Tea scale enemy is health?

tea is second only to the popular drink of coffee. If you drink tea, will notice the cups, teapot walls left in the dark brown tea scale. People love drinking tea called the tea scale & other; Tea & throughout; , like an antique patina, & other; Three points without tea fragrance & throughout; . But rumours that tea scale, there are a lot of heavy metal and nitrite, if not to clean off may be hazardous to health, there are even & other Tea is not washing of cups, yan to push our lives & throughout; The claim. What tea scale? Will not harmful to health?

mainly tea polyphenols in tea scale (for figure/visual China)

once view, the dirt is calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate precipitation (scale) adsorption of theaflavins, tea red pigment, etc. Another view is that the beverage surface formation of floater is wax on the surface of the tea. In fact, these claims are wrong. Experimental results show that the main components of the tea scale is tea polyphenols, a small amount of metal ions, involved in the formation of the dirt. More because of the green tea polyphenols, so it is easier to form the dirt, and fermented by the depth of black tea, black tea tea scale is less. Of course, different types of tea tea scale have the similar composition.

tea scale is produced under the action of tea polyphenols in air oxidation of polymer, thus formed near the water line and attached on the inner wall of the container. Research shows that with the extension of time, the dirt in the polymer molecular weight increases gradually, which means that the polymerization of polyphenols in slowly. Therefore, the longer you make tea tea scale is not easy to remove.

there is no heavy metal element

overnight tea surface often has a layer of the beverage with metallic & other; The oil film & throughout; There are some heavy metals, let a person think. Deposited from the beverage tea scale, however, turned around and release of heavy metals into the tea liquor, that in itself is not logical. In fact, the composition of the membrane and the dirt on the glass, there is no obvious difference, is also mainly tea polyphenols polymer, but it does contain a small amount of metal ion. Element analysis showed that most of the dirt component is carbon, oxygen, from polyphenol polymers, there are also a small amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, zinc, selenium and other elements. Metal elements mainly carbonate does not dissolve in water or hydroxyl form, including calcium tea scale formation is the main promotion factors, mainly from the soaking water. The heavy metal pollutants such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury is not tea scale of main metal elements, so people don’t have to worry about drinking tea.

cover with lid can reduce the dirt form

although tea scale does not affect a cup of tea, also won’t cause harm to health, but there are a lot of people think the dirt make cups seem to be very dirty, so hope the dirt less, try the following method.

first, timely cleaning after tea is the most effective way to reduce the dirt deposition, if always overnight tea, tea scale inevitably form & other; Wrapped slurry & throughout; .

second, under the condition of alkaline tea polyphenol oxidation speed is accelerated, the formation of tea scale increase, so the tea when put a slice of lemon can reduce the formation of the dirt. Foreign researchers found that a bubble is formed by a bag of tea tea scale than a bubble bag or two, five bags don’t form a bubble tea scale, it is probably because the tea polyphenols make tea liquor pH value decreased.

third, calcium ions are the key elements of form the dirt, so the more water & other Hard & throughout; Tea scale, the scale and with the formation of purified water to make tea tea will be a lot less. Fourth, tea scale generation is exposed to air depends mainly on the beverage area, so the quantity of big scale formation of tea cups will be some more, cover the lid can also reduce the tea scale formation. After watching these, must have a lot of people can not to wash the cup. If you still want to remove the dirt, how about it, but don’t put your recommended the tea rub off.

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