Spring rain the doctor released the 2017 Internet medical value report

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mobile medical development into the seventh year, what life brings to the health of the people change? Recently, the well-known Internet medical platform spring rain the doctor released the 2017 Internet medical value report (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), for the first time from the perspective of value creation, social economic value of Internet medical data inventory.

report shows that Internet medical increases in medical resource supply, cultivating user habits of health management, build a healthy and harmonious doctor-patient relationship, medical service solving accessibility, etc., have played a very important role.

ability & other; Hematopoietic & throughout; Increase 30 large hospital services

according to national health development planning commission, the past ten years, with the improvement of social importance to health, population aging speed and high incidence of chronic diseases, the doctor than visits as its growth in the number of demand growth, hospital operating pressure surge.

how to make the limited medical resources, play a much more great service ability, is the government, medical institutions at all levels and by spring rain doctors Internet medical enterprise direction of effort for a long time. Therefore, the government has repeatedly come to promote & other; Internet + medical & throughout; And support social forces to provide diverse medical service policy, further release social do medical activity.

in recent years, under the impetus of the Internet technology, the spring rain doctor doctor platform by using fragments of time business thinking, has provided a huge number of the public health service, become to promote medical resource supply, the main power in the power reform.

data show that in the past 2017 years, a total of 132293 doctors through the spring rain doctors platform to provide customers with services, health science article written, participate in business communication between peers. The doctor with his professional and patience, gain the user’s trust and praise, use the Internet has become more and more doctors choose medical platform.

the report shows that in 2017, spring rain total output online visits the doctor, the equivalent of more than 30 new big 3 armour hospital outpatient service ability, patients received the 98.37% rate.

technology push to help save people day and night, across national boundaries

medical increasingly welcomed by users of the Internet is a big reason broke through the time and geographical limitations of the traditional medical treatment. The report shows that by improving the points in the iteration mechanism, spring rain doctors online visits the year platform to achieve an average response time of 3.73 minutes.

in all interactions, more than thirty percent of the online visits occurred in 20 PM to 2 am, spring rain special doctor 24 hours online service, powerful filled the offline service gap of medical institutions.

this time, the spring rain doctors also for the first time in the report released the specific user international distribution. Interrogation, according to the spring rain doctors platform users covering more than 130 countries and regions in the world, a total of 281137 users from outside mainland China. Among them, the distance from China as far as the user from Argentina’s SAN Antonio, new town.

with the network, the spring rain doctors has become the overseas Chinese, foreign institutions, students and Chinese overseas travel application regular health counseling. When a user in overseas medical resources is not easy to get or other emergency, online visits can play an important role.

the data also show that in 2017, the spring rain doctor doctor platform, through the descriptions provided by the user or the relevant test results, more than one hundred cases of stroke, myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism in patients with the crisis early warning and alert users to hospital and avoid the dangerous in time. It is worth noting that this kind of problem of the questioner, quite a few children is not in their parents and even far in overseas.

experience to improve the construction of a harmonious doctor-patient relationship online

in 2017, a novice from guangzhou, mom become most questions in the spring rain doctor platform users, including questions of more than 1600 times, including more than 800 pediatric problem, problem of more than 500. Spring rain doctor became her & other; Parenting bible & throughout; Novice, who CARES baby healthy mother, also to reply to her question doctors with hundred high praise.

would like the spring rain doctors as family doctors platform use is a lot of users. Statistics show that 2017 spring rain platform more tend to establish a stable relationship between the patient and ask the same doctor’s most users, has launched more than 80 times a year.

in pediatrics, dermatology and obstetric department, users of the platform and the doctor’s credibility, the user’s own compliance is very high, the question more than 10 times in a single department users, more than 40% of the total. Through the continued use of online services and feedback, the user department and diseases, has developed the habit of online health management.

in the spring rain doctors platform to open & other; Send gift & throughout; Evaluation, a dermatologist received treatment of annual accumulative total user & other; Send gift & throughout; Well received 223 times, received the 99.8% rate. Open at the doctor’s visits the page, often visible in patients with & other; Professional & throughout; & other; Responsible for throughout the &; & other; Patience & throughout; Praise, more patients with gratitude wrote & other; Sometimes patients with the last glimmer of hope for help in this time, I appreciate, angels sprinkled throughout a beam of light &; .

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