The CPPCC national committee NuoMin: basic ability of gp level is not bad

on March 5, hong fu building, the CPPCC national committee NuoMin told the Beijing news reporter. The Beijing news reporter tao ran taken

star of the CPPCC national committee, Beijing city community health service center of the golden world community health service station stationmaster NuoMin is a gp from the grassroots. She this year the national committee of the conference for the first time, brought about & other; Enhance residents’ health literacy, and expand health education throughout the audience &; The proposal. She hopes that more young people can be & other; Health education & throughout; Cover, prevent chronic diseases, improve the health level.

yesterday, told the Beijing news NuoMin. She said to the grassroots work experience to the consultative council meeting, the future will be more serious research, put forward the feasible proposal.

about new members started

& other; The situation reflects on grassroots health workers & throughout;

the Beijing news: the Chinese people’s political consultative conference for the new committee organized a special training, the training is what contents?

NuoMin: training since February 27, there were nine lectures, including getting new members learn the 19 big spirit, familiar with the political party system with Chinese characteristics, to understand the nature of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference, CPPCC member of working principle and working method, how to do polls, how to write a proposal and so on. In addition to lectures, and old members do communicate to us.

as a basic unit of general practitioners for the national committee of the conference, I learned many knowledge through training. But there is still a long way to go, on the consciousness to jump out from the basis of the work, the more member activities, also want to combine work reflect the some opinions of grassroots health workers, actively make recommendations.

the Beijing news: do you speak in the group discussion? What mainly talk about?

NuoMin: discussion, I combined with their own work, to introduce you to the gp at the grass-roots level. Now the country attaches great importance to health work of grass-roots, gp can let more community residents enjoy the home health services. At the same time, I also talked about basic health agency personnel shortage, etc.

the members is very good, about what I say is reaction with constituency members give me encouragement, I also listen to other members. They hope I can more reflect the basic situation.

the Beijing news: take part in the national two sessions this time, what do you expect?

NuoMin: looking forward to the next five years development of our country better and better, do more and better policies of the people’s livelihood, and able to smooth implementation. At the same time, in the aspect of grassroots health workers and the cultivation of general practitioners, hope there will be more good news, it will be beneficial to residents for medical treatment. Proposal Suggestions on the

& other; Should be included in the health education of school quality education & throughout;

the Beijing news: what is a healthy education?

NuoMin: health education is the knowledge of popular science, publicity, including diet, exercise, mental health, nutrition, and a series of content. Community, the health agency has two functions, in addition to basic health, is the basic public health services, including a large piece of work is the education to the health of residents. In our daily work will also organize regular residents health seminars and other health promotion activities, will also through the chronic disease management, health education for patients to face to face, these are the contents of health education.

the Beijing news: why do you want to expand its health education audience this proposal?

NuoMin: in recent years country attaches great importance to health education. But our citizens health literacy level is not high enough, a lot of people is easy to form bad health habits such as smoking, drinking, lack of sports, and medical behavior such as relatively backward.

I found in the work of health education in old people by numerous is retired, or is a chronic disease, they pay more attention to their health. We rarely see young friends, probably because a bit busy work and school, have no time to participate in. But I know that, maybe they have no this aspect of consciousness, feel very healthy, is far away from diseases, don’t need to pay attention to.

the old saying says, on cure not ill. If the prevention ready, disease control, we will have better results.

the Beijing news: what do you think of how to expand health education audience?

NuoMin: my proposal also involved the content, thought and education departments, the health education from primary school, and directly into the quality education.

about grass-roots health work

& other; Health care community hospital patients increased after half & throughout;

the Beijing news: as a general practitioner, what the patient usually accepts?

NuoMin: general practice is a specialized discipline, now there are a lot of misunderstanding, think the gp level, knowledge structure and ability is bad, actually otherwise. Gp knowledge structure should be larger, and even have higher demand, because will deal with the issue of children’s many disciplines such as inside and outside.

many patients body appear problem, will go to 3 armour hospital, there are suspected of gp at the grass-roots level. I met a patient, the patients with high blood pressure, he has been to a lot of specialized subject hospital, came very trust us, and even angry. But I heard him say that finish, of the situation to him patiently explain condition, finally, he very thank me. Now, they were signing of our service object.

we are now pushing family services, purpose is to have a closer communication with patients. Signed by family, get hold of every member in the family, still can keep the 24 hours boot & other Health communication & throughout; Open to signing of our patients, they have problems can call your communication at any time.

the Beijing news: Beijing after the implementation of comprehensive health care reform, more patients in the community?

NuoMin: obviously, I learned that, in some places patients increased more than 50%. Community health service station has a variety of drugs, now very full. Although inventory is limited, but through & other; Virtual pharmacy & throughout; , we need drugs can be deployment.

at the same time, in the community for the proportion of medical expenses is also higher, for some old people even free medical service. If the patient is a chronic disease, according to the insurance reimbursement policy, can be in primary health institutions not only get the prescription, and can enjoy more expenses. Treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes medicines, community. In addition, the implementation of the drug delivery now, direct distribution by the enterprise to service stations, even distribution to homes, very convenient. This is a very good guide, grassroots medical patients, and to reduce the burden of a large hospital.

the Beijing news: according to the current situation, gp to service all residents in the community?

NuoMin: we have more than 20000 jurisdictions, there are about 1500 people sign up. On the one hand, community residents for grassroots service station, the trust of the general practitioner remains to be strengthened, on the other hand is the problem of our own people lack. Many residents of have the ability to service the gp as treatment problems did not stay at work at the grass-roots level.

I think, it is need to increase the popularity of health education, let more people can accept the correct medical treatment behavior by grassroots health service stations. At the same time, and constantly increase the intensity of training, improve the grassroots health workers in treatment, open more smooth promotion channels for them, and let more gp service at the grassroots level.

let’s make the community residents health & other; Throughout the gatekeeper &; .

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