Survey: drink a cup of milk tea is equal to eat 13 sugar cube caffeine equal to 4 cups of coffee

today, CCTV, the weekly quality report for milk tea health index survey. These years high levels of milk tea shop appearance began springing up everywhere, all sorts of brands emerge in endlessly, but journalists in Beijing, Shanghai and other survey found that, unlike bottled drinks, almost all of the system is now selling milk tea on the outer packing has any ingredient or nutrition labeling information. Recently, the Shanghai disappear is protected appoint specially organized a comparison test system is now sold milk tea, now found that there are a number of products there is a big health risks.

for every cup of milk tea sugar 33 g & have spent

added 7 is equal to the sugar cube

the comparative test in Shanghai city 27 milk tea shop to buy the milk tea samples for a total of 51 pieces, basically covers the mainstream system is now on the market to sell milk tea brand of best-selling products, including normal sugar in milk tea has 27 pieces, about 20 of nominal sugar-free milk tea. In the process of the comparison test, first tested the 27 of the nominal normal the total sugar content of the milk tea with sugar.

Shanghai nutrition food quality inspection station testing engineer zhang ping, measured in number one sample, the total sugar content is 13.0 g/100 ml, 470 ml to calculate with a cup of milk tea, the equivalent of this cup of tea with milk contains about 60 grams of total sugar content. DetailPic


60 g how much sugar? Testing personnel with 4.5 g of sugar to the reporter made a demo, the results of the balance to the lump of 13 coincided with nearly 60 g, that is to say as long as the drink this cup of milk tea is equivalent to eat the sugar cube 13.


and the final tested results show that a nominal normal sugar in my tea, on average, every cup of milk tea samples for 33 g sugar content, that is equivalent to the average joined around 7 pieces of sugar. Among them, the nominal person in tea brand pantyhose milk tea cup highest sugar content, 62 g, equivalent to join a lump of sugar; Followed by the nominal full card wonka brand ice milk tea, a single cup for 52 g, sugar content is equivalent to join a lump of sugar; Nominal lele card fukuoka matcha tea, single cup of 51 g sugar content, is also equivalent to join the sugar cube.

in an interview with reporters learned that the Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines (2016) proposed in & other; Every day added sugar intake should be no more than 50 g, the best control under 25 g & throughout; . That is to say, the comparison test of some milk tea, as long as have a drink has exceeded the normal human body added sugar intake throughout the day.


the Chinese nutrition society dietitian Chen Ran said, sugar is a concern of the whole all over the world, eating too much sugar, now the main or causing obesity and tooth decay, these two problems. Obesity, it is more than just size is not very beautiful, at the same time, it also may cause diabetes, all kinds of cardiovascular complications, such as now chronic diseases related to obesity is the high incidence.

20 sugar-free milk tea

measured all do not conform to the relevant standard

reporter noticed that, in order to cater to the needs of consumers to pursue health, there are a lot of milk tea shop also introduced less sugar, sugar free milk tea. In the investigation of disappear is protected appoint consumption habits, the reporter found that 69% of consumers will choose & other; Less sugar & throughout; , & other Low sugar & throughout; Or & other Sugar-free & throughout; Such as sweetness below & other; Normal sugar & throughout; The tea with milk, and 50% of consumers think & other; Sugar-free & throughout; Represents no sugar, suitable for special drink consumption crowd. The comparative test also bought 20 nominal sugar-free milk tea, to detect the content of total sugar, because there was no system to sell milk tea now now & other; Sugar-free & throughout; Standards, the comparison test with reference to the prepackaged drinks standards relating to the sugar-free, which requires a nominal & other; Sugar-free & throughout; Tea drink sugar content should be no higher than 0.5 g/100 ml.

the result after testing, 20 pieces of nominal & other; Sugar-free & throughout; Milky tea samples measured the correlative standards were all higher than the sugar content of less than 0.5 g/100 ml, including nominal lele sugar-free fukuoka matcha tea measured total sugar content of 5 g per one hundred ml, sugar content is 10 times of the upper limit value of reference; Nominal hope Mr Brand sugar-free hope alcohol milk tea measured 3.8 grams per one hundred ml, sugar content is about 7 times of the upper limit value of reference; Nominal xi brand shizuoka sugar-free milk brand matcha tea measured 3.3 grams per one hundred ml, sugar content is about 6 times of the upper limit value of reference. DetailPic


nominal sugar-free, actual testing is not low sugar content? Businessman explains sugar-free just don’t add extra sugar production process. Obviously, the merchant’s cognition and understanding there is obvious deviation between consumers, experts told reporters that the implied the health risks.

nutrition food quality inspection station of Shanghai, vice general manager of Cao Hu jing said, after consumer understanding of this deviation has certain security risks, such as some people think he is diabetic, so a cup of milk tea without sugar, because it is no sugar, no drink, actually may cause certain burden to the body.

some milk tea high caffeine content

children pregnant women to drink falling

the interview process, there are consumers reflect to the reporter after drinking the milk tea will be the status of the palpitation, insomnia, reporters found by searching the similar situation of consumers really many, experts told reporters that this may have a certain relationship with milk tea contains caffeine. The comparison experiment, not only 51 pieces now were all detected in the system now sold milk tea caffeine, and content is high, surprised even the experts expected. DetailPic


Cao Hu jing is introduced: & other; Tea itself contain caffeine, this is more clear. And tea caffeine content of also is not necessarily lower than coffee, this is expected in before, but the end result also startled out of our own, we think of the caffeine content or than we expected, very high. Caffeine is not related to our country a requirement, only inside the additive, as it in the midst of coke add additive words will not more than 150 (mg/l), it is a standard. But it is not a relevant in the inside of other products specification says how much caffeine. Throughout the &;


nutrition experts told reporters that natural caffeine in tea and coffee beans, so widely exists in the caffeine in coffee beans and tea as the raw material made of drinks. Caffeine and caffeine, active material is a kind of spirit, function similar to doping, can accelerate the metabolism of human body, improve the ability of oxygen, normal low dose intake will not pose a threat to health; But rapid excessive intake can cause poisoning, serious when can appear even breathing, circulation failure; People should try to avoid allergic to caffeine intake of caffeine ingredients of food, in addition, pregnant women and children also should be careful when the caffeine.

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