Surgery in patients with liver “lettering” signature doctor: I’d like to leave a mark


here in patients with liver signature Simon

overseas network, 14 dec Britain’s queen Elizabeth hospital has exposed the scandal, a surgeon was revealed a few years ago at the time of patients on the liver transplant, signature in the liver in brand way, accused & other; The actual physical harm & throughout; .

according to & other; The BBC & throughout; Reports, 53, a surgeon Simon (Simon Bramhall) in queen Elizabeth hospital for 10 years, is a local well-known expert of liver transplantation. He was accused of two British crown prosecution service charges, including a & other; The actual physical harm & throughout; .

2 Simon had surgery in patients on the liver of & other; Mark & throughout; His name abbreviations & other; SB” . Transplant the doctors often use non-toxic argon helium refrigeration technology to stop bleeding, liver or burning surface of the liver to sketch surgery area, but Mr Simon using argon-helium knife in the patient’s liver surface & other; Time & throughout; The signature.

Simon ACTS of exposure is due to the doctor for patient visit, found a Simon’s signature on the transplantation of liver, then report to the hospital. Britain’s crown prosecution service, says Simon behavior is & other; Abuse of the patient to his trust & throughout; , at the same time the patient an illegal force & other; Attack & throughout; . Rebuke, patient rights, says the patient’s organ is not bring autograph book.

in December 13, trial, Simon to oneself on the patients with liver & other; Signature & throughout; Behavior confessed that own motives just to leave a mark, for the patient and no damage, refused to acknowledge & other Attack & throughout; The patient. It is understood that the case will be January 12, 2018. (overseas network Zhu Huiyue)

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