Sun burn out of heat stroke? The old man sued the nursing home

uncle wang is still in hospital, to appear in court on his behalf by his daughter. Court for figure

hospital diagnosis evidence that uncle wang unconsciousness, suspected to heat stroke. Certificate of diagnosis screenshot

this elder said claim is forgotten by care 87000; Push said the old man nursing home in the cool unexpected

this summer, a 79 – year – old uncle wang crisis occurs in living in the nursing home. When he was a care to hospital in the sunshine, unconsciousness, convulsions, consciousness is not clear, the highest temperature reached 41 ℃, was taken to hospital after the rescue, after the heat stroke in the diagnosis of suspected serious heatstroke. By that care will neglect their forgotten, the old man to a nursing home appealed to the court, claim damages for various medical and so on a total of more than 87000 yuan.

yesterday morning, Beijing well the court trial the case, the court from the city nursing home said just push the old man went out to the cool, the old man is experiencing discomfort.

7 ten-day old man hospital in a coma for life-threatening

& other; My father had alzheimer’s, they don’t move, unconsciousness, now speak not agile. Throughout the &; Uncle wang is still in hospital, yesterday’s trial by his daughter to appear in court.

the original tell said, because of their children’s work is busy, the 79 – year – old uncle wang life cannot provide for oneself completely, its since June 18, 2013 live in fangshan district of a nursing home. One day in June 2017 at noon, Mr Wang by routine nursing home care worker to use a wheelchair outdoors in the sun. But due to worker carelessness to forget the timely put Mr Wang back into the room, thus cause under the hot sun for hours.

when discovered, uncle wang is in a coma, accompanied by convulsions, consciousness is not clear, the highest temperature is reached 41 degrees, then care just dialed an emergency number. After Mr Wang was sent to hospital and diagnosed suspected heat stroke, which one of the most serious and deadly heatstroke, after a doctor to rescue to save the day.

& other; Before my father has been sun dizzy once, to drink the water slowly coming. Throughout the &; Ms. Wang said, was told that a care don’t push the old man out in the sunshine, & other; They not only don’t listen, they have to bask in the disease, arm throughout all of the blisters &; .

wang believes that negotiate compensation with nursing homes for many times, but failed to get the other person’s positive response, but the appeal court, require compensation of medical treatment and nursing home fees, these payments, etc., and changed the claims in court, the compensation amount from the original 35000 yuan, up to more than 87000 yuan, including the medical treatment cost 30000 yuan ($3000), rescue the fare of 874 yuan, nurse cost 30000 yuan ($3000), etc.

no-fault nursing home said: do not insolate old man

the old man staying at the nursing home in the registration form, according to the column labeled general health, intentional common nursing service standards, first check in total capture to expend more than 5600 yuan.

the defendant nursing home agent, argues that the plaintiff mentioned some do not conform to the facts. Mr Wang in 2013 is half self-care state, 2017 because of brain problems also had the surgery and the body more bad.

& other; The day care to launch into the old to the cool, not half past eleven in the morning, but at one o ‘clock in the afternoon to go out. Throughout the &; The agent said, because the old man do not have the habit of siesta, care the customary will launch to cool, the old man is not pushed to the sun, but in the shade, the sunshine when the crime happened except uncle wang, and other a few old man together, the drying time not for hours, only an hour or so.

in addition, the agency said, because there are other old people need to take care of, take care of the uncle wang worker walked away at the time, but the yard and a patrol worker. The director of the nursing home back running errands and found Mr Wang fainted, hurriedly call 120, together with wang and others will be the plaintiff to the hospital, hospital is the old man finally pulmonary disease.

& other; It is because the plaintiff had body is bad, just cause heat stroke. Throughout the &; The defendant agent that nursing home without fault, the plaintiffs claim is too high. And the old man fainted is an accident, do not rule out is a relapse, want to in the case of without fault, reasonable compensation.

is not the case in court.

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