Survey: 73.0% of respondents said young people “to eat” was in question

today, as the city life increasingly perfect service facilities, many young people choose to dine out especially single ymca, but among them many people sigh with emotion, a person repast mildly & other; Sad & throughout; , always can meet all kinds of embarrassing: the front desk clerk Shouting & other; Throughout a please & inside; ; A person is often table, way; Taste how to share, no one can only silence dining & hellip; & hellip;

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cartoon: Zheng Li

a few days ago, the social survey center of China youth newspaper network joint questionnaire, to 1991 the age of 18 to 35 young, according to a survey 67.6% of youth said a man to go to a restaurant would feel embarrassed. When eating a person, a quick victory is the most common (48.5%). 73.0% of people questioned in the youth think youth groups especially single people, & other; Eat well & throughout; Become a problem. 71.5% of people questioned in the youth think it is necessary to merchants single dining room set.

youth polled, single (24.8%), with lovers still unmarried accounted for 21.0%, married accounted for 53.2%, other marital status (1.0%). Male 50.4%, female 50.4%.

67.6% of young people to go to a restaurant one will feel embarrassed

a sophomore students in colleges and universities in hebei province, said Linda must be someone to accompany oneself to have a meal. & other; Every time to have dinner with my roommate, if they have something I would rather hungry, etc., can’t a person to eat his own & throughout; .

single employees work in a state-owned Beijing zhang (not his real name) said, no friends to accompany, you can only be a person go out for dinner, & other; Sit down to a waiter consulting dishes, they will first ask & lsquo; A few people to eat & rsquo; Less, feel embarrassed. The more you have, the more boring when having a meal, I will be quick & throughout; .

work in Shanghai after the 80 li jie, due to travel, has long been accustomed to a person to eat. & other; I will find a the most obscure corner to sit down, so that no one disturb, will not cause the attention of others & throughout; .

according to the survey, a person to go to a restaurant, 67.6% of people questioned in the ymca feel embarrassed. The proportion of young women surveyed felt embarrassed (70.6%), significantly higher than male (64.5%).

a person go out to dinner, 48.5% of people questioned in the ymca of a quick victory, 37.1% of people questioned in the ymca directly find the most inconspicuous corner table, 36.0% of people questioned in the youth feel unsuitable dishes more less, 30.2% of young hate waiter shout & other; A, please & throughout; , 12.9% of youth feel appetite waned.

& other; At ordinary times can’t find my friends to have a meal, I don’t want to go out even if some take-out. If they are watching movies, shopping, go to the hospital, I don’t want to go to. Throughout the &; Linda said she usually about travel with a partner for a long time in advance, if your temporary can’t keep the appointment, if not give up she would give up.

currently working in Beijing Cheng He (a pseudonym) single for some time, although often had to a person to do many things, but she felt like singing, go to the amusement park these activities, many people just fun together.

li jie said, is gradually increasing with age, like he hadn’t married person, a person will do more and more, & other; I often a person went to the hospital to see a cold fever this ailment. Other recreational activities, even myself feel very relaxed, casual & throughout; .

according to the survey, the mall is the most don’t want to a person of youth to do (45.1%), and then the movies (44.5%), go to KTV to sing (43.2%), the other is in turn: travel or outdoor activities (35.4%), go to a hospital (32.8%), go to the playground (32.8%) and go to the coffee shop (17.8%), etc.

in the mind a man do, 94.2% of people questioned in the ymca because no companions and give up, only 5.8% of people questioned in the youth that does not change the plan.

73.0% of youth think youth groups and other Eat well & throughout; Into question

Cheng He said, she always is when a person to go to a restaurant, & other; Themselves don’t care, the result was the reaction of the people around you embarrassed, but will just make do or some take-away food at home is better than comfortable & throughout; .

& other; Although I can cook, but only me and a dog at home. General home after ordering take-out food, eat while watching TV, feel a little lonely. Throughout the &; Li jie said.

according to the survey, 73.0% of people questioned in the youth think youth groups especially single people, & other; Eat well & throughout; Become a problem.

& other; As the popular & lsquo; Double 11 & rsquo; Holiday, is the young people of loneliness derivatives. By spending to eliminate their own emotions. Throughout the &; Tianjin academy of social sciences, director of the institute of sociology Zhang Baoyi analysis, one is a group of animals, depends on group received psychological bailment and belonging. & other; When a person is always in the condition of only their own life, such as a house in the home, Internet addiction, etc., will be due to the lack of communication and exchanges, increase of loneliness, a person will feel more embarrassed & throughout; .

as to why the youth would not a man to do some things to yourself and 51.8% of youth feel alone sad because certain occasions, 46.1% of people questioned in the youth accustomed & other; Are attached & throughout; , 37.1% of young people don’t think a person with aura, 23.2% of people questioned in the youth truth is afraid of lonely, 9.5% of people questioned in the youth said they introversion, not dare a person to do things.

71.5% of young people think it is necessary to merchants for single diners to adjust restaurant layout

& other; Before have seen a news, Japan many restaurants have a dining room, I think domestic restaurant also can draw lessons from, let us these singles have a comfortable dining space. Can also set a best package, so that a single meal can not only taste delicious food, don’t cause waste. Throughout the &; Cheng He advice.

Zhang Baoyi said that the past & other; Natural to the lonely & throughout; The concept of common. Today, marriage is no longer a standard to assess whether you are happy or not. & other; Abroad, single people are common. In China, especially Beijing, Shanghai, the ratio of single people is higher and higher in big cities. This is the norm of social development, which created the & lsquo; Single economic & rsquo; In the development gradually. Throughout the &; Zhang Baoyi think that single people consumption has become a part of the economic development, and constantly promote the development of social economy. & other; Businesses need to keep pace with The Times, constantly updated concept, better to meet the demand of single people, with high quality, personalized service of consumption, make economic development more diversified, more harmonious & throughout; .

according to the survey, 71.5% of young companies think it is necessary to set up a single repast space, of which 21.5% of surveyed youth think it’s very necessary.

& other; In fact a person also has a lot of fun. Go to the coffee shop reading, their favorite movies alone, if you can into it, it is very easy and comfortable, can’t take a person’s time demonizing. Throughout the &; Li jie said.

Zhang Baoyi argues that individual life is not the true nature of human society, everyone is eager to peer recognition, need to communicate and exchange with like-minded friends. He said that although information age for a person’s life provides many conveniences, but in addition to their specific way of life, the youth need to find a sense of belonging and identity in the society, even a person to also want to actively contact with the outside world, keep communication and contact with society.

youth should be how to deal with some occasions and things all alone? 62.1% of youth suggest that when left alone to enjoy other things as far as possible, and 59.5% of people questioned in the youth should think relaxed mindset, enjoy solitude, 45.8% of people questioned in the youth want a strong heart, learn to be alone.

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