Surgery clinic hospital from people infected with HIV: disinfection equipment is not up to standard

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(the original title: haikou man said because of infected with HIV was rejected, hospital: no sense department, afraid of disinfection omissions)

& other; Alone in the operating room disinfection equipment not up to standard and refused to surgery for me, really have this aspect of the regulation? I really can’t understand. Throughout the &; Recently, a little people infected with HIV (a pseudonym) to hainan, haikou city government said 12345 hotline to reflect their own way to go to a doctor is very twists and turns, hope relevant departments can give the same as his AIDS to provide some help.

as we have learned, first introduced from 1999 medical institutions may not refuse treatment for AIDS patients, in 2006 to the HIV/AIDS prevention and control regulations, to the initial diagnosis system in 2013, a number of laws and regulations in China are not allowed to shuffle rejected and discrimination against people with HIV.

the relevant person in charge of AIDS office of hainan province, said hiv-infected people have an obligation in the process of medical treatment, take the initiative to inform their own health care personnel. Medical institutions in after we received the prevalence of HIV, if refused to patients, patients can be reported to relevant departments.

guy tells

& other; Hemorrhoids surgery, the doctor said the operating room disinfection equipment is not up to standard, recommended me & throughout;

in July, 2013, who have just graduated from college at that time a little suddenly high fever is not retreated, general malaise, found himself after check infected with the AIDS virus. In march of last year, a little began to adhere to the government free of drugs, the current review in good condition.

small easy to tell a reporter, a year ago, he had hemorrhoids, due to the illness is not too serious, and fear of others strange eyes, he didn’t go to hospital for treatment, but choose to forbear, but illness aggravating gradually. In October last year, a little easy to haikou city hospital, and on January 3, the admission formalities. The hospital through inspection found that small easily infected with HIV, he besides need hemorrhoids surgery, intestines also long polyps, to do a bowel polyps operation.

on January 4, a little by paramedics told that the hospital because the equipment is not perfect, only for a little easy hemorrhoids surgery, and postoperative recovery after almost, turn again to go to other hospital for intestinal polyp surgery.

a little considering two surgery more troublesome, to switch to other hospitals, two do together. But wait a few days, because the other hospital beds nervous, a little can’t transfer, so we have to plan to do haemorrhoid operation, intestinal polyp surgery again after the Spring Festival.

on January 9, small easy are arranged into a separate room, ready to accept the surgical treatment. & other; Never thought after lunch, doctor told me, because of their hospital operating room disinfection equipment is not up to standard, not allowed to accept such AIDS, I suggested that I go to other hospital for treatment. Throughout the &; Small said, & other; Whether the hospital can be crimped to disinfect equipment not up to standard, refused to give me such a patient? Hope relevant department can give us some help for such a person. Throughout the &;

& other; Because of HIV infection was rejected, I feel very grievance & throughout;

& other; Rejected because he is HIV, I met this kind of situation, a big guy all feel very grievance and uncomfortable. Throughout the &; A little said.

the red ribbon volunteers channel, in order not to delay your illness, easy to finally choose to transfer to another hospital the treatment. A few days ago, the small easy to tell a reporter, the hospital is willing to do for the operation, he has been hanging heart finally put down, too.

& other; Whatever the reason, delay the disease is always bad, I can afford. Throughout the &; Small said, his 12345 hotline to reflect is not to win, just hope relevant departments can give the same as his HIV provide some help.

& other; Afraid is human, but as a professional medical personnel, should with professional attitude towards me, don’t refuse me, because I have HIV we this group just want to get equal treatment. I hope you can focus on our this group of people, don’t afraid to us. This matter, I don’t hate anyone, just want to own experiences, to let others can get fair treatment in the future, the doctor is no longer so twists and turns. Throughout the &; A little said.

a little, said originally according to the normal operation time, he can go home for the holiday in advance, but as things stand, he returned to his home for the holiday, will delay the time.

hospital medical department

no court of hospital, to be on the safe side didn’t refused to arrange the operation

a little was rejected? 10, the reporter went to a little said hospital uropoiesis surgical department. Director of urology doctor liu told reporters in Europe, said after hemorrhoids surgery, the hospital technology no problem, then has to small easy to arrange for hemorrhoids surgery, & other; Later said the operating room didn’t do it, because the problem of disinfection, I’m not sure, then will report to the medical department. Throughout the &; Liu said the doctor, & other; We welcome him to treat section office, technology no problem, the doctor also want to do, but I didn’t also way, received notice said can’t do, what I can do? Throughout the &;

then, reporters came to the hospital medical department. Medical department, deputy director Lin so-and-so said, according to a preliminary understanding, feeling department were told that he can do the surgery, postoperative instrument disinfection follow links omissions, but worry that suggest small so easy to other hospital for treatment. Later, Lin said so-and-so details need to ask the court feeling, went out. When he came back, he changed, said & other; Because of no open courtyard of hospital, to be on the safe side, just refuse to give a little arrangement procedure, advised him to another hospital & throughout; .

but the reporter understands after interview, small yi in the hospital for surgery, the hospital has separate easy to arrange a hospital room. Now, Lin so-and-so is citing not open courtyard sense of hospital, explain declined to give a little before surgery.

for the reporter’s question, Lin so-and-so citing will have a meeting, don’t want to explain too much.

this AIDS patient, also encounter not happy

was angry with the doctor about his illness

the age of 24, xiao zhao (name), found himself in 2014 infected with the AIDS virus, thus became a volunteer for the red ribbon. Xiao zhao told reporters that in 2016, he because of body reason need to do a small operation, a friend to accompany him to the hospital at that time, the friend doesn’t know xiao zhao infected with the AIDS virus, so in front of the doctor, xiao li to hide his illness. After admission, after a series of inspection, the hospital found xiao zhao is the fact that people infected with HIV, then arranged a single room for it.

xiao zhao said that the day before the surgery, said after his friend walked into the room, & other; Just pass by the doctor’s office, I listen to what they say is a lying about HIV/AIDS patients was found. Throughout the &; Xiao zhao was only studied equanimity, pretend do not know this matter, but in the mind is very angry, & other; Treat AIDS illness, the attitude of the medical staff how can so serious! Throughout the &;

about whether a rejected, xiao zhao said, & other; Environment is good, now propaganda also is large, there is no clear rejected, is confidential medical staff awareness is not enough, work is not rigorous. Throughout the &; But xiao zhao also said that in 2004, he met a hiv-infected people went to the hospital to see a doctor, is only part of the general condition, don’t need surgery, but still not a hospital to receive him. In desperation, the hiv-infected people found the disease control department, in the end for disease control and prevention department arranged for its hospitals.


why AIDS patients was rejected happen?

provincial AIDS: because of fear of occupational exposure of medical institutions

as we have learned, first introduced from 1999 medical institutions may not refuse treatment for AIDS patients, in 2006 to the HIV/AIDS prevention and control regulations, to the initial diagnosis system in 2013, a number of laws and regulations in China clearly does not allow shuffle rejected and discrimination, but why HIV/AIDS were rejected or happen?

the relevant person in charge of the provincial AIDS office, told reporters that the regulations issued by the country emphasizes the AIDS patients should be treated fairly when go to a doctor. The head, according to the medical institutions refused to come from fear of occupational exposure. Medical staff occupational exposure refers to the diagnosis and treatment, nursing, such as AIDS and hepatitis virus infection by accident or by the patient’s blood, body fluids contaminated skin or mucous membrane, or contain viruses such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis’s blood, body fluids, contaminated needles and other sharp instrument to Pierce the skin, are likely to be infected.

in July 2015, the national health development planning commission issued the occupational exposure to HIV treatment program regulations, standardize the processing program of occupational exposure to HIV infection, and provide the basis for HIV/AIDS occupational exposure to diagnose. & other; Doctor as long as adhere to the principle of universality protection, infection rate is very low. Throughout the &; The official said.

why hide condition when part of the AIDS patients go to a doctor?

& other; Fear was rejected, also worry that medical staff leaking condition after been discrimination & throughout;

there are media reports that part of the HIV treatment in our country will deliberately hide their illness, lead to occupational exposure events occur. This time, little yi and xiao zhao accepting a reporter to interview, in the process of being diagnosed, also did not take the initiative to inform medical staff his condition is this why?

xiao zhao said that he is not to deliberately hide their illness, don’t take the initiative to inform medical staff is the most important reason is worried about being rejected. In addition, he also worries that the medical staff that own condition, can’t keep a secret, which was strange vision. & other; I hope you can stand in the perspective of people infected with HIV, if there are more private, good medical environment, believe that there will be more willing to go to a doctor when people infected with HIV, take the initiative to inform medical staff own condition. Throughout the &;

HIV is terrible?

listen to how professionals say

talk & other; Ai & throughout; Color change? Don’t have to!

listen to what medical staff say

contact with AIDS patients is not terrible, completes the protective measures is important

from haikou city of 20 years of the fourth people’s hospital uropoiesis surgical department head nurse Yang said that in fact contact with AIDS patients is not terrible, & other We will organize training for a period of time, besides professional nursing knowledge learned in school is enough to make us have a correct understanding of AIDS, and how to contact with AIDS patients. Throughout the &;

Yang, five years ago, the hospital received a HIV/AIDS patients from yunnan, a person is a woman, was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis ascites after inspection. According to introducing, old woman after does not know who you are, people infected with HIV after the nurses to get hold of the old woman, also made no unusual, just according to the rational response to the professional knowledge, & other; Understand AIDS medical personnel to the not afraid, afraid of is the people who don’t understand. Throughout the &; Yang said.

Yang recalled, the old woman doesn’t need an operation, less likely, occupational exposure event occurs in care only when doing abdominal puncture has certain risk, because it is may be stabbed caregivers when pull out the needle, the medical staff will wear several pairs of gloves. & other; Medical staff in the face of AIDS, not only to protect yourself, more should take good care of the patients themselves and others, avoid cross infection. AIDS is not terrible, as long as the operating properly, completes the protective measures. Throughout the &; Yang said.

hospital regularly carry out training and assessment of the knowledge about prevention and treatment of infectious diseases

province people’s hospital operating room head nurse KeYaJuan tells a reporter, she works in a hospital operating room for nearly 20 years, basically every year, several cases of AIDS patients surgery. & other; Every year there are a few cases of HIV/AIDS of surgery, the hospital on a regular basis to carry out the training and assessment of the knowledge about prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, a few months ago our orthopaedic hospital accepts an HIV infection, and the lumbar fracture internal fixation surgery. Throughout the &;

KeYaJuan introduction, the provincial people’s hospital infection management office each year to carry out according to the medical staff training and assessment of the knowledge about prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS transmission conditions and control requirements. & other; Many of the newly hired staff may not understand the disease, produce fear ai thought also unavoidable. HIV transmission way everyone is familiar, we in the process of do surgery for AIDS patients, as long as keep a common heart, at the same time, cooperate with relevant protective measures, can reduce the risk of occupational exposure to a minimum. Throughout the &; KeYaJuan said.

& other; I just when the nurse had feared, but with rich experience and a better understanding of the disease, I found that do surgery for AIDS patients is not so terrible. Throughout the &; KeYaJuan said, & other; We shoulder the mission of saving lives, only protect yourself in the surgery, can cure more patients. Throughout the &; null

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