The albino boy suffered mocking successfully counter attack into a fashion model



as the web comprehensive coverage 】 【 black was born with white skin, how did this happen? According to England “daily mail” reported on February 8, the UK, a black man when it was born with albinism, have a white skin, for which he suffered peers mocked, has finally been fashion, modeling, fashion industry a new star.

22, Leo & bull; Jonah (Leo Jonah) was born in London, from birth he didn’t less dei albino monk stalks the streets of Rome is mocked by their peers. This due to the pigments in skin, hair and eye all or part of the loss caused by the disease, make Leo at birth have a white skin, leading to its and their peers, even drew criticism of the students. , usually albino is a rare genetic disease, if both parents with albino gene, children with such a gene probability for a quarter. From Britain’s national health service system, according to data from every 17000 britons have an albino. The most surprising is that the brothers and sisters in all three people with albinism, and in 1997 and so on the news headlines.

referring to the experiences of childhood, Leo said that period is very difficult, a took to the streets in dispute with others, almost no one day is the exception. For the growing pains, Leo recalls: & other; When I was a child, I always say if I don’t have this kind of disease that much good, because when I grow up I won’t because of this natural symptoms of ridicule, my life is also more simple & throughout; . DetailPic


his mother (Faith) also said: with Faith & other; My first child was born in 1992, when the chance is about 5000000th of a dei albino monk stalks the streets of Rome, so imagine how complex, our mood, of course, I was told that won’t happen again the same thing, but I still have the second and third child dei albino monk stalks the streets of Rome. I like isolated, the people around me, I don’t know what to do. As a parent, the mood is more complicated, but I can’t be beat, had to try to ignore the gossip, if you don’t do it, will only make yourself more and more frustrated. Throughout the &;

however, when a company to discover him, all this happened the earth-shaking change. Due to the industry needs a variety of different models, Leo’s unique appearance became the assassin’s mace. Now he is able to accept their appearance and proud: & other; This profession has been sustained me and pushing me forward. I’m very well, very like the look of the now, won’t because the appearance and inferiority. Throughout the &;

so far, Ferdinand has landed on the London fashion week, Vogue Russia version as well as the “hunger” fashion magazine, in a lot of artists music video production. In addition, in 2017, by the well-known photographer andrey (Andrea Zvadova) camera a group of photos about Leo also reached the UK’s largest exhibition & ndash; & ndash; & other; The portrait & throughout; . (internship compilation: Luo Qi review: zhu library)

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