The doctor do surgery on crutches: patient more doctors less, can do can do

Li Yuming in nurse to assist to the operating room.

& other; Turn iron & lee throughout; The doctor fire

in plaster for surgery on crutches, he said: & other; The patient more doctors less, can do do it & throughout;

these days, on social networks, from shunde hospital affiliated to jinan university (original & other; Shunde throughout the second people’s hospital &;) Vice director of otolaryngology head and neck surgery Li Yuming suddenly & other; Fire throughout the &; About Li Yuming doctors in plaster for surgery, his left foot on crutches to walk into operating room two photo caused wide public concern.

reporter saw, the doctor li in the photos on the operating table, doctor li left foot in plaster, with a piece of green short bench as foot pads, supporting the body, and sat next to the chair to do surgery, patients with eye also meticulously staring at the screen. In addition a photo back to let many people see the dearly, doctor li before getting into the operating room, still have to let the nurse took away & hellip; & hellip; Photographs of just a moment, and li do this surgery is more than an hour.

a few days ago, the reporter in touch with the Li Yuming doctor of the hospital. Doctor li told reporters that a few days ago, because they play basketball when he sprained his ankle fracture, orthopedic doctors help him beat a plaster cast, and suggested to him a month to heal. & other; However, a patient has an appointment for a long time, the hope is that the nasal endoscopic surgery, his sinusitis treatment as soon as possible and solve the root cause of his headache, see patients are waiting for so long, so I decided on the operating table. Throughout the &; Li Yu said, again crosses is the Spring Festival, also hope that the patient can be cured disease, have a good year.

Li Yu said at that time, his left foot in plaster, need to shore up the body to undergo surgery. & other; In fact I still have a hard, if the cast is right, affirmation won’t be able to support the body. Throughout the &; Li Yuming said, fortunately the nose section surgery don’t need a doctor stood for a long time for surgery. But, in fact, li doctor for more than a few hours of operation also need to stand up from time to time in the operation.

for yourself be so many people pay attention to the Li Yuming told reporters, actually this is the most usual doctor. & other; Really have no what, as long as it is can do, the doctor would do. Throughout the &;

Li Yuming doctor & other; Pitch & throughout; Is a shortage of hospital patients, doctors, more resources. Li Yuming tells a reporter, oneself want to go to the table at least 18 times a week, a day on average about 3 units. & other; Other doctors are very busy, many colleagues are hard to leave, many everyday night, too. Throughout the &; Li Yuming feel, under such circumstances, oneself take a long holiday, is a bit & other; Say not throughout the past &; . Just yesterday, Li Yuming was arranged two surgery. & other; Can do just do it. Throughout the &; Li Yu confessed. Guangdong positive energy

Li Yuming in May 2015, was introduced to jinan university affiliated hospital otolaryngology head and neck surgery, shunde served as deputy director of the department, deputy director of the physician. Work over the years the kernel medical kung, also YiJiaoYan work done well. (reporter Huang Zining)

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