane travel long distances, if sedentary games have the risk of pulmonary embolism.

& other; Leg blood to return to the heart, like mountain climbing, need to overcome gravity, when we walk, with rhythm, the leg muscles squeeze, auxiliary, legs still for long time, the blood stagnation and assembled into squares, it’s like we’re under the dumplings, only by continuously stirring glue can prevent them into a big ball. Sedentary make endovascular blood clot formation, suddenly stand can make blood clot like rockets all the way up, plug pulmonary vessels, large area of lung tissue necrosis, which can cause the heart and brain ischemia, damage, severe cases can be fatal.

for patients after pulmonary embolism often happened sudden chest distress and chest pain, and carefully review, this sudden chest chest pain recently tend to have a long journey, sedentary long lie, such as history, meet these situations will pay special attention to whether have the possibility of pulmonary embolism. Throughout the &;

the swallow said the doctor, & other; Some severe symptoms, some symptoms of mild, CT examination is more and more sensitive now, no symptoms found in patients with pulmonary small vascular embolization is not uncommon, so most of the patients not fatal, but still may cause adverse effects on pulmonary function. Throughout the &;

& other; Sedentary people for long-distance travel, a kind of method is simple and easy to use, is sitting feet to the action that the sewing machine, stretch hook a tiptoe to pull down, remember must be hard, hands on the calf muscles feel obviously a tight one loose, this and we have to walk as extrusion auxiliary function. Can do a one hour, can effectively prevent the occurrence of pulmonary embolism. Throughout the &; The swallow said the doctor.

some people say that can eat aspirin in advance of anticoagulant drugs such as

the swallow doctors say, & other; Drug effect often require a period of time, and the medicine to prevent blood clots at the same time can increase the risk of bleeding, so take medicine or to weigh the pros and cons, follow the doctor’s advice is in order. In addition to pay attention to, don’t take a coach and aircraft through the tight clothes pants, avoid blood circulation, for bad leg veins and venous valve function (such as varicose veins) in the elderly can buy a pair of venous stretch hose used in coach or long-distance plane. For fracture patients, 24 hours can relieve inflammation, swelling and local ice 24-48 hours can be local hot compress or massage the surrounding muscles, promote blood circulation, passive movement, to prevent the occurrence of lower limb venous clots lead to pulmonary embolism. Throughout the &;

in addition to the prevention of pulmonary embolism itself, the swallow the doctor pointed out that there is a bit need special tips, that is: a medical medical check-up, important things three times.

because by physical examination will know whether high-risk groups, such as varicose veins are although varicose superficial veins, but can also prompt deep venous valvular function may be bad, deep vein thrombosis is one of the most common pulmonary embolism & other; A prelude to & throughout; .

again, for instance, blood index found kidney function not entire problem, can prompt is particularly prone to thrombosis of people… Physical examination can find a lot of disease, prevention and early pulmonary embolism is a fatal disease, any serious disease to a certain degree can be deadly. Source:

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