Taxi drivers for rescuing coma young children in a flashing red light soared

& other; My car has a couple with a child in a coma, want to go to binjiang provincial son, if not rushed to the hospital as soon as possible, the child might have dangerous life, I can ask the traffic police to help. Throughout the &; This is the xiasha bus taxi drivers of zhejiang ATB328 Wang Jile call to the police for help.

at 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, left and right sides, the door of the taxi driver Wang Jile in xiasha run run shaw hospital has received a single trip to binjiang save his hospital, & other; At that time, I saw the couple’s arms is a little more than 1 year old girl, very impatiently say their children in a coma, begged me to help them to a big hospital. Throughout the &; Wang Jile said, because the day afternoon peak, road traffic some, ihave to one thousand, perhaps children there will be dangerous, so he hurriedly call contact the traffic police department to quote for the event.

next, Wang Jile with double jump lights & other; all the way Hurricane & throughout; To get the family, with the fastest speed to the hospital. Get off the bus, the passengers take out money to pay the fare, Wang Jile politely refused, just tell them, children matter, quickly go to the doctor. Thought Wang Jile escort the procedure, said he opened a taxi, so many years almost no illegal driving on the way at ordinary times, this time some illegal driving, also ran a red light, but he does not regret, after all, save first.

the reporter learned from the traffic police department, if is because drive escort emergency patients and other special circumstances, on the road by digital capture, relevant departments can according to the hospital and police station proof, the digital capture of illegal driving ticket to cancel.

our reporter Hu Shirui

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