The Beijing three xinjiang doctor, made a surgery of 4000 kilometers across

the original title: the Beijing three xinjiang doctor, had a 4000 km across surgery

Beijing jishuitan hospital bone surgery, Uighur summer to mention the doctor’s force is under the guidance of the navigation equipment, a scoliosis correction surgery with rapt attention.

in is famous for the orthopaedic Beijing jishuitan hospital, the operation is very ordinary, extraordinary, is the story behind this surgery.

this is from a year ago.

& have spent A year ago & have spent

a year ago, as the eighth batch of xinjiang doctor in Beijing, at jishuitan hospital orthopedic surgeon, force summer, came to the 4000 kilometers of hotan region people’s hospital, began a period of one year of xinjiang.

here, the force of the accumulation of years of experience unreservedly taught hetian hospital bone 2 families and colleagues.

won’t do the surgery, a little teaching, equipment is not complete, buy one by one and one year, the force of hotan fills a bone 2 of hospital and a void.

in xinjiang is coming to an end at work, the force met the 11-year-old girl gini Tulsa.

at that time, the target of the parents heard of a local hospital to a Beijing orthopaedic surgeons, and immediately took her two daughters rush over.

to meet target, by asking the history, understands the force, a few years ago, the target’s parents found daughter of abnormal body — she is not only not long tall, emerged in the shoulders, chest back projection and strange symptoms. Is more terrible, as the growth of the age, the situation is becoming more and more serious…

listened to the description of the target parents, coupled with years of clinical experience, the push off: the emergence of the anomaly target body is likely to be due to spinal scoliosis.

scoliosis, namely the spine to the lateral bending – normal spinal look from the front is straight, and spinal scoliosis patients look from the front is the letter “C” or “S” shape.

as a result of human spine is a three-dimensional structure, look from the 3 d, the rotation of the scoliosis with spinal structure, is a kind of 3 d spinal deformity.

however, the target is for scoliosis, side-bending what is the real cause behind, also need to do physical examination and imaging examination to clear step by step.

physical examination

with this kind of speculation, the force on target a careful physical examination, including observation of the shape and the nervous system.

in the process of examination, he discovered that target the shoulders and protrusion deformity after thoracic asymmetry, chest, back, bend forward when the “razor” – the typical characteristics of scoliosis.

razor back sketch

previous inference on examination results confirms the force – the target of spinal scoliosis. But scoliosis is a kind of symptoms, more to the point, is to find out the causes behind the symptoms.

imaging examination

in order to further find out the truth of target scoliosis, ilham tohti did for her standing over the spine X-ray examination.

from X-ray film you can see that the target of the spine has obvious lateral bending.

from subsequent inspection and can clearly see that the target of the spine in a piece of the extra bones.

this excess bone between the two vertebral bodies, formed in the red circle is half vertebral deformity, embryonic spinal vertebral dysplasia and cause of spinal deformity.

truth, caused the original target of is the cause of scoliosis and half vertebral deformity.

clear etiology, the next step is how to treat the problem.


because the target age small, skeletal maturity is low, therefore, as the growth of the age, can accentuate her spine and bending stiffness. Along the way, will not only cause severe torso deformity,, in turn, affects the lung function and cardiac function, and even can lead to paraplegia.

therefore, it is necessary to take measures as soon as possible, stop the progress of the lateral bending, as much as possible to balance the spine and reduce to inhibit the growth of the spine and thoracic. & have spent

half vertebral resection, is currently the half vertebral malformation is the most ideal method. & have spent

but the operation is complicated, juggle is likely to hurt nerve, hotan hospital does not have the operation condition, ensure the safety of the target.

the force would get these cases tell target mother , the middle-aged mother was so excited. With faith in the force doctor, she sold the house in the home, borrowed money, and resolutely follow the force came to Beijing.

& have spent 4000 kilometers across surgery

the lens back to before the surgery, surgery is the little girl target spinal deformity.

five hours, finally successfully completed the surgery, look at the situation stable target, the force of a heart of hanging down.

since the target to the hospital, the mother and daughter from the hospital to the preoperative examination, the force will always accompany in their side, and personally as a target for the machine operation across thousands of miles.

on the third day, postoperative target can have walked slowly under the help of others.


spine was transformed from the start of the serious of the protruding after normal physiological curvature after correction.

contrast before and after correction

(right) after (left) before orthodontic correction

next, target just rest home, can be recovered.

and when the force would be discharged the news to target mom, just still immersed in the joy of the mother was made.

originally, brought from home money, spent almost, they couldn’t have raised the money to go home.

to see two people to follow their all the way to the Beijing, the force in the mind is very not the taste… so he out of their own pockets, for they bought the ticket back to hotan.

by ticket, take the force of the simple mother SOB to say a word, all into the eyeful tears of gratitude.

meanwhile, another idea also quietly initiation in the heart of the force…

& have spent The distant care

leave tense operating table, & have spent home, sober doctor immediately to a loving father and gentle husband.

home from that day on, the young daughter irina gelling dad, let him play games with.

one year not to go home, can eat a wife home-cooked meal, is the biggest happiness at the moment.

and thoughts in the heart, let the force , in the face of the immediate family members always do not know how to speak.

originally, although the force has left and returned to Beijing, but for hotan hospital ever paid work, some things always exists in the heart.

at the beginning to leave Iraq force hotan, there are a lot of patients are saving money waiting for him back surgery. Local colleagues also said a lot of time with him, “if you can stay another year, a lot of us there is no master technology, can be quite solid some…”

looked at distances to follow their target of mother and daughter were about to leave to Beijing, the force that faint heart care also clear away…

a few times, finally established the determination, and the force of worried about the distance, let him no longer hesitate.

“, in this life there is always one or two things, is worth you to do it with no regret.” When it comes to this section of the journey, the force said flatly, eyes however firmly.

the day before departure, looked at his mother helped my father pack, naive thought, the daughter of the family are going to travel, and simply work again, she also don’t know at this time, my father is leaving tomorrow. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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