The Chinese cancer patients service upgrade report released

respect and realize the value of patients and healthy people, the core is the world’s health care system reform. On November 16th, during the period of the eighth gain new summit, caixin media & bull; Health point, a think-tank in Beijing held a & other; Peak value of 2017 Chinese medical BBS & throughout; , with a broad range of social reputation, medicine, business, science and other leaders from all walks of life around & other; The value of medical & throughout; This theme, based on the needs of patients and healthy people, the more topics to explore, to introduce the global forward-looking perspective, analytical industry the latest trend, from the technical side, payment side, the service side, management, and different aspects, such as exploring many path and pattern to improve medical and health services. As one of the important issues of this BBS, the Chinese cancer patients service upgrade report at the meeting were released and interpretation, people from all walks of life by roundtable discussion concerning the requirement of the report found that patients with the innovative solutions discussed.

value of China’s medical peak BBS launch ceremony

value of medical practice need to focus on the needs of patients. In 2017, the national health and family planning commission of China’s population of propaganda and education center to guide and bristol-myers squibb company’s support, caixin media & bull; Health point (China association of healing will jointly launched & other; Medical value of change & ndash; & ndash; Throughout Chinese cancer patients service upgrade &; The project. As important content of the project, in guiding unit and the committee of experts under the guidance, project lasted half a year, to the qualitative investigation of 300 patients, 28 field medical related industry for interviews, focus on the tumor diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of patients with full course of management and comprehensive insight into different areas, different kind of tumor patients, different levels of income of multi-level demand, and according to the survey results, improve the tumor patients with service innovation model, finally formed the Chinese cancer patients service upgrade report. At the same time, the Chinese cancer patients service upgrade report according to China’s national conditions, put forward & other; The value of medical & throughout; 5 e direction, namely curative effect (efficacy), efficiency (efficiency) and benefit (effectiveness), fu can patients (empowerment) and doctor-patient concentric (empathy). & other; 5 e & throughout; Research direction for Chinese cancer patients found in medical service upgrade, innovative drugs and, medical payments to improve patient care, medical information and the improvement of demand has a guiding role, and even has a reference significance for application in the field of tumor outside.

in recent years, malignant tumor has become urban residents in our country the first cause of death [1], is a major public health threat to people’s health in our country’s problems. The national health and family planning commission of China’s population Shi Qi said: deputy director of the publicity and education center & other The incidence of malignant tumor is still in the rising trend, to the state, society, patients and their families bring heavy burden of disease and economic burden. Cancer patients and their families huge and urgent demand for medical and health services, thus & lsquo; The value of medical & rsquo; In the application of this field is very fit & lsquo; Centered on people’s health & rsquo; The exploration of the development direction, has the important meaning.

participants of China anti-cancer association history amway said: & other; Research from tumor patients facing the accessibility, affordable, affordability and ease of four dimensions, understanding the needs of the patients with tumor, enlarge the voice of the tumors, depth analysis in the field of tumor patients needs, from the clinical medicine, biological medicine, health economics and pharmacoeconomics, such as different angles to explore how to use innovation to solve the clinical curative effect of cancer patients have been unsatisfied requirements, quality of life needs, economic burden, the real from & lsquo; Centering on the disease & rsquo; , & lsquo; Interest centered & rsquo; Into & lsquo; Taking patients as the center & rsquo; The survival of comprehensive benefit, the realization of China’s tumor patients. Throughout the &;

upgrade for medical services, innovative drugs and medical payment requirements, improve the three key patients association representatives, hospital administrators, clinical experts, business representatives have also developed roundtable discussion, to explore Chinese cancer patients service upgrade mode. The survey found that 73% of the patients hope to set up the integrated diagnosis and treatment center, make tumor patients don’t have to run a leg. Professor, vice President of the Peking University cancer hospital Shen Lin: & other; Since advocate & lsquo; Taking patients as the center & rsquo; , for some YiNanZheng, expectations, from a single doctor provide patients with one-way service mode, into taking patients as the center of the multidisciplinary cooperation mode. We need under the limited medical resources, (MDT) by multidisciplinary comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, to explore the integration for cancer patients to medical services. Throughout the &; Research shows that even innovation after drug approved by the public, there are still 33% of the respondents reflect many hospitals with less than innovation in medicine. To satisfy the need for innovative drug accessibility, the history of amway chairman, said: & other; China is now accelerating innovation drugs for examination and approval of the review and remarkable achievements, but in terms of drug courts can and, whether we can consider for tumor innovative drugs in the green channel. Throughout the &; Economic pressure is the biggest difficult points, survey found 51% of respondents said patients use drug without health insurance, 53% of respondents said expenses low, 49% of respondents said the clinic drugs cannot submit an expense account. So improving medical pay mode to be the biggest demand of patients. China pharmaceutical university international medical school Ma Aixia dean said, & other; In the process of health care reform step by step, the future can innovative drugs in the clinical needs, high-value channel faster health talks, optimization of national health insurance fund pool at the same time, become a top priority. Throughout the &;

Lin Tai bristol-myers squibb China President Dr Kang said: & other; Bristol-myers squibb has been uphold the & lsquo; Taking patients as the center & rsquo; Concept, research and development and provide innovative drugs to help patients overcome serious diseases. As a dedicated to solving Chinese patients are not meet the demand of the major clinical partners, we know that patients in need of innovative drugs at the same time, more in need of innovation of medical services. In the future, we will also is committed to working with all parties work together to jointly explore taking patients as the center of the innovation service mode, including but not limited to patients with the accessibility of the ascension of medical services and innovative drugs, in order to bring better for patients with clinical benefit and experience. Throughout the &;

health China strategy in the just concluded nineteen report once again stressed that pointed out to improve national health policies, health services for the masses to provide comprehensive whole cycle. Throughout China 2030 “& other health &; planning outline, in 2030, in order to realize the lifecycle of the whole population health management of chronic disease cancer overall 5-year survival rate was increased by 15%. & other; The value of medical & throughout; Advocacy is committed to patient value maximization, can help improve cancer survival rates, improve patient quality of life, improve medical treatment for patients with feeling, at the same time improve the doctor-patient relationship and improve the effectiveness of health resources utilization, realize Chinese cancer patients service upgrade. In the future, committed to based on value & other People-oriented integration services (People – centered Integrated Care, PCIC) & throughout; Supply system will be more strong policy support, actively participate in multilateral, multi-level payment system perfect and more innovative technology and system, under the support of the final implementation & other; Health throughout China 2030 &; And & other Health throughout China dream &; , this also is many people in the industry on the BBS in-depth discussion topic.

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