The doctor advised a year after the age of 50 do colour to exceed a carotid artery

report from our correspondent (reporter liu xuan correspondent Peng Xia lili YanRui) six months always dizzy make confused, until my eyes can’t see run to check, just know is carotid artery & other; Plug & throughout; . Yesterday, ready to discharge chan, glad to tell the doctor, before all of the symptoms.

Chen, a 63 – year – old woman who lives in thou farmland, the recent half a year, she always feel dizziness, hands and feet numbness, a good bad, thought it was take grandson is too tired, also have no heart. On Friday morning, ms Chen found eyes to see not clear thing, seems to be covered with a layer of gauze, hurriedly to wuhan first hospital.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

after the doctor visits is suspected & other; Small stroke & throughout; , a series of inspection found that the right internal carotid artery stenosis is close to 90%. Departments of doctor of vice director of neurosurgery xiao-bin Chen told her that at present only a thin line on the right to supply blood, cerebral infarction may occur at any time. Under the doctor suggested, chan had his internal carotid artery intima stripped, the silt & other River & throughout; Dredge.

xiao-bin Chen is introduced, with the change of the diet, the last three to five years of outpatient service encounter more and more patients with carotid artery stenosis, more than half were found by dizziness come round to see a doctor. & other; Many patients to examine doctor neck don’t understand. Throughout the &; He explained that the carotid artery is for supplying the aorta, the position of shallow, once appear problem is easy to find.

xiao-bin Chen suggested that a citizen, age after age 50, routine examination each year for a carotid artery colour to exceed, look at the situation of the blood vessels. Once appear giddy, hands and feet numbness, a sexual amaurosis, blurred vision, make the head inspection found no pathological changes, the problem is likely in the neck.

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