Supreme test released the latest prohibition: procuratorial organ business activity a total ban on alcohol

on December 29, the reporter learned from the highest inspection that a few days ago, the supreme people’s procuratorate issued the revised “the prohibition of the supreme people’s procuratorate” (hereinafter referred to as the “prohibition”), and instructed the procuratorial organs at all levels to carry out earnestly, a total ban on drinking in the procuratorial organ business activities.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

the revised” prohibition “including & other; Six is prohibited & throughout; , that is, strictly prohibit to drink working hours and working days at noon; Are strictly prohibited in the procuratorial system of all kinds of meetings, investigation research, training, inspection guide, report for instructions, and other business activities during drinking; Strictly prohibit to drink during the judicial case and in performing their duties; It is forbidden to carry guns, ammunition, records, files, case materials, secret files or other classified carrier drinking; It is strictly prohibited to may affect the impartiality of the case and the procuratorial organs image drinking occasions; It is forbidden to wear the procuratorial logo with bailiffs uniform drinking in public places.

the highest inspection notice, points out that the procuratorial organs at all levels, especially the prosecutor must attach great importance to and earnestly shoulder the main responsibility, pays special attention to the “prohibition” take strong measures to carry out. Must study earnestly carry out propaganda education, make all the prosecutors well-known, always follow. Leading cadres at all levels should be above rate, layer upon layer, ensure implementation in place.

notification requirements, the procuratorial organs at various levels supervision organization matters at key nodes, grasp daily, often, strengthen the revised “prohibition” the implementation of supervision and inspection. For illegal drinking behavior to investigate and report in a timely manner, depending on the plot to give criticism or education, organization in handling disciplinary discipline sanctions, especially leading cadres in the event of illegal drinking behavior should strictly processing, never palliative indulging. To perform “prohibition” poor, lead to this unit illegal frequent problems, or causing serious consequences, adverse effects, serious responsibility shall be investigated for responsibility, supervision and responsibility and leadership, and publicly reported exposure.

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