The disable 40 years of fever, some Chinese doctors to be opened in the child to eat

the original title: the United States to disable the 40 years of antipyretics, give the child to eat some Chinese doctors still ran

recently, clove garden saw a mother’s speech: the doctor gave the baby of a fever analgin injection.

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analgin what medicine? Why the mother to see the doctor prescribed Ann is scared chin quivering?

originally, this kind of drug called analgin, a doctor who has common sense knows a little, this drug fever had not recommended as a first-line drug use.

so, we thought that may give the mother medicine hospital in the remote villages and towns, failed to update knowledge. But ask, unexpectedly is a prefecture level city in jiangsu province hospital.

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analgin exactly is what medicine?

in 1922, a German integrated chemical and pharmaceutical industry developed analgin and put into clinical application. Because analgin antipyretic analgesic effect is strong, in the clinical application is very extensive.

in the famous evidence-based medicine database the Cochrane Library, have summarized evaluation analgin in postoperative pain, renal colic and efficacy and safety of the acute headache, think there are good short-term analgesic effect.

however, in the widespread use of analgin, cases of severe side effects are also more and more. As analgin written instructions, which leads to agranulocytosis probability is about 1.1%.

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in the 1930 s, Sweden has a report on the adverse reaction of analgin. From then on, some developed countries coming to disable the analgin.

in 1977, the FDA for analgin severe side effects, removed from the market at a stretch of analgin all dosage forms. So, analgin 40 years in the United States has been disabled.

later, Japan, Australia, more than 30 countries such as Iran and several members of the European Union banned analgin in succession.

, on the other hand, analgin in most of the European Union and Latin American countries, is still a line of opioid analgesics, not strictly prohibited. Even in some countries, analgin were listed as non-prescription drugs.

in our country, analgin as prescription drugs widely used in adult children to eat. Some township hospitals, clinics, and even level 3 armour hospital will analgin prescribed to patients.

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analgin side effect how?

as analgin written instructions, which leads to agranulocytosis probability is about 1.1%.

to say what is agranulocytosis: granulocyte is a kind of white blood cells. When bacteria enter the body when granulocyte is a weapon to fight the bacteria of the body. Lack of granulocyte, can cause a person’s immune system is greatly reduced, increased risk. Such as an ordinary small colds or bronchopneumonia, it may bring irreparable damage.

that the concept of the incidence rate of 1.1% is a what kind?

this is equivalent to “every one hundred people taking analgin, there may be a person agranulocytosis will happen”.

in addition, clinical trials and all been fully evaluation of chemical medicine, taking adverse reaction and a series of analgin, every only look at the name is very scary:

thrombocytopenic purpura.

autoimmune hemolysis;

aplastic anemia;

urinary system damage;

side effects, in addition to the above mentioned in skin diseases, taking analgin and may cause the allergy symptoms such as urticaria, exudative erythema, serious still can cause anaphylactic shock, and even lead to death.

national adverse drug reaction monitoring center in 2008 issued a notification regarding the analgin adverse effects, some of the adverse reaction cases include:

anaphylactic shock in 11 cases, 7 cases died;

blood system response in 16 cases, 1 case died;

31 cases of skin and its appendages response, 4 cases of death;

reaction of 17 cases of urinary system, 5 patients died;

above does not include all monitoring center of cases of adverse reactions.

and this kind of tragedy could have been prevented & ndash; & ndash; Also have pointed out that in the adverse reactions to notice:

“suggest that analgin limited to other antipyretic analgesics invalid patients short-term application , must be for a week or more applications, be sure to blood picture monitor .”

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children fever right choice

as a plenty of medical knowledge, know how to protect our doctor, how to choose a fever?

the answer is very simple & ndash; & ndash;

acetaminophen ” and “ ibuprofen “.

at present, the world health organization (WHO) drug can bring down the fever for children around the world recommend only the two: acetaminophen can be used for patients with more than 2 ~ 3 months, ibuprofen can be used for patients with more than six months.

and, as long as according to the dosage, the two drugs to be mild side effects to the child.

clove garden, the second article in today’s “ ibuprofen and acetaminophen, you may not be aware of the 5 questions , there are more detailed reading, if you are interested, you can go to look at it.

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why the doctor prescribed analgin in domestic?

in fact as early as 1982, China’s ministry of health will compound analgin tablet (analgin and compound preparations of amidopyrine) listed as eliminating drug, was eliminated with amidopyrine injection, amidopyrine tablet, compound amidopyrine injection, compound aminopyrine tablet & ndash; & ndash; The analgin is not one of them.

35 years on, analgin tablet, drops and injection is still in use, even for children.

analgin doctors who prescribe to children, don’t you know the side effect of analgin have so terrible?

is possible.

grassroots doctors knowledge update slow, adverse reactions of analgin not value, more don’t pay attention to analgin cases of adverse reactions. According to their own experience that analgin injection antipyretic analgesic effect obviously, analgin injection as the preferred fever.

because doctors continue to prescribe medicine, but not patient side effects, most people only see the analgin antifebrile fast side, but know nothing about the side effects of analgin. We only know, have a fever, eat a piece of analgin; Have a headache, have another piece of analgin.

analgin in s medical foundation is weak, is indeed the fever medicine, but if we have a better and safer drugs can replace it, why do they took huge risks to achieve the result of rapid fever?

someone might say, parts of the country’s medical level differs a lot, you can’t ask all doctors are updating their knowledge, to achieve full marks, analgin is their helpless choice.

but in fact, the antifebrile preferred analgin, not just to a doctor, a hospital “pass”. (editor: Liu Dongchen)

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