Surgery in body rejected seven years later, the French man to accept the world’s first two face transplant

according to foreign media reports, a French man accepted face transplant 7 years ago, is now a rejection, donated his again and again to do the face transplant, become the world’s first face a second transplant. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

biomedical French agency Olivier Bastien has revealed that the body more than 40 year old man appeared after the rejection, the doctor last November to remove his face after transplantation, and let him into a coma to wait for the new donations.

donors appeared after two months, a Paris hospital a second transplant for him then. The risky surgery typically take a whole day. Said the doctor, to determine until several weeks after the second operation had been successful.

it is understood that to accept the transplant is the most were taken by surprise, violence or rare genetic mutation, after surgery can help patients to restore the basic function such as breathing, eating and talking, and through the smile, frown back to nonverbal communication. But after surgery, patients need to lifelong depend on immunosuppression element such as drug slow for foreign body organ rejection, and the drugs can increase the risk of patients infected with cancer.

face transplant is relatively rare, so far less than 40 cases, at least six patient has died.

the world’s first face transplant patient dino is a French woman, she after undergoing surgery in November 2005, body severe rejection, and two kinds of cancers. She died in April last year, at the age of 49.

, titled “the world’s first! French men face transplant surgery twice” 8 years)

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