The 36-year-old woman when grandma hobby fitness guide on the man to marry him



comprehensive report 】 【 the web, according to the daily mail reported on February 11, recently, a 36-year-old woman like our sun, become the most attractive & other; My grandmother & throughout; . She rose to fame in social media, received many requests to marry him.

36, kelly & bull; Hilton (Carrie  Hilton) for 17 year old daughter recently Clarice starling (Clarice) to fame. Because clarice just gave birth to a lovely daughter Jessica (Jessica), which allowed as bolton media marketing manager kelly is likely to become Britain’s youngest grandmother.

kelly gave birth to a daughter at the age of 18 clarice. So when that 17 year old daughter is about to production, she was not too surprising. & other; Clarice will be fine, because I’m probably at this age gave birth to her, and so did my mother Joe (Jo), we are now the body is very good. Throughout the &; She said.


popular on the Internet, kelly received from Spain, Turkey, Greece and even direct messages from many men in Thailand. She said: & other; I’ve got a lot of admirers. Most of them are required to go out with me, and even some people asked me to marry him. Throughout the &; Although kelly already has a boyfriend, but she hopes the courtship information can let her boyfriend stay alert, make he care more about her. & other; All the men of messages is very interesting, but I, after all, is already a grandmother! Throughout the &; She says with a laugh.

the 36-year-old young & other; My grandmother & throughout; Was a black belt in tae kwon do master, she has 6 times to play for England. She was filled with enthusiasm for tae kwon do, she will exercise in the kitchen, and taekwondo lessons go to 5 times a week. But now, she hopes to use his fame to become a lingerie model, with the same age women and the pursuit of excellence. To that end, she spent about 13000 pounds (about 114000 yuan) for breast implants and hair implants. (internship compilation: Cheng Yurong review: zhu library) & have spent

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