The cradle of parent-child Shared community initiated the parent-child service new retail model

on January 12, 2018 YaoLanWang park hyatt hotel in Beijing held a already, & other; Cradle is on your side & throughout; YaoLanWang strategic product launch. Conference unveiled a new upgrade product strategy, not only the cradle of parent-child Shared community flagship store on the same day the grand opening, open new retail of maternal and infant industry.

cradle parent-child Shared community launch ceremony

cradle parent-child Shared community, is the first domestic online fusion of parent-child Shared community.

in the conference, chairman Chen Jiangkun YaoLanWang fully introduced to everyone & other; The cradle of parent-child Shared community throughout the &; This strategic product, played the & other; Sharing & throughout; The concept of. Cradle parent-child Shared community take multidimensional model, focusing on community, take the children to customers as the main body, by sharing, service mode, around the community education, playing children, reading, social, interactive five consumption module, establish the platform online vertical interaction scenarios.

share the establishment of the community can solve the problem of what?

first, to provide fresh baby toys, reduce the cost of family parenting;

second, advocating to full-time mothers can take the baby can startup suction gold, solves the problems of social idle resources;

third, through integration of buildup, the experts, the high quality teacher resources sharing grafting, system evaluation, the teaching quality be clear at a glance, let the user at home can enjoy high-end consulting service and the quality of education;

4, independent tuition regulatory system, don’t worry about rolling with it.

a cradle for the future development plan is based on content services increase the experiential service. YaoLanWang will get through mother-to-child ecosystem, relying on big data and innovative service mode to activate all early education resources, recruit mother partners across the country.

very can meet the demand of modern parents cradle parent-child Shared community, create a new retail model Chinese parent-child service.

in recent years, with the comprehensive two-child policy open, and the third baby boomers (born 1986-1986) crowd into the baby boom (25 to 34 years old), our country is also usher in a new wave of baby boomers, 2017 birth population is 19.34 million, an increase of 8.3% from the 2016 (iresearch net data). The growth of population is bound to bring a boost to the development of maternal and infant industry.

the future of China’s maternal and child family industry, will be a parenting idea and concept of consumption rising industry. Traditional maternal and infant electricity, online communities, etc., because can’t offline experience and contacts, quality is uneven; While traditional offline due to radiation radius is small, artificial cost is high, the operation is difficult. How to explore & other; Online and offline & throughout; Linkage of new retail model, quite worthy of maternal and infant industry.

YaoLanWang chairman Chen Jiangkun think from online to offline, is not only an urgent demand of family parenting and the quality of life, is also a new retail outlet under new opportunities. While & other; The cradle of parent-child Shared community throughout the &; The establishment of the conform to the demand of modern parents very much.

first, to provide young parents a within one kilometer place to sneak Eva, communication.

cradle parent-child Shared community is an important life scenes around the young parents & ndash; & ndash; Community. Through the open stores in the community, to provide young parents can sneak Eva, communication within a 1 km. Early education is a pesters job, especially for early for the parents of young people. They need to spend a lot of time learning how to nurture, but often as children grow up constantly, this knowledge doesn’t have repeatedly use value and abandoned. Therefore, communication with Eva experience, poking fun at Eva through social does is just.

at the same time, stores also have come from different manufacturers to provide recreational facilities, and all kinds of picture books, etc., for the children to play. Chose communities, YaoLanWang JK believes that for now, the traditional early education and entertainment center or in the business center, is given priority to with large toys, covers an area of big but the function is not rich; Either the street shop, emphasis on education, low density, usually is some distance from the community. Community is both distance and functional both, on the one hand, parents do not need to walk far, can go to the community the exclusive space for parents, on the one hand, on the functional, toys, listening to stories, do sports, meet the dual function of early education and entertainment.

second, using a mobile phone and code implementation the structures, and unity of the management system, meet the demand of consumer spending to upgrade.

offline stores all the operations are the sweep through the phone code: the sweep of the need that code, want to directly purchase goods need to sweep the yard, want to sign up for courses also need to sweep the yard & hellip; & hellip; Simple sweep yards behind is the building of the management system and unified, using this system, can be for all our stores data and resource management, and even a store can do almost & other; Unattended & throughout; Or only need one or two people store part-time management.

YaoLanWang JK thinks, is one of the advantages of the mobile Internet connection, the resources of connectivity, resulting in a platform and transaction value. & other; Offline store through the system, can effective management of stores, also played a YaoLanWang 20 years of experience in online and resource advantages, the largest extent, meet the demand of consumer spending to upgrade. Throughout the &;

third, new parents can online or offline booking course, through the reverse screening of teacher evaluation system of teachers.

cradle parent-child Shared community through an open system offline courses, with Eva skilled talent mother or professional part-time classes, teachers can through the platform to liquidate the experience and knowledge that earn pocket money.

at the same time, new parents can sweep through the APP or offline store yards courses to make an appointment, and lessons in stores. The course is aimed at 0 ~ 6 years old children, including picture books, toys, exercise, etc. The value of the platform is for review of the course content, propaganda and quality control, etc.

in addition, the platform also for the development of the curriculum of teacher evaluation system, customers can through the evaluation of the course, then reverse screening and precipitation more part-time teachers, high quality talent mother on the platform.

& other; We want to make is that there is temperature, science and technology, as the cradle of parent-child Shared community around you. Throughout the &; YaoLanWang JK such looking offline store in the future.

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