The development of county medical enterprise in China, have the best of times

small county carry big health reform, the development of county-level hospitals policymakers assume the county health mission. Reform and cling to classification and diagnosis and treatment opportunity to strengthen college discipline construction as the core, through the construction of medical conjoined gripper, comprehensively promotes the county medical service ability, continue to improve the county hospital development power, is the best time to achieve the leap development of county-level hospitals.

on October 21, China county health magazine, county health development research center of China and sichuan province association of information society, the sichuan provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese academy of medical sciences, Peking union medical college school of continuing education, jointly organized by the Chinese association of health promotion and education, the fourth China BBS county health development and construction of couplet of the 1st national medical conference held in chengdu, sichuan province.

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one thousand people gathered, county health care the way how to go?

as all know, the national health and health conference held in August last year, let the health reform we have finally & other The top-level design & throughout; ; On October 18 this year, in the report, the party’s 19 xi general secretary mentioned again & other; Implement the strategy of China health & throughout; . Now, the whole country & other; To put people’s health in priority to the development of the strategic position of & throughout; , & other; Throughout all blend in health policy &; , to establish & other; The department of health and health front & throughout; Xi jinping, to practice general secretary & other; Without the people’s health, there is no comprehensive well-off & throughout; The talk of the period. This requires the county medical institutions should act as a common people responsibly home & other; Health throughout the gatekeeper &; The role of.

at the meeting, county hospital from all over the country, the national health, head of the relevant departments of the state family planning commission, multiple counties of county, the county magistrate, deputy county, county health development planning commission director, group representatives, as well as the people in the industry related institutions, experts and scholars, representatives of companies, a total of more than 1500 people together. County health of the People’s Republic of China producer tany served as the host of the opening ceremony.

national health family planning, health and family planning commission of sichuan province, sichuan province hospital association, and leaders from all walks of life have a speech. In his speech on how to improve the county JiuZhenLv, truly & other; Ninety percent of patients throughout the county &; Clinical specialist, and stronger, and raise their comprehensive service ability, county-level hospitals made fascinating reading. Among them, the Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise management association, said Guo Yunpei classification reform success or failure of the diagnosis and treatment system, plays a key factor to the county hospital reform, is a hub of up and down in the classification diagnosis and treatment of medical institutions at county level is 916 million county population health-care mainstay for the treatment of disease, rehabilitation care.

in the current domestic medical institutions at the county level leader of the largest communication platform, to & other; Subject to build model, pilot, mutual interconnected, health throughout the county &; As the theme, the guests on behalf of the classification of couplet of diagnosis and treatment, medical construction, grading diagnosis era county responsibility to bear, Internet help primary care ability to ascend, subject construction and talents training, couplet of regional medical center, medical construction, the county medical medicine with a third party inspection, power quality medical resources sinking, build comprehensive competitiveness of regional medical center, the county, county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and the health industry development is slow disease management system, county hospital modern hospital management system construction and innovation, the county social do medical, couplet of heart head blood-vessel, pain, such as eye specialist medical construction, experience sharing communication activities.

county, benchmarking to promote grading diagnosis?

opportunities often accompanied by challenges. Now, in the construction & other; Health throughout China &; Under the overall vision of the grading system, modern hospital management system and universal health insurance system is carried out at the height of the county. In promoting the implementation of the system in the process of the county medical policymakers, regulators and ordinary healer is also facing some problems: short of money come from? People come from? High quality of medical services and technology from & hellip; & hellip;

in the execution of thinking, in thinking. Across the country have emerged in recent years, in fact, a large number of obstacles to meet the demand of people health and medical enterprising reformers and execution of the doer, but also emerged a group of excellent examples of reform of public hospitals at the county level.

, for example, to explore the transformation path of wenchuan county, sichuan province, the county economy blend in great health development strategy, pitch & other; The forest of the south north fruit & middot; Green industry + global tourism (kang keep) & throughout; The development of ideas, identified & other; Five type & throughout; Economic development path, fulfill their obligation to protect the people health. Wenchuan big health can be incorporated into poverty, engineering, through the establishment of a serious illness bailout fund, diagnosis and treatment before settlement way, such as poor masses of individual medical treatment cost control within 10%, wenchuan pick cap will be fully realize counties in this year.

in addition, the wenchuan earthquake will also be big health into the transformation of government functions and characteristics of our country by wisdom, the national health county and wenchuan town to create and build, to construct ecological and livable healthy living environment, make the county-wide people enjoy more homogeneous equal public services.

, for example, is listed as the ningxia hui autonomous region comprehensive pilot reform of the existing public hospitals at the county level. In recent years, the existing seriously implement the state council and the autonomous region we will deepen reform of the medical and health system decision deployment, innovative medical insurance payment as the breakthrough point, the top-level design, policy supporting and organize the implementation of innovation, actively explore to establish the balance of supply and demand, the rational control, for the convenience of huimin experience.

since 2010, the existing in accordance with the unified plan of the autonomous region, and the United States Harvard University professor William hsiao and his research team to launch innovative pilot project payment system improve health benefits, mainly through the payment system reform in primary health institutions for outpatient all-in cost per head and hospitalization expenses in hospitals at the county level shall according to the total responsibility system, farmers in accordance with the new reimbursement policy, the size of disease of reimbursement mode, through the county, township and village set different outpatient reimbursement ratio, guide the reasonable treatment, effectively reduce the medical cost and improve the effectiveness of medical insurance fund, build a suitable for the development of grassroots health institutions financing, payment, performance evaluation, personnel training mechanism, and gripper, plan as a whole to promote comprehensive health care reform, explore the established & other; Ailment is not out of the village, common diseases is not out of the township, in the county of a serious illness, incurable diseases to outside the county & throughout; Hierarchical diagnosis model, effectively ease the crowd & other; Difficulty and high cost of treatment & throughout; The problem.

at the same time, adjust the increasing village two levels of outpatient reimbursement ratio, as far as possible will remain in grassroots medical ailments, grassroots MenZhenLiang increases, the first option in the basic pattern has been formed, effectively alleviate the sufferings of medical institutions at the county level pressure and rural no contradiction.

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cross-border resources, boost the county health reform supply

the more as you feel, the county to the era of policy, capital, talent, are moving in the county. Policymakers, said county, to serve local people; Holding capital investors, said the county to upgrade production capacity and consumption capacity; The river practitioners say a line, and as the pawn, can only try very hard to forward.

at present, the state county hospital and county hospital in specific medical capability on the direction of the specific practices are given more clear instructions and requirements, county hospital take & other; TianPingBuJi & throughout; Improve the ability of diagnosis and treatment of principles, including level of department of construction, this requires county-level hospitals must be related to the clinical diagnosis and treatment ability strengthen. In addition, in the aspect of medical test is also required to support clinical diagnosis and treatment of form a complete set and the function of medical inspection technology progress, must be professional medical pathology diagnosis progress, even to the specialized subject, branch, but also by means of the mobile Internet, such as mobile technology, such as health care, remote consultation to support unit at the county level their clinical skills.

, for example, is the service center of gravity to grassroots medical market further subsidence of third-party medical inspection institution golden field medical diagnosis, its service network has been extended to the villages and towns, the community level, in the mainland and Hong Kong already has 35 medical laboratory, to the national more than 21000 medical institutions provide medical test service, service area covers more than 90% of the population.

as nearly five years the popularity of remote digital pathology diagnosis technology and mature, golden field of medicine has formed three remote pathological diagnosis consultation network, for the national more than 13000 medical institutions to provide various kinds of pathological diagnosis service. Through regional medical inspection center, regional pathological diagnosis center, a variety of forms such as junior coalition, golden field of medicine and the local government and the structure of medical innovation service pattern.

a long time, the county is the important force to promote the development of national economy; And county health is an important power play an important guarantee in a healthy way continuously, so we need the power of the parties jointly promote. Speak of the efforts to do a line in the medical field platform & ndash; & ndash; & other; A good doctor online & throughout; . Since June & other; Remote expert outpatient service & throughout; Formal operation, covering the 149 counties, and also in rapidly rising, promote a serious illness is the key to the county by means of remote implementation, help people stay at the grass-roots level.

since 2014, the county health development BBS is China county health magazine county health development research center, China for four years, organized; In four years has brought together more than 1000 counties of the country’s medicine and health care managers and leaders from the national health department in charge of family planning, China’s pharmaceutical industry is the largest county in the field of medical treatment for academic, policy, management as the core characteristics of communication platform.

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