“The beginning of winter, winter tonic. Mouth empty”! Diet aftercare need to follow the principle of 1

in the November 7 to 8 every year, the sun located at longitude 225 degrees, is the beginning of winter. The expert reminds, after the beginning of winter, the temperature fluctuation is frequent, often the clothes, prevent colds. In addition, the overall dry weather, should drink water more, eat more functions of food.

the beginning of winter (for figure/visual China)

folk have been & other; The beginning of winter, winter tonic. Mouth empty & throughout; , etc. Suitable in cold weather, people eat more warm tonic food. Diet nursing aspects should follow & other; Eat less cold & throughout; Principles, but also shoulds not be too much eat hot thing in the world, is a target to eat some ziyin latent Yang and high heat warm meals, such as beef and mutton, chicken, crucian carp, soya-bean milk, milk, at the same time also want to eat more fresh vegetables, such as carrots, vegetables, etc., in order to avoid the lack of vitamins.

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