The Beijing health planning commission: 16 street collection points will increase this year

the Beijing development planning commission recently issued, decided in February 10, stop to full support to donate blood, blood to adjust in accordance with law, to ensure the safety of clinical use. The news, in patients and medical institutions caused a certain degree of concern. Spokesman said yesterday, the Beijing Red Cross blood center, mutual blood donation form once let criminals drill loophole, for security risks, blood is the right decision. Next, the city will increase through the streets of blood collection point, strengthen groups recruiting blood donation, strengthening the linkage, beijing-tianjin-hebei, Hong Kong and blood supply.

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stop mutual aid does not affect the medical use blood donation

mutual blood donation is not uncommon in the hospital. To guarantee citizens the need of clinical emergency blood use, in a long time in the past, when blood shortages, national mobilization in patients with relatives and friends, work unit and social mutual aid to donate blood.

& other; Over the years, mutual blood gradually exposed some problems in the process of operation. Throughout the &; The spokesman said, such as the patient’s family and friends, colleagues, range is very large, it is difficult to use the corresponding certificates to prove the relationship between each other. In the face of patients with blood use demand, some criminals and gaming profit, also led to the blood head blood industrial chain, etc. The government halted with blood business phenomenon of mutual aid, the blood donation is the right decision. Because blood business will bring blood transfusion safety risk, the risk of infection in patients with greatly increased, at the same time, the blood for interests between head for turf also brings other social security problems.

in recent three years, the city’s average annual amount of CaiGongXie around 140 tons, is 700000 units. Last year, lost in this city of red blood cells, platelets and plasma of patients for 430000 people. Mutual proportion in improving blood donation, also from the 2% to 2% to 21% last year.

after mutual halt blood donation, will affect the blood supply of the city? To this, the spokesman said that the city was set on February 10 suspended mutual blood donation, fully considering the surgery hospital blood characteristics. Usually a week before the Spring Festival holiday, as people are home for the holiday, in addition to the emergency room, hospital, he will decline, the corresponding YongXieLiang will decline. After the holiday, people will go out into the streets, street blood collecting vehicle volume will rise. Blood inventory is enough for the time being, will not affect the overall operation of the medical institution.

xidan new blood collection point to enable this week

the reporter understands, in the past, with 35 to 40 in pursuance of the city every day at work. Last year, because of some blood closure, migration, a direct result of the year by HP a guide-by less than in 2016, 100000 units.

, for example, the wangfujing bookstore before blood collecting vehicle because the subway was stopped; Qianmen street collection points, for the local restore its crescent waterscape or metres east, results in HP falling by half every day.

& other; Voluntary unpaid blood donation must be quick and easy, if the masses don’t feel convenient, this part of the blood donation population is easily lost. Throughout the &; The spokesman said, was shut down last year in the xidan in pursuance of this two days can others. The new site is located in the China unicom building gate at xidan blood, the geography position is very good, a day after opened is expected to adopt and bags of blood.

it is understood that the city planning new blood collection point about 16 this year, mainly in the large transport hub layout and other crowded city strip. Now the task is set to the district government. As blood collection point, adjustment and recovery, new CaiGongXie quantity this year the city will have bigger difference.

advance group recruit blood donation

in the future, the city will also intensify groups recruiting blood donation, called for the group and organization more units to participate in unpaid blood donation, efforts to improve group the proportion of blood donation.

the news spokesman said CaiGongXie affected by climate factors, municipal reform, if want to reduce the influence factors, strengthen group blood donation is the important development trend of the future. & other; Unit groups donating blood is not in the past 20 years ago, must be on the premise of voluntary blood donors, take appropriate way forward. In the volunteer recruitment, etc., can also provide policy support through legislation, at least to allow our staff can access to the relevant units for publicity of blood donation without compensation. Throughout the &;

the reporter understands, at present this city of about 2000 groups of blood donation unit, the number is still in a modest increase year by year, including the state organs, state-owned enterprises, colleges and universities, township and village community, private enterprises, joint ventures, etc., in the future, the city will also further develop more social groups to join strength.

or local blood donation will introduce regulations

at present, the city is trying to push the “Beijing the measures for the administration of blood donation to ascend into in the Beijing area of local laws and regulations. The spokesman, & other; We’re not going to give blood donors legislation, but to give relevant government departments, blood services, medical institutions and social legislation related departments, such as the governments at various levels shall establish blood collection points set up some requirements. Throughout the &;

spokesman said, to increase the participation of blood donors, social care is necessary, for example, some provinces and cities to blood donors introduced some free government public services, such as park, to take public transportation or physical examination, a related blood donation certificate free enjoy, & other; But must be good balance between paid and unpaid scale, as well as to provide its service to blood donors, and will not make them in order to benefit to donate. Throughout the &;

blood tense situation will issue warning

stop mutual after donating blood, from the city of the future supply of blood, relatively trouble is platelets. This city is expected to platelet gap in about 10% of the time.

& other; In general, as long as there is 1% of the people to donate blood, a region can basically meet the demand of the local blood. Throughout the &; The spokesman, Beijing’s situation is special, difficult patients are willing to to big cities to see the doctor, YongXieLiang is too big, and the half blood used in nonlocal patients from all over the country. & other; Hope Beijing can establish normal blood regulating mechanism in the future. Throughout the &;

the reporter understands, at the end of last year, blood networked management information system of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, blood mix between places has very smooth, but as a result of blood demand is big, can allocate space is relatively small.

in addition, as to cancel the mutual response of clinical blood use management after blood donation, the city health development planning commission said to improve medical institutions and blood services blood warning linkage. In pursuance of a difficult time or sudden public events, natural disasters, the city will be to early warning of possible blood tense situation, and in accordance with the damage degree, degree of emergency and development situation, determine the red, orange, yellow, blue, four alert level.

& other; Early warning is the main standard of blood stocks to what extent, & throughout; The news spokesman said, after a blood warning, clinical use of medical institutions to ensure the critical rescue under the condition of blood, according to the blood resource support capability, combined with clinical practical work, reasonable regulation and control, blood and other Our bottom line is first aid medical institutions must make the pledge that we, maternal and children’s blood must ensure that emergency emergency rescue use must be guaranteed. Throughout the &; (reporter liu huan)

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