The CPPCC national committee wang Chen: tobacco dependence is a chronic disease Set up a smoking cessation clinic advised

in recent years, Beijing, hangzhou and other places tobacco control efforts continue to overweight. How to better help to quit the will of the people to quit smoking, also is the topic that the from all walks of life have been discussed.

on February 27th, the CPPCC national committee, the Chinese academy of engineering, Chinese academy of medical sciences, Peking union medical college President wang Chen theme in national health development planning commission for & other; Representatives to talk about health throughout China construction &; Said at a regular conference & other; We know that a man who had quit smoking will, but give up to have difficulty, finally gave up. Quit smoking is difficult, because a proportion of smokers is tobacco dependence. , according to the definition of the world health organization (who) tobacco dependence is a chronic disease, have their own international classification of diseases coding, needs efforts from society, government and the public, the medical profession to quit with professional method, help the public to give up smoking. Throughout the &;

& other; This time I want to improve the level of professional intervention of proposals are put forward. Throughout the &; Wang Chen said that according to the rule of medical sciences, smoking cessation intervention of specialization, including with smoking cessation drugs means, this is a very important aspect of improve the success rate of smoking cessation.

in particular, wang Chen pointed out that tobacco dependence need specialized smoking cessation, must cultivate specialized team. International experience shows that in tobacco control to quit out understand professional training means and methods of the doctor, and suggested that generally set up a smoking cessation clinic. The early stage of the national health and family planning commission has done a lot of advance work, on this basis to do some further progress. & have spent

according to the & other health throughout China 2030 &; planning outline requirements, by 2030, more than 15 years old crowd smoking rates down to 20%. Aiming at this goal, wang Chen pointed out that our country in 2015 adults smoking rates of 27.7%, to cut down the smoking rates in the next 12 years, must be lead noms early.

wang Chen said that the leading cadre to take the lead exemplary role is crucial, and teachers and doctors also led an important force in the whole society to give up smoking, hope everybody is positive action, and earnestly implement my, state issued at the end of 2013 on the leading cadre to take the lead in public places, smoking related matters notice requirements.

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