Stop mutual blood donation, Beijing hospital platelet shortages

as early as in 2009, before and after mutual give blood all over the country, in the rescue to the patient’s blood at the same time, also has given rise to the interests of the chain, breeding blood head selling blood, such as industry, disputed by the outside world. Visual Chinese figure

patients and families: understanding of national policies blow & other; Blood head & throughout; Original intention, but cancelled after mutual use gap need short months, long years to fill.

d: a large number of patients with blood platelet reduced to less than safe, although no severe life-threatening bleeding, but can occur at any time a life-threatening bleeding, & other; Should give deadline platelets transfusion safety & throughout; .

the Beijing health planning commission: & other; We don’t exist & lsquo; All of a sudden & rsquo; The problem, this is not scientific and objective. Cancel the mutual blood donation is a national development planning commission of documentation requirements, we just perform. Throughout the &;

on February 6, 2018 patients with aplastic anemia PuBaoZhen into Beijing the transplantation of 3 armour hospital room. A bone marrow transplant only for ten minutes, suddenly stopped.

this day morning, from the Beijing development planning commission and Beijing municipal Red Cross hospital on February 5th, jointly issued “on the strengthening of blood donation without compensation and for the management of clinical blood use notice: since February 10, 2018, Beijing officially stop mutual blood donation. Hospital hurriedly call onset, pediatrics, bone oncology YongXieLiang large hospitals, emergency announced the policy decision.

mutual blood donation, as the name implies, the patient can get blood in a timely manner by means of mutual aid. In blood bank tense situation, the patient’s relatives and friends in the first hospital opens “mutual blood donation requisition”, and then donate blood to the blood stations registration, after blood donation credit to the hospital, in exchange for the required amount of blood for the patient.

the new rules mean that all blood type, including immediate family members meet, can no longer be directional blood donation, the patient can only according to the degree of emergency waiting for distribution. The best of the domestic most blood disease specialist in Beijing, such as Peking University people’s hospital, haematology department a total of 370 beds, 2016 hospitalized patients were more than ten thousand cases, 800 cases. For platelet retention period is short, hard from the outgoing obtaining, in recent years the onset of clinical YongXieLiang proportion from family members help each other.

mutual cancellation to donate blood, let the victim and all the medical workers, including onset doctor, anxiety and fear. Collect blood supply

PuBaoZhen platelets has dropped to only nine units (normal value of 100-300 & times; 10 ^ 9/L). The bleeding after drug taking, nosebleed reluctantly stopped. But a severe cough, let her in subject to the risk of brain hemorrhage.

blood product transfusion, is critically ill patients with blood just need, especially after bone marrow transplantation pretreatment tank into the transplantation of patients & ndash; & ndash; In a 3 & ndash; For 4 weeks, they almost zero, the number of platelet platelet transfusion can prevent a fatal bleeding.

in the same circumstances, and 24 patients with viro.

a year ago, he was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, the disease onset nasty, progress rapidly, after the onset of severe internal bleeding, internal organ failure gradually. In order to make up for a lack of blood, viro weekly to enter a unit of platelets and 400 cc whole blood.

now, they try their best to chase down all possible in the network of hope.

Beijing space flight center director of onset jing-bo wang said, their onset ward a day on average platelet demand for 25 to 30 units, but central Banks can provide 0-2 a day only single platelets, a drop in the bucket.

Beijing Red Cross blood center, according to data in 2016, Beijing city a total of 394000 people to donate blood, the amount of blood collected 137 tons. But the blood to provide for the use of clinical 176 hospitals, obviously in short supply.

on February 9, PuBaoZhen was forced to leave the sterile room, back to bed rest. & other; Look at the situation, such as blood after enough sources say. Throughout the &; For when to restore a bone marrow transplant, doctors can’t answer.

and Peking University international hospital patients’ families filar silk is hard & other; O blood & throughout; Two days, but still didn’t wait for a single unit of platelets. Mother’s bleeding had just stayed, but his condition is still critical, & other; Platelet is 3 now, tomorrow may be dropped to zero. Throughout the &; If she clearly, platelet late, waiting for the fate of the mother is only one & ndash; & ndash; Bleeding death.

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