Tangyuan development brief history: once called “round not fall Angle” filling the retrofit

addition to client on March 2 (Reuters) (reporter ShangGuanYun) Lantern Festival is coming, the market began to appear all sorts of yuanxiao, or tangyuan, people have started to choose according to the taste, while businesses engage to make all kinds of promotional activities. So, do you know why the Lantern Festival to eat dumplings? What a good meaning in it?

the Lantern Festival, also called & other; The Lantern Festival & throughout; Or & other The Lantern Festival & throughout; , its shape in the han dynasty about has been, in the Ming and qing dynasties the Lantern Festival together with the Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn festival is known as the three Chinese folk traditional festival, has been two thousand years of history, the iconic feeding is & other; Tangyuan & throughout; .

according to public information, while in tang and five dynasties, eat on the Lantern Festival & other; Surface cocoon & throughout; & other; Round not fall Angle & throughout; , when the southern song dynasty again & other; Lactose mariko & throughout; , in the “yuanxiao boil float mariko” a poem with & other Star can is in the clouds, floating bead water & throughout; This sentence, the food can be seen as the precursor of the dumplings. When the Ming dynasty, & other; Yuanxiao & throughout; Call is much.

dumplings and yuanxiao production in a different way, yuanxiao is & other; Shake & throughout; Tangyuan is package. Filling can be meat, can be sweet salty, varied, sweet fillings in general such as bean paste, jujube paste, nuts, salty filling generally have fresh diced meat, shrimp, etc.

in addition, still have turnip dumplings, with mustard, Onions, garlic, leek, ginger, said & other; Mixed yuanxiao & throughout; Moral, hard-working, long, upward. Also appeared on the market in recent years, strawberry, mango, durian, flowers, chocolates and other & other; Trendy & throughout; Flavors of dumplings, some merchants even engage introduced don’t need the pot boiled frozen fruit yuanxiao.

recalls a Lantern Festival when I was a child, glockenspiel said home in nanjing, nanjing yuanxiao, tangyuan call it have, line is not so obvious, is wrapped dumplings to eat as a child.

& other; When it comes to the near the Lantern Festival, ready to face, filling. To be a little bit and take boiled water with noodles, water first. Throughout the &; Glockenspiel, said every package dumplings family particularly happy, & other; Filling pattern is very much also, traditional tastes pure sesame, bean paste, meat, vegetables, later also use sugar plus suet, peanuts and brown sugar, delicious & throughout; .

how to eat dumplings? Many people might say & other; Cook & throughout; , in fact, there are methods such as steam, Fried, Fried to eat, also delicious. Glockenspiel, said Fried oil flooded tangyuan, directly put born wrapped dumplings into the frying pan, gently turn, wait until golden brown can scoop out, & other; Sometimes Fried dumplings will drum up a cake of, tastes crispy, delicious & throughout; .

& other; Tangyuan shape similar to the moon, a symbol of reunion, geely, therefore, eat tangyuan represents hope family reunion, harmony happy desire. Throughout the &; Folk experts Gao Wei explains, whether called dumplings or yuanxiao, either way, depended on the good will of people in the future life. (glockenspiel is not her real name) (the)

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