The 17-year-old is constipated The doctor diagnosed home after the accidental death


 young constipated death


on February 6, 2018, a 17-year-old from south wales recently body unwell, went to the hospital after checking the diagnosis of constipation. Unexpected is, less than 24 hours after an unexpected death.

the boy named jack & middot; Dunn, the day before the incident, he was feeling upset stomach, then go to the doctor for help. After a simple examination, the doctor prescribed some laxative, then let him go back and have a good sleep.

unfortunately, his father found the next day, jack had died in his sleep.

it turns out that jack died of a disease called ketoacidosis, the disease can cause the acidity in the blood increases.

in fact, on the day of jack to go to a doctor, the doctor has found that he has some difficulty in breathing, and almost difficult to can’t walk. But doctors still believe that jack is because thought he must be in hospital, leading to a little nervous.

& quot; In my life, nothing is found that his son died in the home, worse time. If the doctor can do more physical, to him it may save his life. & quot; He said his father.

alert signal of long-term constipation disease cure likely & other Poisoning & throughout;

constipation is one of the characterization of various diseases, occasionally is a warning sign from intestinal constipation, but if the long-term constipation died may & other Poisoning & throughout; , not only can increase the liver burden, but also can harm the elderly people with disease of heart head blood-vessel.

the expert reminds: treating constipation must grab from fountainhead, the intestines and stomach, clear material, don’t rely too much on laxatives or health food.

excessive force defecation may induce heart disease

the doctor George as mentioned in the book, elvis Presley on August 16, 1977 was found passed out in the bathroom, after rushed to the hospital first aid, died of a heart attack caused by rhythm of a serious disorder, just 42 years old. But it was not until an autopsy, he didn’t know elvis have very serious constipation problem: elvis Presley’s colon and diameter is 2 times that of the ordinary people!

from elvis Presley, the private doctors speculated that makes sense, elvis Presley is likely to die of true because shit problem! Death is not a fable for chronic constipation. Stool stem node cause bowel problems, cause abdominal pressure, high blood pressure, cause angina pectoris, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, etc. He pointed out that our country comedian racing season also died in the toilet, the cause of death is forcibly defecate leads to heart attack. In addition, the serious constipation also can cause acute intestinal wall necrosis, rupture, perforation, torsion, serious when also can death-dealing.

to pull out, a lot of problems to follow

with a big belly of ms liu, not to keep stomach content, but to remove abdomen; And her belly is not a baby, but full of shit. She nearly 50 years, chronic constipation has followed her for decades. A few years ago, constipation is not so serious, she makes do by snacking on some laxative defecation. Not long ago, for three consecutive months not defecate, full of shit in the large intestine is hard as a rock. At the same time, the suffering of constipation, let her in the midst of a severe anxiety. Because there is no way to conservative treatment, leading doctors only for her remove the entire large intestine. Postoperatively, according to the doctor at ms liu e. almost have thick thighs, is that not long row feces into this.

jie director, told reporters that the problem of constipation can be very serious, in addition to the dead, the common or long-term health effects. Patients with chronic constipation, can cause a series of physical and mental health problems. First of all, constipation cause abdominal distension, digestive function will be damaged. Second, it can aggravate the disease, let the heart cerebrovascular disease severity to development, because forcibly defecate can aggravate the burden of heart. Again, shit accumulation in intestines, long time not discharge, waste residue will decompose in intestines and produce benzene, ammonia, etc have carcinogenic effect of chemical composition. Finally, constipation for patients also have psychological impact, easy to cause anxiety, depression and other psychological problems, and the anxiety, the more difficult it is to pull move bowels, & other; Two-thirds of obstinate constipation patients have psychological problems. Throughout the &; Jie, director of the said.

constipation treatment is unsustainable because not value

& other; To deal with constipation, the first to value it! Throughout the &; Jie director said, many people only focus on how to eat, but I do not focus on how to defecate, therefore, when he has constipation, also taken for granted, until the development to the severity to cure, the conservative treatment effect is not ideal. He suggested that once poor bowel movements or have constipation problems, had better look for a specialist to carry on the diagnosis and treatment, do not use drug blindly.

& other; Many drugs with what is effectively a once in a while, but the long-term use of not only side effect, and can be null and void due to drug resistance. Throughout the &; Specification of the conservative treatment is very important to block the vicious cycle of constipation, experienced doctors will tell patients how to diet and exercise, to deal with early constipation. & other; A reasonable and balanced diet, not partial eclipse, not too much, properly exercise again, these are against constipation is effective and convenient method. Throughout the &; Jie director said, there were many help defecation food, have more fiber, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, sesame seeds, mushrooms, konjac, sweet potato is defecate food.

once the situation didn’t improve, the majority of patients with constipation can still through drug treatment to improve constipation. The constipation phenomenon is very serious, can only use surgery, for partial or total removal of the large intestine.

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