Standard network reservation: take-out contaminated, serious revoke licence

issued by the state food and drug administration bureau “network catering services food safety supervision and management measures” (hereinafter referred to as the “method”), on January 1, 2018 formally implemented.

“method” to the network reservation have more new rules, with special emphasis on the net also catering service provider shall have the entity business outlets, and shall obtain the food business licenses.

at the same time, the new rules requirements, delivery personnel shall check the distribution of food, ensure that food is not contaminated distribution process. Against the rules, the agency will require room personnel unit shall be ordered to make corrections, and given a warning; Refuses to correct, order to suspend production or business operation, and be fined between RMB ten thousand yuan and ten thousand yuan; If the circumstances are serious, the license.

China agricultural university, associate professor Zhu Yi tutors in an interview that, compared to the previous state of the relevant laws and regulations, the new rules of network platform and into the net catering more specific requirements, network food industry has been frequently describe out & other Chaos & throughout; That is expected to be contained in the New Year.

Zhu Yi said at the same time, the new rules for emerging & other The family kitchen & throughout; Industry regulation does not cover, there are certain food safety hazards, suggest the future also be included in the scope of regulation. DetailPic

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billions of network order market problems

China cuisine association statistics show that in 2016 the national food and beverage revenue was 3.58 trillion yuan, including the network order market scale up to 357.9 billion yuan, accounting for about 10%. Huge market scale brings to the regulatory challenges, & other Black workshop & throughout; , & other The fly pavilion & throughout; Such as catering chaos emerge in endlessly.

according to pair in 2016 issued a “survey network jingle service experience type”, according to the offline room service and the main problems of food quality include: individual order meals such as foreign bodies do not conform to the requirements of the health and safety; Individual platform access review is lax, no qualification register online stores on the platform, in the case of offline without a licence; Part of the meal the outer packing is damaged, the circumstance such as food and leakage & hellip; & hellip;

in 2016, CCTV & other; 3 & middot; 15 & throughout; The party who exposed & other; Hungry? & throughout; And delivery platform entity false guide merchants fictional address, upload photos, and even the default unlicensed black workshop.

& other; Network of catering the new formats, so far hasn’t been a major food safety accidents, is already a good luck. Throughout the &; China agricultural university associate professor Zhu Yi said, take-away APP market is in a state of extensive savage growth, early to go, have a platform to turn a blind eye.

& other; For catering for the business license, catering service license, the hygiene license, catering staff, and have health CARDS platform without effective supervision, this will inevitably lead to a series of problems. Throughout the &; Zhu Yi said.

provide network catering needs to have the entity stores

for some time, businesses without a license, a certificate, a certificate is multi-purpose the prohibition etc. Phenomenon.

the surging news (, previously reported, in 2017, Shanghai putuo court in network reservation platform forged false documents. In order to complete the performance indicators, a former & other; Hungry? & throughout; Regional manager’s hu through taobao, look for a person to PS fakes photos muddle through, the platform launched several is not in conformity with the provisions of the catering business, and no one’s business & other; Virtual restaurant & throughout; . Putuo court to Hu Mou forge state organs certificates sin, sentenced him to prison for three years and six months five thousand yuan fine.

Zhu Yi said that compared to the current food safety law implementation regulations, the new rules to strengthen the food safety supervision and management, further enhance the operability of the law.

& other; With previous country’s relevant laws and regulations, the new rules of network platform and into the net catering requirement more specific. Throughout the &; Zhu Yi, said the new rules for open network platform, catering service provider, delivery personnel and supervision departments at all levels of responsibility and obligation are made specific provision, and formulate the corresponding penalties.

“method” has been clear about the & other; Online is consistent throughout the &; Principle, set the net catering service provider shall have the entity store and get food business license in accordance with the law, and according to the food business licenses set forth the main body of the state, the management project, engaged in business activities shall not beyond business; Online sales of food quality and weight and entity shop. Violators will be his unlawful income confiscated and a fine of up to 100000 yuan.

about the quality of the raw materials, processing, production facilities, cleaning, etc., also explicitly ask operator in their processed food processing operation area, shall not entrust other food business operators processing orders, otherwise, the highest amounts to 30000 yuan.

according to the new rules, the network flat Taiwan side shall establish and implement the system of food safety related, including the net food examination registration, stop the illegal behavior and food safety report, food safety accident disposal system, and openly on the Internet. At the same time, the flat island’s food safety management shall set up specialized institutions, equipped with full-time food safety management personnel.

& other; Take-away little elder brother & throughout; To ensure food is not contaminated

room link is one of the most important aspects of the food safety, but in the Internet industry in the process of rapid expansion, & other; Take-out lunch box suspected contaminated & throughout; Events such as actually repeatedly exposed.

in October 2017, Meituan a room clerk steal to eat food and spit back has caused social attention. Surveillance video shows that a wear Meituan take-out uniforms and helmets takeout little elder brother, after entering the elevator after several floor button, then quickly lowered himself to untie the hands of the plastic bag, take out the chopsticks, taste the food. Shockingly, though, after eating a few mouth, marki will also suspected food scraps to takeout box, the whole process lasted about a minute or so.

after the event, Meituan take-out foreign apology about chief, and said it would distribution sites across the country to strengthen food distribution discipline of propaganda and fall to the ground, at the same time, will further optimize the products packaging solutions, avoid the occurrence of such events.

“method” requirement, delivery personnel shall keep personal hygiene, the use of safe, harmless, shipping containers, keep container clean, and regular cleaning and sanitation. Room personnel should check the distribution of food to ensure that the food is not contaminated distribution process.

in violation of the provisions, food, the agency will require room personnel unit shall be ordered to make corrections, and given a warning; Refuses to correct, order to suspend production or business operation, and be fined between RMB ten thousand yuan and ten thousand yuan; If the circumstances are serious, the license.

& other; For shipping, hardware and software to do more, pack boxes, sealing strip, distribution box to pass, marki qualification licensing, education training, also have to keep up with. Throughout the &; China agricultural university associate professor Zhu Yi said.

it is worth mentioning that in the “method” reflects the green idea, encourage network catering services to a third party platform provider biodegradable food containers, tableware and packing materials.

after the take-away said, will accelerate boxes, eat bag seals work, before the end of the year, at least in 30 cities fall to the ground. Hungry yao has also said it would continue to push forward & other; Blue planet & throughout; Environmental protection plan, the plan will include launch & other; Without the tableware & throughout; , integral measures such as environmental protection, and the agency cooperation, on the platform for merchants to use disposable tableware for checking.

Zhu Yi believes that the new rules also have some regulatory limbo. Under current regulations, more is to supervise and manage the electric business platform homemade food sales, such as micro letter in the form of circle of friends and the sales of homemade food regulation still has great difficulty. Some & other; Home delivery & throughout; , & other Shared kitchen & throughout; Still exist such as food safety hidden trouble.

Zhu Yi suggested that the family kitchen also into existing within the regulatory system, carry on the inspection and spot check, strictly control the production capacity, to grasp the bottom line of food safety.

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