The barber transform method for autistic children barber gained widespread praise

the web comprehensive coverage 】 【 according to the British “daily mail” reported on November 9, for most people, to relax to go to the barber shop can be a good opportunity, but for families with autism, but may make it feel more pressure. Wales britten ferri barber James for the children in the process of cutting, often can feel these little guests of anxiety and discomfort, in 2015, he gave a little in the process of cutting, he waited until the children’s attention was on the ground of the mobile phone after the draw, just on the ground for children haircut, he the moment was captured and Shared on the network, and caused a great sensation.

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the incident incentive he launched a new service, in every Sunday for children with autism haircut, he would give each child 1 hours of free time, they no longer feel limited by the chair. He explains that children with autism have perceived problems, many of them don’t like to be touched or cut their hair. He gave the children in the process of cutting, so as to adapt to different children with a lot of different skills, such as often use counting method to give the child a haircut, every cut a knife, was for the first time, sometimes use it to distract their attention. He sometimes shuttle for autistic children cut and across the country will have earned money to a local children’s charity.

James and the other for autistic children cut recently took a called & other people together Please let me walk into your & throughout; Good small video. He said he can do something very meaningful not only for the children, and is also helpful for their families, he will always stick to it. (internship compilation: Shi Huan review: zhu library)

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