Taojiang county of clustering tuberculosis deal with the persons responsible public health events

since August of this year, taojiang fourth middle school found tuberculosis epidemic, to November 17, tuberculosis confirmed cases have been found 29 cases, 5 cases were suspected cases, preventive medication 38 cases. In October this year to now, our taojiang county vocational technical secondary school found eight students diagnosed with tuberculosis cases. By the state department of health and family planning commission, ministry of health and family planning commission of hunan province confirmed that this was a clustering tuberculosis public health events. Taojiang county department of health and family planning bureau, taojiang county bureau of education, taojiang county vocational technical secondary school, taojiang county center for disease control and prevention, the relevant person in charge of taojiang county fourth middle school of poor organization control, the clustering in taojiang county tuberculosis responsible for public health events.

on November 21, 2017, the county party committee standing committee decided to make county health and family planning bureau de-sheng zhou of party secretary, director; Dismissed party secretary, director of the county education bureau zhi-gang huang; From king county public health and family planning bureau cloud full party member and deputy director of the office; From the county education bureau FuZhuYing party member and deputy director of the office; Zhang county center for disease control and prevention, rich and strong (powerful), the director of the office; Wear a wave of county education committee, vice secretary of the superintendent, director of the county people’s government office (county vocational technical secondary school former party secretary and the principal); Also suggested that the county education committee remove “from the county, the fourth middle school party secretary of the department, the principal position. Taojiang county commission for discipline inspection and supervision will be further investigated according to regulation in accordance with the law, convergence outbreak of tuberculosis in the disposal of malfeasance behavior in the present work shall be dealt with harshly.

at present, in health and family planning commission and yiyang city, hunan province under the guidance of experts, taojiang clustering tuberculosis disposal work solidly orderly public health events. Taojiang county and the county government requirements, the treatment of infected students, at all costs to ensure a quick return to good health; Contact closely monitoring and screening the crowd, pays special attention to the prevention and control management; In a timely manner to the public epidemic dynamic and disposal, strengthen TB prevention science popularization.

earlier reports: tuberculosis shadow 364 class

reporter/Cheng Liwen, jie-qiong liu

edit/hsien-feng lee, jian-hua song

delta classmate in the hospital

the evening of August 6, 4 364 classes, make three boys drop out of school at the same time with the dangerous strain of tuberculosis.

when the news spread in the third year arts eugenics class, also not detect the seriousness of the matter, feel some novel and fun, even envy them to come home.

after the class students who had symptoms of cough, want to ask for leave to the hospital inspection. At that time, the teacher in charge also think it’s & other; Small cold & throughout; , didn’t give students a better leave.

nobody expected, this & other; Small cold & throughout; Symptoms began to spread, never leave students left school.

on August 10th, school for 364 students of class collective blood test, find out 7 cases of tuberculosis. As of November 16, hunan health development planning commission, found a total of 29 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis confirmed cases and 5 cases of suspected cases, while 38 students of preventive medicine, a total of 72 students for treatment and management.

& other; Peach four 0806 & throughout;

364 classmates, will the tuberculosis, privately called & other; Peach four 0806 & throughout; .

it is starting from August 6th, the whole class did not notice the tuberculosis disease.

in the evening, the head teacher Yi Yue new approached three boys, and called them to the office. , the class recalls, the three boys had eaten several months of medicine, also after class by the teacher in charge in spite of the praise. But because of privacy, most people have never asked about specific condition.

no one feel strange, guess three people may be called in to carry the new books. But night lessons haven’t class is over, three people back to the classroom and began to pack up and go home, take the news to spread.

doubt spread in the heart of the students. Break, we talk together, have know classmates said, they had tuberculosis.

& other; Don’t think that’s wrong, it is a bit strange. Throughout the &; Chen Chang deskmate found tuberculosis in January this year, ferial li of eggplant, ginger and other food taboos. & other; He has been to go to school, did not drop out of school. Throughout the &; In Chen Chang view, if the illness spread and serious enough, the school won’t allow him to continue to class.

but in the next few days time, one after another in the class three symptoms of cough, take some off almost every day. Originally, the classroom, home to 89 people were even rows of tables filled with walking. Nowadays, a lot of place was empty.

memories, according to a number of students, the school of disinfection measures from August 8 or so. After four classes in the morning, there will be a few simple dress in their 50 s and 60 s grandpa, carrying farm spray insecticide machine, spraying disinfectant on every corner in the classroom.

bus the smell of disinfectant in the air, at noon, the students on potions flavor is very thick nap on the desk. Night lessons class, the school will arrange smoked smoke wormwood disinfection again.

since then, the introduction of tuberculosis prevention and control of data distributed to students. Learned that the disease is severe infectious diseases, the rest of the students began to no class, strong tension, the atmosphere of fear.

Chen Chang is not exceptional also, a few cases of tuberculosis after exposure in the class, he suddenly think of more than a month ago, they have a inspiratory chest pain, cough, didn’t pay attention at the time, but now, he is pressing for a check-up.

test results showed that Chen Chang had punched out tuberculosis. Mother can’t accept this fact, take him to another hospital, review of the condition was confirmed again.

Chen Chang also out of school in August. So far, his lungs already had more than ten holes.

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