Students who planning commission: to treat hunan taojiang tuberculosis infection

in August this year, taojiang county of hunan province, the fourth middle school in a tuberculosis outbreak of clustering. By the 16th, found 29 cases pulmonary tuberculosis confirmed cases and 5 cases of suspected cases. National health and family planning commission said on the 17th, taojiang of hunan province in the fourth middle school attaches great importance to TB aggregation epidemic, has instructed local verification, public accurate information in time, go all out to treat sick students.

it is reported that 17 afternoon, relevant staff and prevention and control of experts has arrived in the local supervision with the disposal of the work. The progress of the related will be released in a timely manner.

in June 2017, the state health and family planning commission, ministry of education revised jointly issued the school tuberculosis prevention and control work specification (2017 edition) “, further defined the school tuberculosis outbreak and clustering with the disposal process.

the next step, the national health development planning commission will arrange joint education department focus on boarding middle school school tuberculosis prevention and control of inspection supervision, for not carrying out the prevention and control measures in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and other requirements, the units and individuals shall be ordered to correct, failing to report in a timely manner, epidemic causes such as the spread of the units and individuals for accountability, if the case constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.


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