Study: 86% of teenagers body contains A variety of bisphenol A or trigger cancer

comprehensive report 】 【 the web technology according to the British “daily mail” reported on February 5th, the university of Exeter in the UK, in one study, the researchers extracted the urine samples of 94 teenagers, found that 86% of the human body contains from plastic products added gender-bending chemicals bisphenol A (BPA), which has the role of estrogen compounds could lead to A decrease in the number of male sperm, male infertility, breast and prostate cancer. Because food plastic packaging is widely used in our daily life, it is almost impossible to avoid this kind of compounds, the experts expressed concern. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

bisphenol A can make the plastic products are colorless, transparent, durable, light and impact features, especially can prevent the erosion of food from the internal metal containers, since the 1960 s has been widely used, mainly in plastic containers, bottles, food packaging tank coating and shopping receipt. And the plastic packing of food is the main way people contact with bisphenol A, bisphenol A can through the plastic packaging into food, and then enter the body.

the study’s co-author, lorna from Exeter university school of medicine & bull; Harris (Lorna  Harries), said professor & other; Most people in contact with bisphenol A every day. The study shows that according to the existing food labeling method, it is hard to by changing the diet to avoid contact with bisphenol A. Ideally, everyone should be able to choose its own food, but the reality is, because it is hard to identify what kind of food and packaging contain bpa, the independent choice never have been possible. Throughout the &;

in this research, the teenagers in the trials in addition to provide a urine sample, also need to record the daily diet. Although researchers charged them within one week pay attention to diet, avoid contact with bisphenol A, but they produce bisphenol A compound content was not significantly reduced. Participants said, almost all of the food packaging is plastic, they don’t know which bisphenol A has been added.

previous research has shown that repeated use of plastic bottles containing bpa or using the microwave plastic containing industrial apparatus can increase the risk of human exposure to bisphenol A. Don’t use the plastic packing of food seems to be safer, but may still contain dangerous compounds, especially highly processed foods and fast food.

the study’s lead author tamara & bull; Galloway (Tamara  Professor Galloway), said the researchers deliberately control participants’ diet, avoid to use after plastic packaging of fruits and vegetables and canned food, avoid it in the microwave heating of plastic bottles containing an industrial compound, but the results showed that the participants level of bisphenol A little change in the body. Although bisphenol A in enters the body through the kidneys within A few hours after the blood, but recent studies have shown that it can stay in the body for 43 hours, which means that it is in after discharge blood in fat accumulation.

bisphenol A is A kind of & other; Endocrine disruptors & throughout; , they can cause interference to mammalian endocrine system. Existing research shows that the gender variation of compound with type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and a reduction in male fertility. Due to bpa may produce serious harm to human body health, the European chemicals agency (ECHA) last year back into its attention to material list (SVHC). (internship compilation: wen-hui liu review: Li Zongze)

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