The benefits of eating grapefruit baby more than two kinds of baby can eat grapefruit

Parents know that every day to give the baby to eat the right amount of fruit to supplement the baby vitamins, but parents may not know to eat fruit to pay attention to eat more seasonal fruits, grapefruit is now listed season, give the baby eat Point grapefruit it. What are the benefits of eating grapefruit?

Baby eat grapefruit benefits

1, thirst, laxative

In addition to nutrients, grapefruit’s medicinal value is quite high. Grapefruit taste a little acid, is a cold fruit, thirst quencher, Huatanzhike, bowel purge effect, can help treat baby constipation, chronic cough, asthma and phlegm. If the baby stool is very dry, you can eat grapefruit, laxative effect can be achieved.

2, the treatment of diabetes

Grapefruit contains potassium, so grapefruit is cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients, kidney disease patients ideal diet fruit, especially grapefruit contains insulin-like ingredients, but also the ideal food for diabetic patients, it is in the prevention of diabetes, but also help diabetes Patients with delayed complications, children with diabetes can eat grapefruit.

These two babies can eat grapefruit

1, cough baby eat grapefruit

If the baby usually cough often and sputum, then the mother can give children eat grapefruit, because citron has the effect of lungs and cough, can effectively help children relieve cough symptoms. Mother can peel grapefruit first, and then scallops, white fungus, honey into the pot to cook, and then give the children to eat. Grapefruit juice stewed sweet and fragrant, children will like it very much.

2, constipation children eat grapefruit

In the dry autumn and winter, get angry is the most annoying thing people, of course, children are no exception. Plus if you often eat often greasy food will make children constipation, so mum should often give children eat grapefruit. Grapefruit is a cold fruit, you can get rid of the child’s internal heat, stomach digestion, to help children digest food.

Baby eat grapefruit practice

1, grapefruit mango sago

Ingredients: grapefruit 1, mango 1, sago amount.

Approach: ① mango peeled to the nucleus, the flesh blender labeled mud, grapefruit split into silk.

② into the water under the sago boiling pot, spoon delay extension of a direction to prevent sticky paste pot, turn the fire simmer for 20 minutes, remove the sago visible appearance transparent, but there are larger white spots. Too cold water to be taken to drain at room temperature, spare.

③ re-cooked sago into the pot, add some formula.

④ After the warm mango mud and grapefruit meat added, stir well.