The cold air away haze tomorrow Beijing tonight wind night fell to the lowest level 6-5 ℃

China weather webex today (21) in the daytime there is mild to moderate haze, poor air quality, public to do a good job protection. At night and there was a weak cold air strikes, wind gradually big, haze will weaken to dissipate. Affected by cold air, there will be a level 4 tomorrow around the north wind, wind around 6, minimum temperature will drop to 5 ℃ at night, please pay attention to wind cold.

yesterday, the end of the cold air influence gradually, the highest temperature during the day quick picks up to 10 ℃. But as static unstable weather situation establishment, haze weather again appear, air quality began to slip. Beijing’s heavy air pollution emergency headquarters issued by the office 15 at blue warning heavy air pollution, for the relevant units to strengthen construction site dust control, increase the strength of the key road sweeping cleaning, and the general public health protection. After 18 when, Beijing’s air quality levels to moderate level of pollution. This morning, poor visibility in Beijing, urban visibility in 2-8 km, public transport, please pay attention to traffic safety.

this morning, Beijing visibility, poor air quality.

Beijing municipal meteorological station is expected, cloudy day today had mild to moderate haze clears, south secondary three four class to the north, the highest temperature 8 ℃; Fine between cloudy at night the north wind three level 4 to level 2, the lowest temperature – 2 ℃. Daytime atmospheric diffusion conditions is poorer, travel public attention for health protection.

today at night and there was a weak cold air strikes, haze will weaken. In the evening to the night the north wind is expected to gradually increase, tomorrow during the day just over 4 north wind, wind around 6, citizens please in advance to prevent, shut the doors and Windows, as far as possible when going out away from the tall trees, billboards, and temporary structures, to prevent falling object parts.

affected by cold air, slightly dropped to 7 ℃, the highest temperature tomorrow evening lowest temperature drop is opposite bigger, will drop to 5 ℃, chill increase again in the morning and evening, friends arrive early attention to keep warm.

from seven days forecast, the weather of Beijing is given priority to with sunny to cloudy, this week Thursday to Saturday 7-8 ℃, the highest lowest temperature – 3 ~ 4 ℃. Weekend there will be a strong cold air strikes, or reduced to 4 ℃, the highest temperature on Sunday aging far away, please pay attention to focus on close to forecast.

weather experts remind, poor air quality during the day today, when people go out, can appropriate for protection. Travel tomorrow wind is bigger, pay attention to the wind, air-dried dry, please pay attention to the use of fire safety, usually eat more fruits and vegetables, dryness moistening. Sooner or later, the temperature is low, pay attention to cold warm.

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