The creeping! Takeaway businesses use “sign” to sell cigarettes to minors

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recently have parents to reflect, their reading in a child through the delivery platform also buy cigarettes, there are a lot of students and also in this way to buy. Beijing youth daily reporter survey found that some part of the delivery platform in supermarkets and convenience stores use & other; Sign & throughout; Smoke, the name of different brand of cigarettes to & other Both & throughout; , & other Red & throughout; , & other Beijing & throughout; Wait, just click on order, can quickly buy cigarettes.

several delivery platform both said, banned the sale of tobacco products on the platform, more do not allow the sale of cigarettes to minors, and will be involved merchants have inventory. Law, according to people through the act of take-out platform it is illegal to sell cigarettes if merchants or illegal sales platform, light person will be subject to a fine penalty, the person that weigh can constitute the crime of illegal business.


delivery platform with merchants selling cigarettes

recently, citizens. Wu reflect, recently received a phone call teacher in charge’s son, said he was reading was the son of higher men smoking in school. After that, Mr. Wu was very angry, but he did not understand son under the age of 18 years is through what way to get cigarettes, & other; If directly go to the store to buy, the store should also won’t sell it to him, the home also saved no smoke habits throughout &; .

the day after I get home from work, wu immediately to find his son, the son admitted that he smoke from delivery platform “, not only oneself do, smoking a lot of in the school the students have bought cigarettes in this way.

after listening to his son’s description, wu take-out software in a mobile phone, open the son was surprised to see that there are many merchants sell cigarettes in the above, but these cigarettes are made certain processing, commodity picture is fuzzy. Mr. Wu how all didn’t, the original is worried that can’t go home on time to cook and to his son takeout software installation, now has become a son’s channel.

similarly. Ms. Feng also in Beijing chaoyang district north green newspaper reporter, she saw in the delivery platform of some supermarkets and some name to the cigarette to supermarkets and other Both & throughout; , & other Red & throughout; , & other Beijing & throughout; And so on, although commodity blurred images, but familiar people can tell at a glance is cigarette packaging.


sell cigarette & other; Sign & throughout; Cover

according to Mr Wu and ms fung, north green news reporter on a take-out APP have found & other; Strange & throughout; The merchants of commodity classification & other; Parity supermarket & throughout; .

in a & other; Parity supermarket & throughout; , the goods is divided into & other; Grain and oil seasoning & throughout; , & other Fresh fruits and vegetables & throughout; , & other Throughout life department &; Categories, such as north green news reporter noticed that one of the commodity classification name for & other; Inveterate & throughout; , a total of 18 items inside, have two pieces of goods is lighter, but & other; Fire & throughout; Words did not specify, but with the pattern instead of a fire, the other 16 items are vague images blurred, name of commodity, in addition to ms fung mentioned & other; Both & throughout; & other; Red & throughout; & other; Beijing & throughout; And & other; Throughout 777 &; & other; Hill & throughout; & other; Brother-in-law & throughout; & other; Uncle & throughout; And so on.

north green news reporter in the & other; Parity supermarket & throughout; To order a & other; Red & throughout; , half an hour later, goods by a did not wear the uniform of the platform to the delivery personnel, open on see, the name for & other; Red & throughout; On goods, it is a pack of packaging have red & other; Liqun & throughout; Brand of cigarettes.

then, north green press respectively on the market longer with three delivery platform for names for the keyword search. On baidu take-out APP in a supermarket, a commodity classification called & other; Swallow cloud – spit fog & throughout; .

classification of goods in a total of 16 items, in addition to a is lighter, the others are named & other; ESSE love xi bead blasting 4 & throughout; & other; Seven stars bead blasting & throughout; Such as goods. North green press under single piece & other; ESSE love xi bead blasting 4 & throughout; After the delivery personnel is sent by a pack of blue & other; ESSE” Brand of cigarettes.

by observing, north green newspaper reporter discovery, the cigarette & other; Name & throughout; Sales of the supermarket has smaller proprietary supermarket not only, also has a supermarket chain. On the Meituan take-away APP, a company called & other; Hualian supermarket & throughout; In the supermarket chain, north green newspaper reporter sees the supermarket also exist online sales of cigarettes. In addition, all of these delivery platform & other; Name & throughout; Sales of cigarettes merchants are marked in the interface & other; Underage people barred from buying & throughout; The words.

at the same time, north green news reporter also noticed that, after buying cigarettes in Meituan take-away app, merchants are responsible for delivery of a delivery man, and in hungry? And baidu buying cigarettes, delivery to delivery is Meituan delivery man running errands.


delivery platform is not allowed to sell cigarettes

with businesses through the delivery platform to sell cigarettes, a convenience store operators told north green newspaper reporter, he was the inspector to the tobacco company and take-away flat island’s advice, whether can be sold on the store and delivery platform cigarettes, tobacco companies both the inspector and take-out platform makes it clear that, never in the network and delivery platform for cigarette sales.

the north green news reporter called respectively the three delivery platform. Hungry? Customer tell north green newspaper reporters, according to the provisions of the relevant on the hungry any APP at present does not allow supermarket sales of cigarettes, more do not allow the sale of cigarettes to minors, with merchants & other; Name & throughout; Investigate the sales situation, the platform will handle.

baidu take-out APP staff, according to the baidu take-out platform supermarket sale of cigarettes is not eligible, the sale of cigarettes to platform vendors does exist, will further investigation, and at the same time also does not encourage consumers in these businesses to buy cigarettes.

the staff and take-away APP, even if the offline supermarket has the license of the sales of cigarettes on the platform selling cigarettes is not the compliance. But because of many businessmen in cigarette sales to cigarettes had planted all kinds of & other Sign & throughout; , the platform must have some difficulties in regulation, but the will to north green news reporter reflect specific locations to investigate.

the state tobacco monopoly administration officials said that the sale of cigarettes has the partial businessman in delivery platform for investigation.


must sell smoke in a fixed place

some supermarkets for take-out platform online & other Steal sales & throughout; Cigarettes, the Beijing lawyer at Kyoto Chang Sha said, according to the regulation on the implementation of the tobacco monopoly regulation, as a special commodity, tobacco must hold a tobacco monopoly license for production, wholesale and retail business. At the same time, “tobacco monopoly license management method” regulation, obtain tobacco monopoly retail licenses shall possess one of the conditions is & other; A fixed operational site & throughout; , and network sales do not meet this condition, cannot apply for tobacco monopoly retail licenses. In addition, the tobacco can only by the unit of production or wholesale qualification online wholesale sales, not retail.

Beijing kangda lawyer at Korea Xiao said, according to the national tobacco monopoly bureau, ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of public security jointly issued the “about to crack down on illegal operations using the Internet or other information network announcements of tobacco monopoly commodities”, unless specified by the administrative departments of tobacco monopoly administration network trading platform, other Internet information service provider shall not provide Internet information services for the tobacco monopoly commodities.

delivery platform tobacco monopoly administrative department does not have the authorization or approval of, the platform for merchants have monopoly licenses do not have qualification review, also does not have the substantive review. Therefore, under the current legal framework, even if there is a monopoly retail license businesses through the delivery platform is illegal sales of tobacco.

in addition, the minors protection act also explicitly ban on selling tobacco to minors, and through the delivery platform, business is difficult to establish whether the object for the minors, which is difficult to fulfill the corresponding duty of care. Therefore, it is illegal to sell smoke through the delivery platform act, if the businessman or illegal sales platform, light person will be subject to a fine punishment, the person that weigh can constitute the crime of illegal business.

(formerly called “take-out platform business through & other codes & throughout; sell cigarettes”)

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