Taking Chinese traditional medicine of Chinese easy liver cancer? Is medicine 3 minutes poison, don’t be fooled!

the original title: Chinese herbal Chinese easy liver cancer? Is medicine 3 minutes poison, don’t be fooled!

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this article reprinted from micro letter no. & other public Outlook & throughout; (ID: OutlookWeekly1981), the original in liaowang, 50, 2017, the original title, rational view of Chinese traditional medicine side effects.

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anhui hefei wang never expected, she spent three hours carefully fleece-flower root of stew chicken soup, incredibly be son out & ndash; & ndash; & other; Tell me son, fleece-flower root causes skin cancer. Throughout the &; Ms. Wang said with a wry smile.

shortly after, authoritative medical journal science translational medicine, according to a paper widely exist in the traditional aristolochic acid ingredients and Asian liver cancer related. For a while, & other; Throughout Chinese native medicine ingredient aristolochic acid & cancer; Statement.

just contain aristolochic acid in fleece-flower root, this is wang fleece-flower root reasons for the chicken soup is son pour out.

we have dispute of traditional Chinese medicine was again pushed to the forefront of public opinion. People can not help but ask: aristolochic acid lead to liver cancer really? Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Ann is not safe? How to think about the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine?

1. & other; Aristolochic acid & cancer throughout; Battle

on October 18, the journal science translational medicine in the form of a cover story published “on the dark side of a herbal & ndash; & ndash; aristolochic acid and its derivatives and liver cancer associated with Taiwan and Asia”. Paper points out that studies have found that through such a means as the gene sequencing of liver cancer cases in Taiwan and mainland China in samples with a special mutation rates as high as 78% and 47%, far more than other countries and regions, the researchers think that the mutation caused by aristolochic acid, so call it & other; Aristolochic acid fingerprint & throughout; .

because of aristolochic acid is one of the common components in Chinese medicinal materials, this paper extracts via the network reproduced, after a lot of the media and even be interpreted as & other; Taking Chinese traditional medicine is Chinese easy liver cancer & throughout; One of the reasons. Without authority to verify a list of proprietary Chinese medicines containing aristolochic acid to rumours. Some people also threw away home for regular proprietary Chinese medicine.

this kind of panic, of course, is unnecessary. The personage inside course of study thinks, although aristolochic acid has the kidney toxicity, carcinogenicity, but carcinogenic with cancer is not the same as the equal sign.

in fact this is not the first time aristolochic acid caused concern:

because previous studies have shown that aristolochic acid has the kidney toxicity, carcinogenicity, in 2008, the international agency for research on cancer (iarc) officially ranked aristolochic acid Ⅰ kind of carcinogen, will aristolochic acid substances listed as Ⅱ carcinogens. In 2012, all classes aristolochic acid substances (including aristolochic acid, containing aristolochic acid compounds and plants) have been upgraded to class Ⅰ carcinogens.

to return to the previous publication by the journal science translational medicine, for its talk of aristolochic acid and liver cancer, the relationship between the experts of China institute of traditional Chinese medicine academy of sciences, said the article mutation is not necessarily caused by aristolochic acid. As early as 1994, authoritative professional magazine “cancer” (Carcinogenesis) is published papers said vinyl chloride can cause the gene mutation, and can lead to liver hemangioma and even liver cancer. In addition, the internationally recognized hepatitis is one of the leading causes of cancer of the liver, and in the papers published in the journal science translational medicine, 98 cases of liver cancer in Taiwan samples only 10 cases of hepatitis b virus infection.

guangzhou jian-nan Chen, a professor at the university of Chinese medicine and the personage inside course of study thinks, at present a lot of Chinese traditional medicine western medicine research, according to the theory of western medicine often only one of the ingredients, it’s not science. Aristolochic acid, for example, all are in the study of the correlation research, and to prove causality aristolochic acid and liver cancer, still need more test data, such as paper didn’t collect cases patients living habits, aflatoxin detection, to whether have hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver and other related information, so the conclusion is not rigorous.

the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau also published responded: according to the epidemiology of big sample, data analysis, Chinese patients with liver cancer is mainly caused by the hepatitis b virus infection, whether to have direct relationship with aristolochic acid, there is no powerful data support directly. They remind patients at the same time, the drug should be used strictly in accordance with the doctors’ prescriptions and the doctor’s advice, pay attention to kidney containing aristolochia genus drug toxicity, carcinogenicity risk, and no drug can large dose, take long time.

aristolochic acid triggered heated debate, suggests we should know the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine scientific propaganda.

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